Dottie's 'Stuck in the Tub' story

caroline94535October 28, 2011

It seems to be time for a blast from the past. Here is an old, old KT posting by our dear, now departed, "Dottie-IN."

This was posted in June 2000. I may have cleaned up a bit of the spelling, since I copied it to share with my Mom and MIL, but it's just as Dottie-IN wrote it.

How embarrassing!!!

Posted by Dottie-IN on Sat, Jun 10, 00 at 18:20

I have a nice big tub - but no shower. Now usually I sit on the side of the tub and take a sponge bath but I had a hankering for an old-fashioned sit down in the tub bath and figured since both of my grandsons are here, if I got stuck they could pull me out. Wrong again!

Now I know why I didn't post to the one about 'Your Most embarrassing Moment' was because it hadn't happened Eet...until today.

I managed to get down in the tub by sitting on the end of the tub and sliding down into it. I threw a towel over me and called David in to pull the lever up to hold the water in and turn the water on. Okay, the tub gets full so I yell and he comes back and turns the water off for me. I soak, and soak and scrub and scrub and I smell so nice and squeaky clean so I yell for David, throw a towel across me, and he comes in and lets the water out for me.

I'm all set now, right? But wait; I can't get out of the tub. So, I call David back in and ask if he thinks he can pull me up. Says he can IF I can brace my feet and push. I couldn't. The tub was too wet. All I did was slide my butt around and fart. Then I get both of the boys in there but Shane was about as much use as the puddle of water squishing around under my butt.

Next, I had David pull 18 towels out of the cabinet and sit them side by side down the tub in two rows thinking I could push my feet on them and get some leverage. That didn't work either. All it did was get all of the towels wet because the faucet drips.

I ask David if it would embarrass him to see me naked and he said not as much as it would to have the fire department come out here (which I had already mentioned).

I throw off the towel; he closes his eyes and tries again. No luck again. So, I have no choice but to call 911. Neither of the boys would do it because they were laughing too hard. I had them stretch the phone into the bathroom and I did it myself.

Here come the sirens and there I sit with a towel draped over my luscious bod. I don't want to hear any more complaining and how you look in a bathing suit because no matter how bad it is, it can't be any worse than me sitting in the tub with NOTHING but a towel draped over me which I already know is going to have to come off.

Here comes three guys walking in the bathroom, three of which are total strangers to me, and the first one says, "Okay, just what is the problem? Are you stuck in the tub or just can't get out?"

I said, "I have heart problems and can't lift my own weight and the boys aren't strong enough to pull me up." He says, "That's no problem. If we can get you stood up and out of the tub, can you walk?"

Walk? I could run and hide in the closet if I could get out of the tub!! One gets hold under one arm and the other gets hold of my other hand and ZIP, there I am, standing stark naked in the bathtub. I rather testily said, "I can get out by myself but thank you for helping me."

He just grinned and said, "Well, we'll wait out in the hallway in case you're too weak to walk or anything."

Now, all of my towels are wet; they had removed my clothing from the bathroom floor so I have to wrap a wet towel around me and show up in the hallway before they'll leave. They leave, and here comes the landlady..."What's the matter? I saw an ambulance down here."

I said, "Are you sure you really want to know?" and she said she did so I told her.

After she quit rolling around on the floor and telling me I should have called her so she could bring down her camcorder and we could have won $10,000 on Worlds Funniest Home Video's, she called her MIL, who actually owns the place, and told her she needed to get a shower hookup in here for me and ASAP. Said it would be installed by next weekend.

In the meantime, if I absolutely HAVE to sit down in the tub again, call her and her hubby and they'll rescue me. I told her she'd better get a good whiff of me while I still smell like I just took a bath because I won't be taking another one until the shower is installed. She sniffed and left.

Now it's just me and the boys and every time I look at them, they look at each other and snort trying not to laugh. They're smarter than I thought!


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Oh, I remember that one. Poor Dottie, but she gave us all a good laugh.


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I will never forget that story. I have retold it many times.

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Theses are just a few of the responces to Dottie's story from back in the day. You'll recognize a lot of the names!

I have removed the email addresses that used to show up when we posted on the KT. Other than that. they are as posted originally. ~ Caroline

RE: How embarrassing!!!

