iron wool sweater??

jkayd_il5October 20, 2010

I bought a 100% merino wool lightweight cardigan sweater but it has several wrinkles on it. How can I safely get them out without harming the fabric? I've heard of a warm iron and a damp towel. Is that the best? I have a garment steamer but don't like it much so only used it once. Back side only?? Help please!!

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Can you just hand wash, and block?


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I would use a steam iron and not touch it clear down on the sweater...

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You can iron it, just don't let the iron sit in one spot for too long and don't use too much pressure. The damp cloth is a good idea, or use a bit a steam. Make sure that you allow the sweater to dry before you fold it or put it away.

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I would use a damp cloth (like a cloth napkin,not a washcloth or anything terry) and a dry iron.Wet the cloth and wring it out as much as possible,lay it over the wrinkle and press the iron lightly over it.Don't press hard or move the iron around.Re-wet the cloth as needed.

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Steam iron it. Do not use high heat. Do not let the iron stop on the sweater--keep it moving lightly over the sweater. Don't press down on the iron. If a wrinkle is stubborn, give it an extra shot or two of steam, pat the steam into the fabric, but do not more heat. You don't want to "kill" the wool.

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