Sprouts? Whole Foods? Health Natural stores??

YogaLady1948October 21, 2012

Do you shop at them and if so which ones?? I weekly shop at Sprouts~~~would give anything to have a big Whole Foods in the IE! In Laguna Niguel they have a brand new one. When I baby sit DGD I drop her off at preschool and eat breakfast there and wander around, they have so much it makes me dizzy.

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I used to grow my own in a sprout jar.

We have a Whole Foods nearby, and I go there occasionally if I am wanting specialty cheese.

Blessed to have a Fresh Market closer, and I love their meats and especially their organic yams.

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Heard the Whole Foods referred to as Whole Paycheck on a documentary.

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No Whole Foods here, but did go to the one near Dana Pt, probably the same one at Laguna Niguel when I visited my sister in law in June. I use to enjoy Alfalfa sprouts until too many cases of salmonella showed up. Sprouts are just not my thing and no I would not grow or eat them.

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My favorite way to eat a hamburger steak is topped with Chinese bean sprouts that have been heated with soya sauce and fresh mushroom slices.

Of course those were canned bean sprouts.

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No Sprouts nearby but we do have a Whole Foods about four miles away, a Gelson's and three Trader Joe's within 6 miles of home. I probably shop the most at Trader Joe's but have on occasion gone to Whole Foods, they have an awesome toiletries section.


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I shop at both Whole Foods and Sprouts 2x per week. I am gluten intolerant and find that Whole Foods has more to offer in that department, but all in all the prices at Whole Foods are much higher on everything. There is a vast difference between the two stores on meat, poultry and fish, with Whole Foods the hands down winner, but again much higher. Whole foods has more to offer as far as freshly prepared foods and soups. Their produce department is bigger and more offerings of specialty items. I generally buy my produce at Sprouts because the prices are so low.

Sprouts has a better selection of supplements and vitamins.

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I looked at the store locator for the Sprouts store, the Whole Foods store, couldn't find a locator for Health Natural Store. None of those stores are available anywhere near me.
I've heard of Sprouts stores and Whole Food stores, but not that last one.


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I like Whole Foods but if I shopped there regularly, I'd have to choose between paying the mortgage or buying groceries. LOL That store is just too expensive. Sprouts has an awesome bakery section. The apple pull apart sticky bread is my favorite but they are also pretty expensive overall. I go to Trader Joe's every once in a while and find them to be cheaper. Most of my grocery shopping is done at Fresh and Easy. I like their products and the prices on produce. I only buy meat from Costco. I go once a month and I divide and freeze my meat for the month. We also have some Sunflower health food store but I haven't been in there. They advertised organic milk for $8.00 a gallon on sale so I knew I wouldn't like their prices.

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I make my own sprouts from a mixed bunch of seeds....radish, alfalfa, and a couple of others. Good, good! I get them from our local health food store.

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When stepping outside of the usual chain store grocery I will usually shop at one of the International Farmers Market type stores here in Atlanta. The produce selection is tremendous and exotic seafood and meats abound! Also, the prices are surprisingly low. I mean REALLY low. If I were ever to go vegan these would be the places I would shop.

Negatively speaking, those markets aren't very well represented in the dairy/cheese category. Whole foods rocks my world when I'm cheese shopping! I'm an unabashed cheese head. My last Christmas present from oldest was one of those "cheese of the month" subscriptions. (pssssst.. not worth what she paid but certainly appreciated!)

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My menus are pretty simple, usually grilled chicken or fish with steamed vegetables, and those items are readily available everywhere. If I'm in the mood for some specialty foods, my splurge of choice is the prepared foods counter at Gelson's. I love the spicy grilled salmon and some of the salads. I've been to Whole Foods twice and Sprouts once. Both had some interesting items, but nothing that would compel me to shop there regularly. If I need GF ingredients, I usually head to Mother's Market.

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Glenda -- Marie -- Phyllis:

"Sprouts" is a health-food oriented grocery store.

We shop at Sprouts, Rainbow Acres, Whole Foods and Trader Joe's.

I like all of them, for different products. Whole Foods is bountiful and great, but more expensive than the others.

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Rainbow Acres...LOL! I've never heard of that store but the name is really cute!

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