Where You Were Born/Age Statistics

swimmer22October 10, 2012

I was impressed with the response to the post from yesterday and thought I'd summarize some of the interesting outcomes for you all.

Respondents represent 26 different states plus the District of Columbia (DC) and three different countries with regard to their place of birth (Canada 5) (Germany 1) (British Columbia 1).

Birth location states with greatest membership:

PA - 10

CA - 6

MA, IN, NY - all tied at 5 each

IL -4

Seventy five people provided their age.

Average age of respondents was 63 years old

Oldest respondent was 90 years old

Youngest was 29

All in all.... a pretty good group!

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British columbia is in Canada.

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Does CA stand for California or Canada?I think several Canadians filled this in. I know that I did

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Whoops! I didn't read the first bit carefully enough. sorry!

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