�Posted by: NormaBemidji MN

ROTFLMBO! Snicker, snicker. I'm sorry but you told it so well!! Are you OK? I hope you get the shower fixture soon.

�Posted by: KathyLev-WI

OH Dottie! To be caught NEKKID and ALL PRUNED up...what an embarrassment! LOL. I almost choked about the fart noises--I make them getting in and out of the tub and I swear they echo through the whole house ! LOL I am never going to be able to take another bath without thinking of you~~You made my day, Dottie....Thanks for the laugh!

�Posted by: JenTX

ROTFLMBO (but I'm trying to contain it so as not to hurt your feelings!!!!) BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAAH~~sorry! Couldn't contain it! :-) :-) :-) :-)

Glad you are going to get a shower hookup soon. Don't you know you are the topic of conversation at the friendly fire station! hee hee hee hee hee

Thanks for the laugh~~remember~~we aren't laughing AT you, we're laughing WITH you! (you ARE laughing, right!) LOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL JenTX

� Posted by: Jackie-OK

Glad you are ok. This has got to be funniest story I have ever read on here. Yes you need a shower installed. don't ever sit down in that tub again. LOL

�Posted by: Maureen-NH

Oh Dottie LOLLOLLOL. I am glad you're okay. I am laughing so hard, my DD keeps saying "What are you laughing at?" I tell her (about the farting which we all laugh at all the time) and she laughs. Then I get to the part where you had to call 911 and she says "Not so funny NOW is it???? Then I finish and she is glad you are okay too.

That is gonna be one special memory for your GSs. You are all bonded in a real special way now!

Hey, were any of those guys single? I need a bath too. LOL Maureen

�Posted by: DamonTX

Dottie, Dottie, Dottie....

To have all those men at your beck and call.... LOL! Seriously though, I'm glad you're all right. Try to remember your limitations young lady. Maybe you should consider an in-house Life Guard. I'm sure David Hasselhoff has time on his hands these days.

Sorry for the embarrassment, but thanks for sharing the laugh. - Prof

�Posted by: Tammy-Ohio

Dottie you sure can tell a story! *wiping tears from my eyes from LMAO* Oh my, and the fart noises...oooooh, my stomach hurts, stop making me laugh...*snort*
Seriously, I hope they get you that shower hookup soon, I would hate to think of this happening again. Poor Dottie! (((Dottie)))

�Posted by: Casey-Nfld

LOL!!! I'm laughing my head off, and my BF is in the other room asking me what I am laughing at. Can I tell him??? LOL

�Posted by: Ginger - St Thomas

Maybe the landlord should install a winch. ROFLMAO

�Posted by: Kat in Wa

Ohhhh Dottie!!!! Thank you for the laugh! I needed it today! And boy was it a GOOD laugh. Right, We are not laughing at you! We are laughing with your grandsons, hehehe! With the firemen! lol With the landlady! rotflmao

911 OMG! Thank you for posting! Seriously though, I am glad that they will be hooking up a shower for you! Do me a favor though, and try to find a shower chair or stool and a garage sale! Don't want you EVER sitting on the side of the tub again!

Hhehehehehe Kat

�Posted by: Lisa Fl

Oh, I am laughing so hard, I am crying! And my sides hurt!
Dottie, you poor thing!! I am glad they are having a shower hookup for you!

HEHEHE! You sure can tell a story, though. I agree with getting a shower chair- I would like to have one just to relax and sit while I have my shower.: )-Lisa

�Posted by: Frances CA

Would you believe as soon as I read the subject line I thought to myself I bet it's Dottie who is going to be the author of this subject. BINGO! I was right. Dottie, Dottie, Dottie what are we going to do with you? Uh? Nothing. Why? Because then we won't have posts like this.

You are a brave woman for posting this or less you slipped in the bathtub and hit your head. LOL I am now going to copy and save this for the future. You just never know when I will need to use this against you. LOL Thanks for the great laugh Dottie. BTW, how many times have I told you to stay out of trouble? Do you listen? Nooooooooo, you climbed into trouble and then couldn't get out of trouble! Now you need to bake some cookies for those nice fireman and take the cookies over to the fire station for them. Be sure and asked them if they remember you. If they don't, then started taking off your clothes! That should jog their memory. Frances

�Posted by: Marty Ga

Dottie, You have out done yourself. I am laughing and crying. This is the funniest thing I have ever heard of. Of course, if anything like this is going to happen, it will be you that it happens to. ROTFLMBO!!!!!!!

