Prep Alternatives (Possibly TMI)

chisueOctober 4, 2012

Wildchild says there are pills you can take for colonoscopy preps. I'll have to ask about Visicol and Osmos.

I had Tri-lite, which was not *quite* as nasty-tasting as other drinks I've had in the past, but I had to drink eight 8-oz glasses last night between 3 - 5 p.m. and another four glasses at 5 this morning. I was up and down all night. Part of my problem was sneezing and my sinuses swelling up.

Now I will have to do it again -- probably twice. The MD found a 'carpet polyp' under one of the usual 'mushroom-like' polyps he removed. He wants me to see someone at the University of Chicago Hospital who is expert in removing the 'carpet' variety. I think I'd have to buy some diapers to get all the way down there after a prep! That's the better outcome; otherwise it's surgical removal.

"But wait,", as they say in those annoying commercials, "There's more!" I have to have a CT scan to see what's happening with my appendix; wall of the colon is bulging in that vicinity. ERG!

I hope I can get this wrapped up before we leave for Maui Jan. 4.

Lesson: Get your routine colonoscopies done, folks. Don't wait until you have a symptomp -- and an unpleasant outcome.

Thank for being 'an ear'. Anyone had similar problems?

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I know what you mean about the prep. Awful. As far as further procedures just get it done and move on. I know I procrastinate with the best of them-worrying and imagining the worse and when I finally do what needs to be done feeling so much better. Im sure you know how important it is to follow through. And by the way we will all need Depends at some point! Satine

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Hi Satine,

We can depend on our word on that issue, can we?

o j

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I am the one that has taken the visicol preps. It works great, you have to take several pills with a good amount of water but it is amazingly easy compared to the dark ages prep of drinking a lot of horrible liquid.

The reason that they are now making the prep easier is because so many people just couldn't or wouldn't go through the torture of a whole day of forcing down disgusting liquid. So people who needed a colonoscopy were not having them. Going with the pills method is helping to get more people to get the test done.

I have been going through them since I was 38 and, after removal I had to go back for another at 6 months, then a year, did that for a few years, then I went to 3 years, and this was my first time getting to go 5 years. Which I have to admit has been scary.
So I have experienced many prep methods lol
But I won't do any thing else but the pills now.

There is another method I would love to have but unfortunately it is not easy to find facilities that use it. It is called the PIE system, pulse irrigation. For it there's no prep. You eat a soft diet. Go to the facility about an hour before your scheduled appointment, they put you in a private room that has a recliner type chair, a tube similar to the head of an enema is inserted, it seals off, then a very gentle stream of warm water begins pulsating, it suctions as well, most people say they fall asleep. It continues to wash the colon for 30 minutes or so.
You go directly to the test with a well scrubbed colon.

I have a friend that has been through this method, she slept through it.

I wish more hospitals and clinics would go this route.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

By the way our original discussion was on the Wednesday dinner thread lol.

I will add that every doctor I have been to was very willing to allow the use of the pills but I did have to request it. I have no idea why it is that way. So absolutely speak up and insist on it. You are the one suffering through this ordeal. If I had found a doctor that said no I would move on to another doctor. This time I called the doctors office and requested that information before ever going to see him.
If the doctors learn they are losing patients because they are not using the most current method, and patients are being pro active, they might wise up.

I have never had the osmos - prep pills but they are all about the same.

One thing I have always done to make things easier is I take a stool softener NOT a laxative, just a softener, for 2 nights prior to the prep.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

For those interested in the PIE system here is a link, on the site is a video that demonstrates the mechanism of the system.

Here is a link that might be useful: PIE system

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I don't know why more people aren't using the Miralax prep. My doctor prefers it, and for the patients it's easy.

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Both of the pills available contain sodium phosphate which can be very hard on the kidneys. It also can cause problems for people who are on certain prescription drugs and ibuprofen.

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Raven -- Sorry I mis-attributed this! (I'm obviously not quite 'myself'.) Thanks for the followup information. I sure hope to see that PIE method put in place around HERE.

Online (that bane of MD's everywhere -- lol) I see there is a technique that injects saline under a 'carpet polyp' to raise it enough to be sliced off. I have to wait for the MD who did today's work to get back to me about his preferred doctor at the U of C, so will ask more about alternative preps.

Alisande -- You would be proud of me for refusing the Versed. I had a full sedation -- probably with Propofal. I know I'll pay more for this, but I woke quickly without any brain fog. (Have plenty on my own!)

Thanks, all, for your help and for being an 'ear'.

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Good luck. I've been wanting a colonoscopy for the last few years but my insurance wouldn't pay for it unless I was having symptoms. Seen too many people under 50 with colon cancer. Now I just need to find time to make the appointment.

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Our gastro guy told us he won't recommend the pills because of the reasons cited above. Yes I did mention them some time ago. I have a very difficult time with many liquids. It's not so much taste but mouth feel that makes me gag.

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Glad to hear it, Chisue. Good for you!

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When the MD called yesterday evening to see how I was doing, I asked about PIE. He only said, "You don't want to do that." (Whatever that means.) He did say he doesn't like the pills due to the kidney risk. (Perhaps patients don't drink adequate water with them?) I forgot to ask about Miralax.

I have to wait until Monday afternoon to speak with him again about the U of C referral, but I can call today for the CT appointment to look at the appendix.

Only a few months ago I was looking at the "Sue - Medical" file and thinking how nice and slim it has been! Then I had the mammogram + needle biopsy, and now this stuff. Nuts!

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Here is a link to National Institute of Health giving information about OsmoPrep and Visicol. No where did it say the problems were caused by not drinking enough water. It can cause serious kidney damage.

Here is a link that might be useful: NIH drug info

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

It is because people were not following the directions and drinking the required water with the pills, I discussed that with my doctors, I know how to take them and drink lots of water with them, never had any problems at all.

The situation in realitly is that all of these preps are dangerous the human body was not meant to have that kind of stuff put in you in those drastic amounts and it reacts by doing what it does it goes into flush mode. All of the prep meds are not supposed to be taken in those large amounts normally so your body is being exposed to an over dose actually of those drugs. So none are healthy for you. All of them contain chemicals that would be dangerous to the kidneys the mechanism of these meds is to pull all the water from your tissues and body to flush out your colon, when you pull out all that water your kidneys are left basically high and dry. Which is Why it is Imperative you drink so much water to try to keep that balance that is needed.

The PIE method is the safest method of all because no drugs are used and only water is applied to the colon. Which is why I wish more doctors offices would use this method.
Most likely why he said you don't want that is because he does not offer it and probably knows if he said you did want it you would be looking for the nearest doctor that offers it.

So no matter what prep you do if you are taking any type of laxative drugs to flush the colon you NEED to drink a ton of water or clear liquids period.
That is one of the reasons many doctors still use the horrible golytly because it requires you to mix it with a gallon of water so you are forced to drink all of the water.
If they think some one is not likely to follow the drinking water directions with the pills they will not allow it.

I assured my doctor since I have used the pills previously I know how to do it and he believes I am capable of following the instructions.

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