Any advice on back pain cushion?

rob333October 11, 2012

Well I am finally diagnosed-I have spondylolisthesis; my last (last two, actually) lumbar disk is out of alignment from my tailbone. Born with it, probably, but have enough arthritis I am finally noticing. I went to the ER with excruciating pain a couple of weeks ago. Since then, I've changed my chair and am sleep differently. PT is helping too. But, and here's where I am looking for advice, now that I am sitting "correctly" my tailbone hurts. What should I do? I just hope someone has been there!

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Could one of the donut pillows help? Because of medical reasons, ask your Dr. for a prescription to the dept at your medical center that sells this type of equipment. If not, look at Walmart etc.

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No, a donut pillow won't help, it has to be a pillow with an opening in the back, at least for me. I have a "wound" in the crack at the base of my spine and if I'm not sitting straight i becomes very painful, which makes sitting in my lift chair difficult. I have concocted something to sit on, but looking for another pillow as I have a lift chair in my bedroom and one in the family room. I typed memory foam car cushion into Google because I saw one in the AARP Gold Violin catalog and came up with lot of pillows of that type. I don't think I want a memory foam one, but have been reading customer comments to see what people have to say about the different cushion brands. A lot of them sink in too much when you sit on them.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

I would suggest you asking your doctor or physical therapist what would be the best pillow for your situation.

After I had my lumbar surgery years ago, I bought a Self Inflating BackRest Lumbar Support Cushion that I use in my recliner.

The link below has lots of wonderful back 'things'.

Here is a link that might be useful: Better back Store

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I too have spondylolisthesis and stenosis plus had 3 ruptured discs, 3 surgeries etc. ad nauseum. I started out with the padded seat on the with the opening for the spine on the site that Chemocurl posted. It was great but now, with more surgeries I use the molded wooden one on their site, it has foam padding. I think you'll be fine with the first one. I have used two, one for the car and one at home, there are many poor copies of this one being made but they're not up to par. This is the best site to order it.

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Thanks y'all!

Yaya, don't you think, since the disease progresses, I should just go straight to the molded wooden one? That's what I think I am really asking. This has to be a long term solution. I have a lot of years left to sit in my hard task chair at work.

And for others, I saw a gel one instead of the memory foam. I was hoping I wouldn't "lead" too much and someone would say they had one and preferred it. Don't you think gel would hold it's shape better? But maybe not as supportive. see? I'm torn.

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Rob I agree the wooden one is the best, I did it the wrong way and went for the other first and now I never use it. I have two of the molded ones for the house and the car. I also have the gel one, I preferred the foam with the spinal opening. They also sell the molded wood one with memory foa which I didn't like as it was too thick and I sat too high.
I've had mine for 30 years and they hold up beautifully. I also suggest you read Dr. John Sarno's book "Healing Back Pain" It changed my life. After one week of using his technique, I was experiencing 70% less pain than I had in years. I've told so many others about it and they too have been helped. Living with back pain is a challenge but the book and the seat have helped so much. I use enteric coated naproxin for the inflammation and have been for 30 years. Works well.

Here is a link that might be useful: book

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I hope so on the aleve, as they won't give me celebrex (or any semblence thereof) and won't tell me why. I may be too young to start taking an arthritis drug? Maybe. I appreciate all of your information and I take it to heart. Thank you!

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Try a coccyx cushion. You can probably get one from your pharmacy. That's where I bought mine. A year ago I fell on a patch of ice and hurt my tailbone. This pillow was the only one I could use on my chairs.

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