�Posted by: SG

LOL!!!! Reminds me of the Dick Van Dyke episode when Laura got her toe stuck in the bathtub faucet! anyone remember that one?

�Posted by: grany-ETx

He he he he (trying to muffle it, Dottie) ha ha! My goodness, I can just see all that going on. It's a wonder those grandsons are able to contain them-selves as well as they are! (giggle,giggle) Sure was a good story! I think you take the prize. Lol We are laughing with you. Please know that. Glad it all turned out good in the end! (he he) Oops! Glad you're okay!!
And I was embarrassed to have my dh to help me out of the tub when I had foot surgery! hehe

�Posted by: BettyeAZ

Oh, Dottie, I am so glad your story had a happy ending! I know that your family will never let you forget this one.(I doubt that the firemen will forget, either)I'm sorry, but I can't help laughing. Your vivid, play-by-play description of that scenario was hysterically funny! I do hope you write about this event in your journal. It is definitely a keeper!! ((((Dottie)))

�Posted by: Cricket / Mn

OMG Dottie I am laughing so hard I'm going to pee in my pants. I sure hope the firemen were a good looking bunch. Every time I take a bath I will be thinking of you. Your GK's will be laughing about this for years!! HEHE

�Posted by: Bratty Girl/Fl

cough, snicker, snort, please excuse me, I have a cold hehe, cough, choke, giggle. It's to bad they don't have that TV show 911 anymore or we may have got to see you on TV Dottie. Excuse me again, LOL ROFLMBO.

I usually take a shower instead of a tub bath because I have a bad knee where I broke it. Occasionally after working in the yard I like to soak and relax - but now I'll be thinking of you and scared to do it because I do have trouble getting out sometimes. LOL LOL LOL I haven't laughed this hard since reading the postings on the kt. It's a keeper. LOL ROFLMBO

�Posted by: Dottie-IN

Actually I was laughing when I called them and laughing when they walked in the bathroom. What else could I do?

Yes, Damon one of them was a hunk and a half!

Frances, I know you always tell me to stay out of trouble, and I really do try, but it just seems to follow me around, you know?

No bumps, no bruises..except for my ego but it'll survive. My oven doesn't work so I can't bake them cookies, although I think that would be awfully nice to do so I'll just find a funny card somewhere and send it to them. Bet their wives won't have to come up with "I have a headache tonight, Honey" after this...for quite a while. LOL

�Posted by: luckeyme - Oh

LOL...LOL..What are we going to do with you Dottie??? I can't turn my back! Let's hear it for the firemen! Aren't they wonderful? That's about as sneaky a way to get some hunks in your bathroom, as I've ever heard! I took notes..:) I'm just glad your safe & sound, my Lil' dear
�Posted by: Amanda

LOL! I have to commend you for posting this! I really needed a good laugh today! Thank You! -Amanda

�Posted by: Sandy-IA

That is just too funny! Dottie, you have more guts than I do to come to the table and post this....BUT very thankful that you did. ROTFLMAO! What a writer..I think you missed your calling in life!

�Posted by: Joyce


�Posted by: Belle GA

Oh my goodness!!! I'm with the rest of the gang...this is the funniest story I have ever heard told! You have such a great sense of humor, and your way of relaying the whole story is just wonderful! Thank you for making me smile.

No, I take that back. Thank you for making me LAUGH!! And I am glad you are not hurt in any way. What an experience!

�Posted by: DianaMo

Oh DOTTIE!!!! ROTFLMAO!!!!! That is priceless!!!!! LOL!!!!!I KNOW you were embarrassed, but, I can't help but laugh! I'm sorry....Wish I could have been there with a camcorder! LOL!

It makes my ankle problem seem minor in comparison!
I really wish I would have copied all your stories you have posted on here...would have made an interesting book! LOL!

Seriously, though...I really hope your land lady gets your shower in for you soon!

