really warming up ... it's now 12:15 PM and 48 degrees

OklaMoniOctober 6, 2012

LOL, on the warming up.

I am glad I ended up turning my heat on. Still wear warm clothes, but I am not freezing.

Absolutely interesting how different the warm/cold situation is for all our KT'ers.

Our high for today is 51. I shall now venture out. Need some screws, some pipe insulation, and some people watching.

See you all later.


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It is just about two in the afternoon here and it has made it up to 50 so our weather must be sort of like your weather in Oklahoma.

Sue in Central Indiana

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it is 1:57 pm and all the way up to 51 degrees here in western new york. sun is shining but it is pretty breezy out. went grocery shopping and to 2 craft stores. planning to make some gingerbread this afternoon for dessert this evening. hope you all have a great day!!

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It was 73 a half hour ago, now down to 71....and the forecast low for tonight is 43.
Good sleeping nights.

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Gosh, Moni, it seems like just a few days ago your temps were over 100 every day and now 50?? That's a huge drop. Stay warm!!

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50F outside and 60 inside - I am thinking warm thoughts because I don't want to put the furnace on

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51� at 1pm here in So. Mo., 35� predicted for tonight. Better cover my tomatoes and hope they survive as it gets colder than that sometimes around here.

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Cold front coming thru and temps are dropping and it's windy.

73 right now and will drop to 51 for the low.

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Toni S

It's 3:36 pm and 47 degrees. A little warmer than yesterday. Was outside watching softball games all day Friday. Went and bought all our team players hand warmers. They were more than happy to have those! The wind felt soooo cold! The girls won their tournament despite the chill. It's time for inside sports..

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Its still in the 80's here. Its saying 88 today and sunny, 80's all week.
Come on down!

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Well, lets see, Wednesday in the 80's, Thursday in the 70's, Friday in the 60' and today barely 50's.

It's cooling down here. 5:15 PM, 48 degrees. It must me fall. :)

Moni who is back home now.

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