Anyone Baking this Weekend?

marilyn_sueOctober 6, 2012

Is anyone baking this nice fall day? I just took a ten inch and an 11 inch black raspberry pie out of the oven and I have a 9 inch black raspberry and a 10 inch peach pie in the oven. I plan to bake some cookies too. The cookies will be for the church meal and the peach and the 11 inch pie too. One ten inch raspberry pie will go in the freezer and the 9 inch will be for us to have this weekend. It is very pretty out now, nice and sunny and it has made it up to 50. Are you doing any baking?

Sue in Central Indiana

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No baking, just made a big pot of potato soup.

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My mind is wanting to make that chocolate buttermilk cake I posted the other day, but my body isn't cooperating. My back has been giving me fits the last few days.

I did make a Thai sesame cucumber salad earlier.

That sure is a lot of pie--wish we were sisters :-)

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You could be my sister Patti, I do have a sister. She is a good pie baker. I just added some chocolate walnut brownies to my list of things and they are in the oven now. Then I will do the sugar cookies. Potato soup is one of my favorite soups too Bigack. I can relate to back pain Patti. I hope you feel better soon.


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Wish I was baking. But a bit stiff and sore with the weather complicating things. Might toss a casserole of some sort in the oven though. Depends on how things go. Or maybe just head to the hog trough and pig out there! :) Those pies sure sound good.

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Goodness gracious Ms. Sue, move a little closer to me!!! To answer your question, no, I'm not baking this weekend, however, I do bake (made a peach pie a few weeks ago with some fresh fruits we picked up on a little trip up to north Georgia).

Your pies sound delicious, the raspberry pie does particularly as I've never had one.

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I had a funeral to go to today and I was asked to bring a pan of bars. I baked apple bars and on Thursday I had baked a brownie to heat up the house.

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I'm preparing, Sunday, a sausage and wild rice casserole, for potluck luncheon on MOnday. Does that count?

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I made a very delicious apple cider pound cake on Thursday......took it to a potluck and need to make another one soon.
My very favorite cake.......

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I bake in the wee hours. Getting ready to bake a cake in a bit. Having a Halloween party on Thursday. I always freeze my cake before for easier icing. I'll probably bake something else too. So nice to have a large oven. Maybe a bundt cake or muffins.

Mini rant: Of course if it's a warm day the icing will be difficult anyway thanks to stupid California legislatures who banned trans fats in the shortening. So I have to work with unstable trans fat free shortening and my cake will taste less like the usual.

All the traditional "buttercream" decorators are tearing their hair out around these parts. I can't buy my base until the last minute since it is not heat stable and my house has no ac. Planning to try a new recipe but it includes butter so still won't help with the issue of weeping and crusting. Thanks nanny state.

Maybe I should just do cookies. My black marketed silver dragees just got here. :-D Seriously. No one would ship them, out of fear. I finally found a source but her supply is almost gone. LOL I went and snagged the last 2 bags.

Hoping to cross state lines soon to get my shortening before it's banned in all fifty states. ;-)

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No glender, it DOESN'T COUNT! ;)
Wildy, I don't know how you can live there.. my sympathies. I marvel at how a state blessed so richly as California can blow it so thoroughly and completely. There are many Hollywood ventures being shot here in Georgia lately (to escape California's burdensome taxes, I hope they bring the cash and leave the nanny state behind).

I apologize, this is a baking thread. Hey, I'm going to make a half-baked cake and name it "Sacramento"!!! Squeel!
Sorry. lol

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On the positive side, California just passed a cottage food law so now I can start my own business so I'm grateful for that. That's interesting about the trans-fat free shortening not performing as well. I've never used shortening in my buttercream so I'm not familiar with those issues. Can you order it online?

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I just baked a pan of cornbread. All the talk about Canada's Thanksgiving made me want some dressing, so chicken and dressing for supper tonight.

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I'm not a big baker anyway but it's still to warm here for me to turn on the oven.

I've been making those jello bake pies lately,dh loves those as do i and they are sooooooooo easy.

I try not to eat too much dessert,and if i have it here it's too tempting.DH will bring home a cake or something from the store at least once a week,but as you know store bought doesn't compare in anyway with fresh baked.

Marilyn Sue,do you grow all those fruits you make your goodies from??

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Don't want to let this pass.
chi83, that is very, very cool! When you get the time to elaborate on your venture I think a lot of us would love to hear more, I know I would.

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We do grow the black raspberries but not the peaches. The past two years our wild black raspberries have not produced either because of someone mowing them down or the frost got to them. When we do have them we pick all we can get in and around our woods, usually about 50 quarts a season.


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Just took out a carmelized apple cake. This is one of my husband's favorite, not mine as I don't eat apples.

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