�Posted by: Hedy ONT

Oh Dottie, I know just what it is like. The last time I took a bath I had a really hard time getting out. There is just nothing there one can hold onto, I couldn't even turn around to get on my knees. I eventually made it, can't remember how but that was the last time I took a bath. I think the shower chair maybe next for me too.

But to be quite honest I had a good laugh at your expense too but only because you told it so well.
When you get that shower make sure you have a good bathmat in the tub because it sure gets slippery in there and a fall would be much worse the the embarrassment.

�Posted by: Debby-NY

Dottie - we take our eyes off you for a minute and see what happens. Enjoy having the hunk in your bath holding you, but I'm wetting my pants from this. Shower chair is definitely the way to go. Take care of yourself gf, we'd miss you if you got stuck permanently.

�Posted by: Pat Brown MI

Thank you for sharing this precious episode with us. I was literally laughing out loud. Being able to laugh at yourself is a trait that more people could use. Now I'll be waiting to hear about your next endeavor!!!

�Posted by: DianePA

Oh Dottie, I'm sitting here laughing so much, tears streaming down my face, DH thinks I�m crazy! Thanks for the laugh, most I've laughed in a long time! Glad your OK though! Hope those GS's don't have nightmares tonight though! LOL DianePA

�Posted by: cindy-il

omg!!! dottie, thank you so much for sharing. I really needed a laugh today. you may have saved my sanity.

�Posted by: Lori-Mi

ROTFLMAO!!! OMG I can hardly see through the tears. And they are not sad tears...I had to run to the bathroom before I peed my pants. LOL LOL LOL OH Dottie you are too much!

�Posted by: Lu Lu-Mtl

LOL!!!....snort! Was just about to turn in for the night and then I read this LOLLLL!!! Heck we don't need to go anywhere for entertainment we have it right here with you. Glad you got out okay."S"

�Posted by: koda_al

ya' know, this really isn�t funny, but it is !!!!!!!!

�Posted by: Pat~Ca

Well Dottie ... looks like we don't have to keep an eye on you anymore ..... EVERYONE else is doing it! hahahahahaha
'Scuse me.... I'll be back. I have to go get DH and my future SIL to read about your 'adventure'.

�Posted by: Toni-Ne

Oh that was the best story yet! As a home health nurse I have run into this problem often and made light hearted funnies with my clients but you have given me a good reason to just roar with laughter. Sorry you were so exposed :)

(May I suggest a dress in the tub if you call for assistance in the future? you tell them I slid in the tub Ummm washing my feet ahhhh yea that�s it!) Thanks for a sharing such a cheek lifter so to speak! Toni

�Posted by: Mary Jo - Ky

This is the funniest thing I have ever read. I thought I had some adventures but, I bow in humility at your feet. ROFLMBO. I can't wait to read this to my daughter. She will wig out! Thanks for sharing that. My jaws hurt from laughing. Mary Jo

�Posted by: duckie

my honey installs handicap accessible accessories...want me to send him over? yep shower chair and one of those bar things...and a rubber mat...or some rubber duckies...
I can't believe you actually had to call 911. I would have just died!!
by the way...the government provides funding for handicap modifications....
oh Dottie, Dottie, Dottie...I will remember you and your story forever!

�Posted by: Bee-OH

Dottie, I am really ROTFLMAO! My DH came in here & says, "Someone is having waaaaay too much fun!" You certainly have a talent for telling a story. Your GS's will forever remember "The Day Granny Got Stuck in the Tub". Thank you so much for sharing your adventure with us. You certainly take the cake with your sense of humor!

�Posted by: Carol in California

You have my undying admiration....for being brave enough to ask your grandsons for help, for calling 911 and most of all for sharing this hysterical event with all of us. You are a winner!!! Thanks for the laugh.

�Posted by: Ginny-Oregon

Thank you Dottie for giving us the best laugh in a long time I can just see that happening to me. LOLLOL! Bless you for telling us about it.

�Posted by: Country Bumpkin-AL

I read this right after you posted and was laughing so hard, I couldn't even respond! Main reason was because I was cleaning coffee off my should have at least posted a ~~WARNING~~ that this was side splitting funny!!! I'm just so glad you're okay!!!! Love ya!!!

