Someone else is doing Thanksgiving this year.

two25acresOctober 11, 2012

I'm so relieved, I don't have to do it this year. I have a large family, 5 brothers, their wives and families. I do the majority of the cooking, most of them bring sides and necessities. This year I reached out to see if any of them could do it and yes, someone else is going to do it. I'm generally off Tday, the friday after and the weekend. Since they have in laws and other obligations I have always done it the Friday after Tday. I would spend Tday preparing as much of the food as possible. Cooking the turkeys, making the dressings, deserts,chowders and corn puddings all while attempting to get the tree up for Christmas. On Friday it was more food prep and setting up tables. When the family is that large, you can't have a regular sit down meal. It is usually buffet style.

By Saturday I'm exhausted and of course I don't get to really enjoy any of my time off. I don't know what I'll do with 3 days off. Of course we're moving mom in at the end of October so I'm sure she will find something for me to do.

How about you, are you hosting or attending somewhere else.

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I host Thanksgiving for my sister and her husband and my children and their spouses and grandkids. As of this year, two of my offspring are married, and so the rotating to be with one set of in-laws or the other will affect our numbers. However, this year, we will have everyone for Thanksgiving, which will total 11. (And Christmas Day will be skimpy.)

We like to set the table with my good china (an antique set of Haviland Limoges), crystal and silver, much of which were my mother's wedding presents, though I have a few pieces from my grandmother too. Our meal is streamlined to our favorites and we don't fix a lot of alternatives. I roast a stuffed fresh turkey, make turkey gravy, twice baked potatoes, pumpkin bread, minced peaches garnish, and corn pudding. My sister brings the salad and vegetables and dessert, which makes preparation so much easier and really relieves the crowded refrigerator.

My kitchen has two wall ovens, and at holidays they are put to very crowded use. I cannot imagine getting along without two full sized ovens.

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We will continue to do what we have done for the past 30 plus years, Mom will do the chicken and dressing and her chocolate pies. The rest of the fam will provide the sides and we eat buffet style.

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Hurray for you two.25 acres! I have hosted my husband's family for at least 15 years of 24 to 34 people. While it is served buffet style, I still set up tables/chairs/linens. We always provide the meat (turkey and ham) and a number of side dishes. Inlaws bring appetizers, some veg and some desserts. I usually have help with cleanup, my husband is the only man who helps in anyway and I would dearly like to have a year when I didn't have to do any cleanup! Oops, I forgot that my sister in law's bf does help tremendously- he just isn't here every year because of work.

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We just have my DD, her DH and my GS, plus Harry and me. I like fixing it and do like you do and fix as much ahead as possible. I stopped going overboard on the number of dishes since most of it ended up in the disposal.

Hope you enjoy and relax this Thanksgiving two.25acres, you deserve it!

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We have not made our plans yet. I may or may not have it. If I don't, then one of the girls will. I may have it as I probably won't have Christmas. At our holiday meals we do not go early, at least not very early, we eat, clean up and usually go home. Sometimes we might go back for the evening meal too. We don't live that far from each other. Most of the time everyone takes food home with them.


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Thanksgiving again this year will be whatever we can get on the table that does not require 2 hands. For the 4th year straight I have to have surgery. This will be on 11/2 & I already know the brace will be on the arm for at least 2 months. My husband can't even boil water without burning it so I can't expect him to make anything we would want to eat. We are getting good at eating things that are easy. By the way I am having our Thanksgiving dinner this weekend.

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This year we are going to my daughter's out of town! But ut means I don't have to cook here at home. I am glad to break the routine.

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As always, we'll celebrate Thanksgiving here at our house. We love it and wouldn't have it any other way. Children, grandchildren, inlaws, outlaws, assorted friends, etc... :) Everyone seems to have a good time, us most of all!


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I'm having knee replacement surgery the end of November and the end of January for the second knee. I don't think any big family dinners will happen this year.

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We used to all go to my DD's house she has our 3 GKids. But her DH (10 years into her 2nd marriage) makes us all uncomfortable~~~so my other 2 kids now go to their inlaws and my DH and I will for the 2nd year go to Pismo Beach~~ I love it no more cooking, cleaning or fiddling with a weirdO in law;)

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We will do the same thing we do every year. Usually there is only 8 to 10 of us.

My sister will roast the turkey and make giblet dressing, sweet potato casserole and condiments like pickles, olives, etc., and her choice of pie or cake. I will do an herb dressing, mashed potatoes, string beans, gravy (from the turkey I do for us at home) and a pie.

Then we will sit around and tsk tsk about how much food we have! :)

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Ahhh, I realize in reading Moonie's post that I forgot to add that I make sweet potatoes too. We like to eat our meal about 7pm, have a leisurely dessert and then those who are not spending the night head home about 9pm. Sometimes we plan the meal to coordinate with the younger grandson's bedtime so that our daughter and SIL can relax and enjoy the meal too.

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My mother and I cook and serve three or four, depending on the year, big December holiday meals for 30+, so I do not cook a traditional Thanksgiving meal. I generally stock the refrigerator with salad and sandwich ingredients and the pantry with a few not-so-healthy snack foods. Then, I turn on the Christmas music and wrap presents while someone watches football. We have a nice quiet, relaxing weekend, usually the last one we get before all of the December activities begin.

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Wow, I guess it is time to start thinking about Thanksgiving. Hosting here, but not in the numbers you entertain .25! Your large gathering sound beautiful! I'm glad you get to enjoy this Thanksgiving's treats without the stress of hoisting the load alone.

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I always make dinner but not sure what day I'll be doing it. Our work schedule isn't out and this year apparently, we aren't signing up for the holidays, as in years past.

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Not a criticism but be grateful you have family and friends to celebrate the day with I miss it I loved doing all the fixing etc now there is no one left a GD out in CA and a DS here no fun anymore be grateful for friends and family and keep them dear

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We will have half our kids for Thanksgiving. My husband does the bulk of the cooking. I do most of the cleanup. He loves to make pies, yum. At Christmas we will hopefully have all of our kids home, and we will do it all again.

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