What do you like on your hamburger?

glenda_alOctober 3, 2012

Right NOW, I've been enjoying just mayo and grilled onions, but my favorite of all favorites IS a chili burger.

No beans in the chili though and so messy you have to eat it with a fork. And gotta have some mayo and a few sliced pickles.

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WalnutCreek Zone 7b/8a

Both hamburger buns spread with yellow mustard, hamburger pattie, lettuce, onion, and tomato; sometimes like to add bacon and cooked mushrooms.

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WalnutCreek Zone 7b/8a

With the bacon and cooked mushrooms, like to include Swiss cheese.

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Mayo bottom bun, lettuce, burger w/cheese, ketchup on meat, two dill pickle slices, onions, tomatoes, Grey Poupon on top bun. And each bite must have a small spoonful of hot cream of mushroom soup (not diluted) on it. DH pours the rest of the soup over his french fries.

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Depends on where I buy the hamburger. For In & Out onions, lettuce tomato and their dressing. And those oh so good french frys.
Others, many times, just onions, lettuce and no mayo just catsup, or a bit of mustard. I will add jalapeno pepperss and white cheese, and yes the cooked mushrooms. Each time different. Even Bar B Que sauce is good.

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any or all of:

Grilled onions
sauteed bell peppers
sharp cheddar or blue cheese crumbles (american will do in a pinch if there's nothing else available)
BBQ sauce, mayo or Thousand Island dressing
very crisp bacon

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Yellow mustard on the bun

I like to dip it in ketchup

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I'm a dipper too!

I like just a hamburger pattie - no bun. I eat it with a fork and dip in ketchup.

Homemade, homegrown beef!

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Everything and Deluxe.
Ketchup, mustard, pickle, onion.
Lettuce, tomato, and mayo.
And add any kind of cheese and I am
a happy camper!

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Just cheese,ketchup and picklea. Oh and bacon.

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I generally eat my burger bunless, sometimes as a lettuce wrap, but at Four Guys their buns are so fresh and there's no plate to eat a bunless burger.

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I like a good mushroom burger. I have to travel about 15 miles to get it at this 60's style diner. If I fix a burger at home, I usually just put romaine lettuce and a thick slice of onion....no condiments. Sometimes I'll just wrap a burger and onion slice in a romaine lettuce leaf.


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Lettuce, tomato, red onion and pickles...plus lots of yellow mustard and salt and pepper.

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I just like lettuce and mayo. Sometimes onion, but mostly not. If we grill them at home, I saute mushrooms and onions and eat it with no bun at all. Chopped lettuce salad with a mayo based dressing with it. Woo hoo!

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lettuce and tomato. Maybe just a little thousand island type sauce.

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I do like them different ways. I really do like Steak and Shake's Wisconsin Buttery burger. It has grilled onions on it and a good cheese plus the butter. If I have them at home, I like fresh home grown slice of tomato and a big slice of sweet onion on fresh buns. Of course I like them with cheese and bacon sometimes and the usual ketchup, mustard and pickles.


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It depends on where I eat them.

At home I like a burger on a french roll toasted and slathered with butter. Sometimes a small burger with cheese,yellow mustard and hamburger relish.

At my favorite burger place I like jack cheese, bacon (sometimes),red relish,pineapple,leaf lettuce and tomato. I eat bison burgers here too.

Restaurant burger? A plain cheeseburger on the restaurants site made multi seeded sub roll. It's the same bred they serve with their dinners.

I like the Hawaiian burger at a local place. Swiss cheese, bacon,grilled pineapple and teriyaki sauce.

When I visit out of town I stop for a jiffy burger --- Jack cheese,peanut butter, bacon,lettuce tomato and red onion.

Another local place I like them with cheddar cheese,lettuce,tomato red onion and 1000 island dressing.

I used to have a chili burger place too. Server open face on a buttered toasted bun ,slather with bean ad neat chili, chopped red onion and literally diced cubes of stacked process cheese slices. They no longer exist. The bar is set high for a replacement. Haven't found one yet. Gotten close, but not yet.

For me a good burger is about the bun. if they don't toast it,I don't want it. It has to hold up to the burger without turning to mush.

There is Mid Eastern place that serves Halal I have been trying stuff at that has a great looking burger. The roll looks wonderful. The ingredients are fresh. I plan to try it.

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hmmm making me hungry......but gonna be good having a nice salad for dinner...

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I'm thinking I don't even qualify myself as a hamburger lover. :)

I like mine so plain, I'm happy with a juicy burger (at home means a turkey burger), a little Miracle Whip and bun (preforably one with some texture). Don't care for onions, pickles, or tomatoes. Seldom, do I even want a slice of cheese. Kinda boring.

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Mayo,mustard,ketchup,tomatoes,and onions.

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Pretty basic. A good roll & a medium-well done hamburger patty. Also, like a good melted sharp cheddar cheese. Condiments: mayo, ketchup, onions, tomato & lettuce.

Although I love an interesting mustard on sliced roast beef, I don't like it on a hamburger. Mustard belongs on a hot dog only. Ketchup is the only condiment of the two that belongs on a burger to my mind.