�Posted by: Wendy IA

Oh Dottie... bless your heart!!! I have to admit, I laughed so hard about this story. I had e-mail it to my mom, because it sounds like something that would happen to her. I am so glad that you didn't get hurt. Just think, this story will be passed down for generations in your family...ha ha ha, and most likely all of ours. I think that the shower thing is a great idea.

�Posted by: Grannytoo AZ

Well I hope you're happy!!! I spilled coke all over my keyboard and DH had to shut the computer down and hook up the spare. He said no more Dottie grams for me. ROFLMBO LOL LOL LOL LOL

Oh Dottie you sure can tell a story. I want you to make sure you get one of the bathtub handle thingies that slips over the edge of the tub to hold onto when you're getting in and out of there, whether it's for taking a shower or tub bath. Tell your landlady you also want one of the grab bars put on the back wall. They're not very expensive and the owner should pay for it.

What am I going to do with you? You scare the beejeebers out of me. I'm so glad that you weren't hurt, anything but your pride that is. By the way, the lurker is laughing so hard he has tears coming down his cheeks. He said some women will do anything to meet a man. ROFLMBO hee hee hee

�Posted by: Marcia

Dottie, sorry for the embarrassment, but how funny! I needed the laugh, and you know I'm going to have to send the story to friends! Everyone's right. A shower chair or bench would be the way to go. Bet those firemen are going to get some miles out of this story!!!

�Posted by: ShelbaAZ

OMG Dottie, I am really happy that you are okay. I have had to come back to this post several times before I was able to see through my tears of laughter to type. You certainly have a wonderful way of telling a story. Thanks for sharing.

�Posted by: Verna-CA

Dottie, You can write it like it is. I had a movie of the whole thing in my head as I was reading this post. Thanks for your wonderful humor. I loved your pot roast story, but this one takes the cake. I'm happy you are ok. Do I have to say I love your posts?

�Posted by: Pat in Cal Desert

Dottie, that is the greatest story I've heard in years. I live in a Sr. mobile home park & every time someone calls 911 we get a fire engine, paramedics & an ambulance. I swear every man in all 3 crews is young handsome & built like an athlete. Don't they have any old guys about ready to retire to send out? I think I would just sit in the tub till it & I dried off. Thanks for the laughs. LOL LOL LOL

�Posted by: sierra-AR

LOL Dottie, this was the first time I have laughed in a while. You sure did make me feel light-hearted. I am so glad you were not hurt. You tell a GREAT story.LOL

�Posted by: Carolyn-South Louisiana

ROFLMAO! I'm sorry Dottie, but the description,'s really funny. I bet it wasn't to you at the time. No more baths for you I am sure. Thank goodness you could call for help though. You could have been stuck and with your heart...I shudder to think what could have happened. Thanks for a really funny story. Thanks for sharing your most embarrassing moment.

�Posted by: Laura in CO

Oh, my dear, dear Dottie. This one takes the cake! I was at chat, and heard something about your firemen. They said go to the KT and read your post. Well, 3 bathroom trips later, I am here to say that you are the most wonderful story teller ever! I am hereby letting you know that I will come and stay with you, and (hopefully pull you out of the tub, with the GSs help) until you have the shower seat and shower installed.

I am soooooo happy that I didn't read this before I went to the estate sale, today, with the shower chair for $3. I would have just died! It was one of those deluxe models that swivels you out of the tub. My dear, Dottie, please let us help you through this pain and laughter.....We love you and will help you, if you need us.
PS - The farts will have to go, or I can guarantee that I will be on the floor with the GSs. Farts are just too funny for me.

