Shopping - men's size, help please

angelaidOctober 23, 2012

DH is 6'4". Waist 42 / length 38. Trying to order him some sweats. x-large, xx-large or xxx-large? There's no sizing help on the website.

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Go to a store and look at what you want to buy--or ask someone there.

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I just ordered xx-large. Will send back if we have to. I looked at the tag on the last pair he has now, but it's too worn out to read. LOL

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Hopefully you ordered that XXL in a tall size... or else it might be way too short for him!

DH is long waisted and HAS to have talls only, and he is just shy of 6'5"

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The tall sizes come in a variety of lengths also, usually marked by X's befor the T, as in XXT, for extra, extra tall. I'm 5'10" and I will get an X or XX T in mens sweats. Of course part of that is taken up by my rear end and that fact that I don't wear my pants low on my hips as men do. I don't like it when I sit down and the pants pull up to my mid-calf.

Hopefully you have a sporting apparel store near you that can give you more guidance. I don't think you'll have a problem there are I'm sure they sell sweats to a lot of basketball players.


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xx is ok for the waist, but they might NOT be long enough for a 38" lenth..unless he's like dh and wears everything below the belly, lol...

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The problem with today's sizes in stores is that as you go up in sizes, X, XL, XXL, XXXL, the lengths and griths also increase proportionally. There's no alloance for folks who deviate from the average. A tall, skinny guy and short, fat guy can't find stuff that fits. I am average height and overweight. My arms and legs are a bit shorter than average, so I often end up with shirts and pants that do not quite fit. 15 yeas ago, I could mail order correct sizes, but now, the mail order suppliers all cater the middle size and the rest of us are sloppily dressed.

Take Haband for instance: Except for a few items, that have stopped supplying the inseams of trousers/jeans in inch increments; Its all in 2-inch increments. For example: inseams (26-27), (28-30), (31-32). My inseam is 29. I have found that (28-29) will be 29 etc. If I want the stuff badly enough, I re-hem the legs. Shirt sleeves are the same story. On those, I almost give up.

If you want to find the complete measurements of a XL Tall, go to a store that has that size and sometimes there will be a table on the package that shows the dimensions. Another way is to find a catalog and look in there. However, beware that there is no standard among marketeers and a XL long may not be the same from brand to brand, of between different stores. its only a guide.

Haband has stopped publishing sleeve lengths for their shirts. Because of that, I have stopped buying long sleeve shirts from them becasue I can not determine sleeve length.

Shirts made in China from Walmart look nice for the first wearing. However, my experience with their shirts has varied widely with subsequent wearings. After 3 trips through the washing machine and dryer, the edges of the frabric trnds to fray; the tips of the collars wear through. Not every shirt from them do this, but enough has to warrant a mention. I have old shirts from Penny's that were 5 years old before showing the same wear.

Maybe I'll stop buying dress shirts and shop at a sporting goods store or a farm supply store.

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My DH's boss is 7'6". A big guy. DH said he had to go to a Big and Tall store to buy some Aloha shirts and had to pay $80 and above. There a LOT of BIG guys here in Hawaii, many Hawaiian and Samoan even Portuguese. The boss is Caucasian, just tall.
I mean, cone on, this is Hawaii and we have a lot of BIG people here, both men and women. My girls were normal size as teens but it would be so hard to find something that wasn't a size zero, 1 & 2. Little tiny Asians fit in those fine. I mean a size large or Xlarge would fit a small 9 or 10 year old.

I said WalMart has some big sizes so I went and looked. I got him one in a size 4x and one in 5x. They both fit and only cost $25. He was thrilled with them.

I didn't look at sweats but they have some large sizes in the Women's dept.

Good luck finding something that fits. I know a lot of you hate WalMart but we have nice ones here in Hawaii and nice people working at them.

With this recession it is hard to find clothes there now. They aren't even from China anymore. They are from Viet Nam, India and Bangladesh.

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If I were going to order clothes I'd probably order larger than expected need since I find clothing sizes to be terribly inconsistent. The good thing about sweats is they will cover a broad range of sizes due to the stretch and the "flop" in wearing them. If you want a perfect, tailored look, better try them on. I tend to find variation even on what's supposedly the same size so I tend to try on every pair of pants and every pair of shoes.

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