Purchasing energy in PA: PPL or someone else?

alisandeOctober 11, 2012

Pennsylvania people, have you changed power companies for your electricity? I signed up for a PPL discount plan this year, which has expired. Now I'm receiving offers from Dominion Energy Solutions, PA Electric & Gas, and others. I'm thoroughly confused . . . anyone care to straighten me out?


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I feel your pain. My energy provider is PECO and I was inundated with offers from other companies. I tried and tried to compare them and in the end I feel as if the savings is so small that I am just going to stick with PECO.

Sorry I am not much help to you in your decision. Let me know what you decide.

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For those that have PPL as one option to provide their electricity, this is directed toward you. This has nothing to do with the cost of energy, but it's the 1st time that I've had the least little bit of an opportunity to affect PPL's bottom line in any way. My husband worked for them for 28 yrs, he had an exemplary employment history, including commendations. A couple of yrs after he had a heart attack he was unfairly discharged. They were self insured at that time, they didn't want a potential expensive health risk in their employ. His heart was broken, he was truly a company man. He died a few yrs later. I'm sure that the stress of his discharge and subsequent attempt to get his job back took a huge toll on him. I guess you can tell that I'm bitter toward PPL.

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mare_ That's the kind of thing I like to consider....thank you!

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