�Posted by: Maw Kettle

Well it's too bad the cops didn't come too, so we could see this one on TV! I think Duckie & G-2 have the right ideas, for your own safety, & I wouldn't be too surprised if (I were you) if people stop & look when you walk down the street now! You'll be the 'talk of the town', the 'local celebrity' for weeks! LOL! You are just TOO much Lady! & While your landlady is having that shower put in, tell her to fix the stove too! ;) ~maw~

�Posted by: DamonTX

Bethster just called me in to the Living Room. The most amazing thing is on Nick-At-Nite. She's watching The Dick Van Dyke show and it is the episode that Laura gets her toe stuck in the faucet of the bathtub. When the identifying scene came on and we hear her voice come through the bathroom door saying, "I can't get out of the tub, I'm stuck," the whole Dottie experience started anew. Many tears of laughter. The timing was just way too funny!
�Posted by: Ellen--Western Wa

Dottie, you're a brave soul to tell your story! And you told it so well. I tried not to laugh too much.
But you did have me LOL!! Glad there was no injury.....except, as you said, to your ego. I haven't had a bath in over 25 years, just because I know I'd have difficulty arising from the tub. Thankfully, I've had shower facilities since then.LOL........Ellen

�Posted by: Danielle H-Alberta

Dottie, I'm so glad you're OK! But I'm still LMAO! I can sympathize though because the more pregnant I get, the harder it is to get out of the tub! And I have a bath every night after DH goes to bed. I actually thought about what would happen if I got stuck.. I'd be there until 5:30 the next morning when he'd get up to go to work! I'm just so glad that your GS were there to help! :) And now every time I have a hard time getting out of the tub, I'll think of you and your adventure!
�Posted by: Aunt Audrey

Dottie, Dottie, I'm in pain from laughing at your story! Had to tell a few friends too! LOL. Now I don't feel so all alone, I told a story about almost flushing myself down the toilet, and getting stuck. They saved it if you want to laugh at some one else! hey, somebody needs to save this story too!! This was so much fun to read, my hats off to you!! AAA

�Posted by: Diana IN

Dottie, I am LMAO. Ya should have let Elmer and Elmo come home. Then they could have helped pull you out of the tub. But then, you did say you have been looking for some hunks, didn't you? Heck of a way to meet some hunks. I am glad you are okay though.

�Posted by: Lianne-NJ

Dottie Dottie Dottie what Are we to do with you?

�Posted by: Jan in Md

I can understand your plight. I once had a shoulder rehab patient get stuck in a piece of clothing. She got the dress on, but could not get it off. She was stuck with it half way over her head. She had to call 911 as well. I have admit though your story was darn funny! Glad to hear that the only thing bruised was your ego :) Look at it this way, at least you got a shower hookup out of the deal. :)

�Posted by: Beth in MI

Holy cats, Dottie! You are just too funny. Never a dull moment in you neck of the woods. That was a great story! Snort! >^..^�Posted by: JoanMN

Oh, Dottie!! I read this late last night, DH was asleep on the couch - at least till I woke him up laughing. I had a hard time catching my breath!! This is hysterical! I'm glad you're all right and thank you for the laugh!!

�Posted by: Tahni

LMAO !! Dipsy Dot.. you crack me up..I'm laughing and crying and just getting mental pictures I DON'T need.. ohhhhhh..LOL ! you do know this is going on the KT Keeper.. right ??

�Posted by: Dottie-IN

What?? I may be good at dialing 911 but figuring out all of these abbreviations doesn't always fall in the right brain cell. What on earth is PMPAC?? The ROTF and ALOL are in my vocabulary, but the middle part is missing. Can you please print that part out in English? Dottie

And P.S. Frances - in that bulk email the other day, I backed it up to read who all you sent it to so I wouldn't duplicate it and spotted that Dottie The Cheater...thought you'd slip that one right past me, didn't you? Or was that Joy who sent it? Well, whoever sent it, I saw it!!

�Posted by: Murphy IN

Dottie. How in the heck do you do it? You really had me laughing out loud right along with the others. I just know that you are bound and determined to be on COPs!!! They might have to put in those little blurred squares in certain parts for your story, but You're headed for COPs for sure. You didn't see a camera man hanging out did you? LOL. Thanks for sharing. It was sure fun of you to do that even though that had to be the MOST embarrassing position to be in.

�Posted by: Lynne-Mi

ROTFLMBO, This was so funny My family came out from where they were to find out what I was laughing about and I was only half way through the letter. As for your grandsons just remind them that you changed their diapers. LOL. Hope all is well you are one funny Lady!

�Posted by: Betty FL

Oh Dottie! what a great story you tell. I laughed so hard that my co-workers wanted to know what was going on. I read them the story, in between snorting and laughing, and now each of them have gone on their way to spread their version of the Dottie in the Tub Story. Thanks!

