Surgery tomorrow, not sure what to do

bigackOctober 29, 2012

Supposed to go in at 5:30 am for bladder repair surgery, 25 miles down the road. Thing is, heavy rain and wind for next two days, and the low spot in our road always floods. I told them I wouldn't know until morning if we can get out or not. Either that, or just re schedule the whole thing. It's not emergency, I've put it off for years. Not sure what to do, don't wanna get stuck down there, or the DH can't get out to pick me up!

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Are you sure they'll be there? DH was scheduled to have a hernia repair today, and the center called and cancelled yesterday. Don't know where you are, but with the travel restrictions here, one shouldn't be on the roads anyway.

He did speak to his dr. and then one of the office personnel today and it looks like he'll be rescheduled for next Monday.

Whatever happens, good luck to you with yours.

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Susan, with the storm and bad road conditions I would reschedule it. Since it isn't a matter of life or death and has been put off for years I wouldn't go out in the storm. Another week or two won't matter.

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Hope you read Nita's post and rescheduled. Surgery has it's own stress and you sure don't need to add to it. Good luck, BA.

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Re-schedule. If you DO have storm damage, they'll be plenty busy and possibly short-handed anyway.

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Yaaay, my Dr. Just called and SHE wants to cancel, she lives out in the country and is worried about weather too. Will reschedule in a week or so.

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Good! I suspected that might be the case. Like us, you'll be so much more relaxed tomorrow, knowing you don't have to fight the elements. Good luck with it when you do have it.

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Oh good. that makes it easy!

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Glad you rescheduled~that was going to be my advice. More important for you and DH to be safe;)

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