As promised: DirectTV - the cancellation story

OnAHollidayOctober 5, 2012

I'm cancelled, well, kind of cancelled.

The process wasn't too terribly cumbersome and I wasn't on hold anywhere near as long as I thought I would be. I have to say though, they sure don't want you to go so there's the carrots and such offered that I expected..

The representative was tenacious enough to get me to agree to a six month "suspension" of service instead of an outright cancellation. Don't worry about the equipment, keep it. To expedite the phone call and move on I agreed. I'm sure they are banking that I will start jonesing for one sort of programming or another and I think it's a very intelligent last ditch effort by DirectTV to keep their equipment in the consumers home.

I still have satellite until mid month but after that it's all internet and digital antenna. My own set up is a router on the main computer that feeds the other computers and a blu-ray player that feeds the plasma with the internet (Netflix, Hulu, YouTube etc..)

I will be honest about it. If a week or two from now I just have to have satellite I'll fess up. I honestly can't see that happening though. The internet choices (for my viewing habits) have simply become too varied and cheap to justify my dish.

Anyway, I'm feeling a little smug about my sound financial decision.... *grin*

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I on digital antenna too. No fuss, no fee, but sometimes the picture sucks, and the variety isn't there.

But, I can watch something almost any time of the day... just not Hallmark, HGTV, DYI, Mystery and other favs.

Live goes on. My savings are HUGE. :)


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The saving is huge, in my mind at least. I'm standing to save something like $1500.00? Add in the PPV and all the porn... JUST KIDDING! I can't help but feel somewhat foolish with the expense when it seems like I'm not utilizing it enough to warrant it.

Of course this will all look like pretty tall talk when I come crawling back to the table here and confessing that I just HAD to see a Thursday night game and restarted the service. lol

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We have never had anything but outside antenna television, cable and satellite are not available to us. Too many trees for satellite, and we do not get all the local channels either. So I do not watch much television. If I recall correctly, my son in law had to send in the cards from the receivers they had, but kept the receivers. I could be wrong but I think that is what they told me.


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I'm with U Verse and have digital tv.

I like it!

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I learned long ago I cn easily live without 500 channels of infomercials and "reality" shows. Most people would be surprised how nicely they would get by without it. Especially with the internet. I've thought a few times about trying it but every time I'm at a hotel or someone's place with it, I don't see enough worthwhile so it'd be silly to waste the money on it.

Marilyn_Sue, have you tried satellite or just been told that it wouldn't work? Satellite will come through trees, and all the better when the leaves are gone. My friend had to shoot through a thick growth of trees and yes it was probably about 25 or so on the scale, where mine was over 80, but he till got fine reception. If there's things you'd want to see, or even just for the local channels, odds are pretty good you could use satellite if you want.

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Yes, we have tried satellite and even the satellite companies for internet will not put one out here. No Att U Verse either as we have tried to get that also. It doesn't bother me much as I really don't watch much television.


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YAAAY! for you, OnAHolliday! I've been trying for YEARS to get DH to cut the EXPENSIVE cable. Anything I want to watch is a day delayed on the net, or a year delayed on Netflix. But, he HAS to have his ESPNs. For $80/month. AARRGGHHH!!!!!

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Don't be too hard on him drews. :)
Dropping the service means no NFL network Thursday game and no ESPN Monday game. That can be tough! lol

Realistically for me though, if it isn't the Falcons playing I'm spending most of my time watching "FantasyCast" on the computer anyway. It's rather like keeping year round waste service at your summer house when you don't reside there but a few weeks. It just doesn't make economic sense.

Obviously all of this only speaks for my household. At some point we will hit an age where a lot of our entertainment will have to come from "the box". Right now we spend most of the time occupied elsewhere and don't do the reality TV stuff or follow those evening soaps etc...

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When my daughter got married, she brought a dog in to the marriage, while he brought cable.

Well, they don't want to raise their kids around TV. Thus, it isn't ever on while they are awake.

He LOVES Tour De France. Lives for it. Would record it, and watch after the kiddos are asleep.

Finally, he decided, it wasn't worth paying the money year round. He got an espn package over the computer, and watched the Tour this year over the computer (but on the big screen TV).

Had the package for a minimum period of three month. That is all I know... so, maybe, one can watch football with a similar package?


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TV is one vice we are willing to pay for here. We really don't watch any sports, but enjoy movies and channels like History and Biography and the Documentary channel.

Getting those channels via the internet are not an option, since we have a 10 GB/month bandwidth cap. That doesn't go very far - goes NOWHERE when trying to stream video. sigh... but I get to pay a LOT for that service, LOL/

We do watch quite a bit of programming over the off-air antenna, but there again are issues with that. Living as far away from the stations as we do limits the reception and quality of the signal. Most of the time it is good, but during periods of really bad weather, and for some reason really good weather the signal gets dropped.

TV watching is also kind of seasonal for us. It is really nice to have something good to watch during the winter months when we are not as busy. I tape movies and shows on the DVR and save them to watch later.

Not ashamed to admit it - this house isn't going to to cut the cable! :)

Sounds like you have your system set up nicely though. Isn't it amazing how things have changed over not that many years!!

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Cynic, we had satellite installed. Not thinking of the trees, because we moved in the winter. Come spring we got fewer and fewer channels, then finally nothing, when they were out in full leaf.

Bell credited us with the whole amount, as it was a line-of sight issue. We haven't gone to cable or anything, just using the internet. I don't miss cable/satellite.

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I agree wiTh Iowagirl, we pay enough that it would shock some of you but we don't feel the least bit guilty. Could I live without it yes, but my husband iss a different story...he has a real love for sports and we pay for the expensive packages, but......have you ever priced a ticket to even one game...I love the documentary channel and Nat Geo and all of the demand channels...we truly enjoy Direct TV...lots of junk shows but lots of great channels too and Direct tv is very good to us with good customer freebies.

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I would seriously like to get rid of cable, but I need very high speed (if you can call Charter very high speed) internet access and I need a business phone and we have our cable bundled with both. I doubt I could get rid of the basic cable and save much money, as I'm pretty sure they'd just jack up the other prices since we wouldn't have the full bundle. I think it's hiway robbery. But cable modem is the fastest internet access that I'm able to get here.

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OnAHoliday do searches for NFL streaming once your game of choice starts... i have Centurylink w prism tv that i am extremely happy w except that my Chicago Bears games are rarely on here in orlando and the only NFL package is redzone which is NOT live feed of games. i have been watching my games live thru streaming to my laptop then onto my tv... i almost added DirectTV just for the fall season LOL but my dh is a major techie and found this free option instead. hasn't failed me yet but it does need atleast a medium speed cable modem connection! ~ liz

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My DSL seems to handle streaming media very well bigfoot (unless there's an electrical storm, why's that?). We rented a movie on VUDU tonight and had no buffering problems so I wouldn't expect any with live streaming. We will see.

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