�Posted by: Nancy - Ky

Dottie, I read this days ago and I am STILL ROFLMBSO! This is the funniest story I had ever heard! Glad you are ok.

�Posted by: Joanie

Dottie, You are such a brave woman, to call the paramedics and then to share it with all of us. You've certainly brightened my day and I'm thankful the only thing you injured was your pride.

�Posted by: MaryRose - CA

Hooooooooowwwwlllll!! LOLOLOLOL Oh my the pain the pain! my sides are aching!

Just imagine when your grandsons go back to school and the teacher asks them to write an essay on the most unusual or interesting experience they had this summer!! ROFLMBO!
�Posted by: LizzyB

Oh Dottie, you are so brave for posting this. Actually I know at the time it was sooooo not funny, but I'm sure you'll get a chuckle.

oh how you brightened the day though!

�Posted by: liz/ga

Lady..only YOU could do something soooo embarrassing and have us all laughing our a**es off. You are just tooooooooo much! Love ya girlie!! Your grandson's will have this story circulating for do know that don't cha! What a great story to be passed from generation to generation.

�Posted by: Linda from Richmond

Dottie, in addition to laughing my head off, I am dying to know how old these boys are. I imagine it's quite fun around your house. You're braver than I am. They'd just have to let me die. I could never have even let the boys help me. You're a great sport. Did you not think to have the boys bring you a gown or something to put over your head to cover you when you stood up? I would have died! LOL.

�Posted by: Brianna

Oh, Dottie! This line is a classic! - "I don't want to hear any more complaining and how you look in a bathing suit because no matter how bad it is, it can't be any worse than me sitting in the tub with NOTHING but a towel draped over me which I already know is going to have to come off."

I'll be thinking about you every spring when it's bathing suit buying time. Thanks for the laugh, made my day. I'm glad to hear you got a shower!

�Posted by: Sandra Maine

I'm glad you're alright. But I must tell you I laughed my butt off. I guess that's why I like taking a shower.

�Posted by: Janice Harms-NJ

This is one of the funniest things I've read in a looooonnnnggg time!! LOL!!! Oh, Dottie, I hope they get that shower installed for you soon!!!

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I haven't been here in ages but I still think of her often

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Oh sh't that was funny!!!!! I showed DH and he's still laughing....her luscious bod! Hahahahahahahaaa!!!

    Bookmark   October 28, 2011 at 3:47PM
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Hi Nikki NJ! Waving frantically from North Dakota.

I was on the east coast(in Delaware and almost in NJ) this past winter; it was heavenly.

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HI Caroline!

    Bookmark   October 28, 2011 at 5:34PM
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LOL!!!! I remember reading that before and laughing my butt off (don't I wish it were that easy!!!!) Thanks, that was a hoot!

    Bookmark   October 28, 2011 at 6:25PM
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You can find all these stories and many more in "Just for Laughs"

Here is a link that might be useful: Funny KT Threads 1-2-& 3

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I was here in 2000,but i don't remember that story,must have been one of those days i skipped!!

That was sooooooooooooooo funny,i was literally LMAO,didn't think i was going to get control of myself for a few minutes there.This is one ofthose stories that will probably come to mind when i'm falling asleep,and make me laugh all over again.I'm glad she wasn't hurt,and i'm sure she's smiling down on all of us now knowing that she made our day once again.

Thanks for sharing that again.

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Thank you for that. God, could there be anyone funnier.
I have to read this to a friend who is sooo down and out.

You people were something else back then. What a bunch of funny broads.

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And it all could have been avoided if the tub had an entry door....

Puss the button on the door (front right side of this tub) and swings inward or slides sideways like a pocket door for easy ingress/egress. Many shapes, sizes, and door placements are available, search Google images for tub door.

These are a great boon for anyone who can't enter or exit a bathtub easily and so worth the cost.

    Bookmark   October 29, 2011 at 4:29PM
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What an awesome memory! That one was funny, I do remember when she posted that. Thanks for that, and I think Dottie is up there looking down and laughing with us!

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I don't remember the story either thanks for posting it and all the comments. I recognize some postes that haven't been here for a while

    Bookmark   October 29, 2011 at 10:06PM
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