Looking for person knowledgeable in Genealogy

marie_ndcalOctober 29, 2012

In doing research, this has popped up several times and wonder if it is worth the 39.95 annual charge---RecordsBase.com. I already have Ancestry.com, but at time is confusing.



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Gives you access to public records. Great for background checks on prospective employees, or for in-depth proof of info on Family trees.
Unless you want or need copies of those docs to verify info you got from Ancestry, I wouldn't do it.

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Here is a link for the reviews which aren't very good. 7 day free trial but no way of cancelling and no phone number. I also has Ancestry.com subscription and will stick to that. I trust Ancestry and with the other free sites, as in FamilySearch.com I feel I have everything I need.

Here is a link that might be useful: Recordsbase.com reviews

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have you tried the onlime site maintained by the mormon church? (free or used to be)...

i was sooo lucky...uncle had done mother's side...then while i still had ancestry, was answereing a question in the letter section and found a person who did my dad's side, already...went to his postings and copied everything...

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Thanks and went the reviews and yes this site seems to be very dangerous. That is what is so great here at Kt

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Investigate "EverNotes" as a way of keeping records in the 'cloud'. The main advantage is that data in your account in the cloud is accessible to you as you travel. All you need is a good internet conection.

It does not replace the GED file in Ancestory.com that is stored on your computer, although you can upload a family tree to EveryNotes if you wish.

By the way, Ancestory.com was sold last week. It may, or may not change. Its business model and subscription charges could change, and then again, maybe not. I do expect to see some change.

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