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I love a hamburg with caramelized onions, basil, tomato, gorgonzola cheese, one piece of bacon on ciambotto. Yummmmm

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I think you'd call it an old fashioned hamburger....mustard on one side of a toasted bun, onions, lettuce, tomato and dill pickles. No cheese, no mayo and absolutely...no ketchup.

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My favorite is with cheese on a toasted bun, smothered with sauteed onions and mushrooms.

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I'm with shortcake529 - mayo, mustard, ketchup, tomato and onion.

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I am with Wildchild, depends where I eat them. It is not very often I will go out for a hamburger but when I do it does depend on where I eat the burger.

If I have a Harvey's cheeseburger for example I will only have yellow mustard and triple dill pickle. At A&W I will order a Teenburger with no onions and extra pickle. If any burger comes with a "special" sauce or mayo I say have them take it off. I don't really like fast food burgers so do try to avoid eating them.

There is a restaurant here that has the best "homemade" hamburger that I do enjoy and usually will order it with cheese and bacon and mustard and big slice of Spanish or Vidalia onion. I once was treated to a $13 "gourmet" burger at Moxie's and it was really good.

If I have a burger at home I buy frozen Licks burgers -Lick's is a burger joint we don't have in Windsor but a few stores carry the boxed patties. They are really high in fat but so good and they are spicy. If I make a Licks burger at home I I have the works - tomato, spanish onion, dill pickle, cheese and bacon. and mustard. Not a fan of ketchup on a burger.

Another quirky thing in my family when we have hot dogs or hamburgers we like our buns buttered. My friends never did this so if I have a burger at one of their houses they always bring out the butter.

I do have a pet peeve using store bought hamburger buns. They are usually smaller than the burger and fall apart as you eat the burger. At home I will use a crusty roll or those thin flat burger buns and they usually hold up.


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wildchild, a peanut butter burger sounds interesting.

There was a bar and grill, close to me, that had it on their menu, but by the time I decided to go try, they went out of business.

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Glenda the one I had and plan to have again is also in a bar and grill. I tried it thinking it might not be very good (sounded weird) and only expected to eat part of it. I gobbled that monster down. It was wonderful. They put the peanut butter on the meat before the cheese so it melts into the meat like a peanut suace. Delicious blending of flavors.

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1. Tomato slices with a dash of salt and black pepper

2. Horseradish mustard.

3. Slices of sweet pickles.

4. Pickle relish

5. Lettuce or cabbage leaves with a slice of vidalia onion.

6. Catsup

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Been doing PBBs (peanut butter burgers) for a long time. For some reason I tend to do it more when I reheat one. Not sure why. I'll occasionally put peanut butter on a hot dog too. An old roommate got me going on that.

For burgers, it really varies a lot. One bar I like to go to has a nice thick hand-patted patty and I usually like to go minimal and enjoy the good quality meat. Bun untoasted is a big detraction and I don't care what kind of bun it is. I'll occasionally use a bagel or a toasted English muffin at home.

Another bar has a great burger too but there I tend to get a little bit of raw onion on it. They have a special now, 1/2# burger and (good crisp) fries for $5 and a 3/4# for $6. I like a couple extremely thin slices of onion rather than a thick slab. I just like the way it crackles apart and the flavor seems to spread better. Occasionally some bacon but admittedly, I often pick it off and eat it as an appetizer! Occasionally some cheese but only a Swiss, pepper jack, mozzarella or provalone. No cheddar and absolutely no plastic American cheese.

For a run of the mill place, I like mayo/salad dressing, BBQ sauce. No pickles, and only occasionally tomato IF and only if it's fresh and "beefy". Not these stringy things they pass off as tomatoes at so many places. I'll usually pass on the lettuce, but I will go for some slaw on there at times. I kind of like the "onion straws" on a Red Robin burger at times.

There used to be a restaurant chain around here called Mr. Steak that had a lunch special called the "Olde English". Open face burger on an English Muffin, onion, BBQ sauce and swiss cheese. Fantastic. I miss that place.

For a drive through, I like a Baconator and Sonic has a double bacon burger that's pretty darn good too.

So there's not a one way for a burger with me. And after the lesson learned at the Five Disappointments, I really appreciate a good burger and fries so much more lately! LOL

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If I get one at a restaurant or fast food, it's lettuce, tomato and onion ONLY. It's surprising the number of servers who think everyone likes and wants mayo. I can't stand it.

If I make one at home it's always a peanutburger, which I've been making for over 50 years. Spread on the PB just before putting the pattie on the bun. The best condiment with it is sweet pickle relish.


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I'm a Five Guys person, and sticking to it!

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Definitely no mustard on a burger, only ketchup. I can skip the lettuce if it's those little shreds that fall out as soon as you bite into it . Love plenty of tomato and extra pickles, cheese might be provolone, jack, swiss or anything other than american cheese.

Swiss and mushrooms are really good too .

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I second that Glenda! With fries.....

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Mustard, pickle, onion mostly. But I love also love mushrooms, cheese, mayo, lettuce and tomato but not necessarily all on the same burger.

Glenda, there is a place on AL 79 that has been voted best burger in Blount Co. in 2009 and 2012. We tried them last week and they were wonderful. This place is almost fancy enough to call a shack. LOL! D & B BBQ i think is the name. We waited about 20 minutes for our burgers but they were made to order and wonderful. They don't have a dining room just a service window and some picnic tables outside.

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