Canada Dry Cranberry Ginger Ale ???

glenda_alOctober 20, 2012

Have you tried it and did you like it?

I love Canada Dry Ginger Ale.

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I do too but have't heard about the cranberry

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I don't care for ginger ale but do like cranberry so I need to get a taste of this. But I don't drink any sodas these days.
I do have ginger ale in the drink fridge in case it's needed for stomach upset, so that cranberry version might be the better choice for that.

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Since I don't do coffee, chocolate, any carb. drinks, cannot try it. But it sounds good.

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I grew up With gingerale! My mother would serve gingerale ale and vanilla ice cream for her bridge, canasta, garden clubs, church gathers at our house.

WalMart was out of regular gingerale, yesterday and that's when I was the cranberry gingerale.

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I haven't tried the Ginger Ale with cranberry but around the holidays Sprite comes out with one with cranberry in it which is really good. Only thing is they don't have it in diet. Will have to look at Ginger Ale to see if they have it in diet.

As soon as the holidays are over they discontinue the drinks with cranberry in it. So we stock up so we have it for a few months.

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They had the diet cranberry gingerale, cause I drink the diet regular gingerale, and noticed.

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I do I do I do! It's a lovely combination, and we start looking for the cases in the grocery stores around Labour Day, as it is generally only available during the cooler months for some reason. I chill the cans, squish a wedge of lime in the glass, and pour the gingerale in. I don't like the large bottles of any drinks, so it's cans only in our house.

Definately not a "cola/soda/pop" type of beverage in my opinion..very light and refreshing! Enjoy!

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Grapefruit juice & cranberry juice are the two best thirst quenchers but many ppl cannot drink grapefruit juice because it is counter-indicated for many heart medications so they have turned to cranberry juice. (Cranberry juice is very popular with construction workers or ppl who work out in the sun all day).

For those who prefer to drink soda but don't want all the high fructose corn syrups, FDA Food dyes or caffiene; Gingerale, 7-up and Sprite offer an alternative.

Gingerale or 7-up is also added to Hawaian punch, fruit juice or even Kool-Aide to add a little fizz and pzaz to their non-alcoholic party punch.

Judging by the display in your grocery store one would think that Ginger ales overall sales is low when compared to cola or root beer, but such is not the case. From the soft drink manufactures viewpoint, ginger ale is one of their top selling products, because it is a principal bar mix.

Cranberries are primarily produced in Massachusetts & Rhode Island and here in Mass; Cranberries & cranberry juice is an extremely popular product. Check out an "Ocean Spray" display in your grocery and you will see that not only is cranberry juice sold straight up, it is also blended with dozens of other fruit juices such as Cran-apple, Cran-Grape, Cran-orange and so on.

Now as you might imagine, due to its popularity it didn't take long for the local bars to start coming up with new drinks that use cranberry juice, and many of them evolved into a concoction of cranberry & ginerale with your favorite alcololic beverage added in. Of course the fact that the health food guru's are all reporting that cranberry is one of the healthiest juices you can drink did not hurt either....LOL.

Canada Dry then went the next step and started producing the Cranberry Ginger Ale, primarily as a bar mix but now they are finding it almost has a cult following so they are selling it everywhere now.

I love it, have about 4 quarts in the pantry right now..LOL

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I haven't tried this, but I do buy Diet Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash that is only available around the holidays. And you almost always have to buy it early or be out of luck. I don't drink too much pop, but I allow myself two 12 pks a year of this.


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When the kids were young, we let them drink cranberry ginger ale with their Thanksgiving dinner! I still buy it for them some years.

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I have had it , like it very much. Have you ever had "golden ginger ale". not sure they still even make it...but that was what I preferred over regular ginger ale.

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sometimes I'll open a can and let it "defizz" on the sink

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I don't like ginger ale. It's a conditioned response as, when I was a child and was sick, my mother would give me ginger ale. Therefore: I get sick when I taste ginger ale!

I don't drink carbonated drinks as a rule either, but I must say that a certain brand of raspberry ginger beer (non-alcoholic)can really hit the spot. It's a special great.


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Well, WM was sold out of the cranberry and refurbished with the regular, today.

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