I thought some of you would enjoy this

Sally BrownleeOctober 9, 2012

This is a picture I just took outside my office window.

It is an Amish farmer cutting his corn today.

If you look off in the background you can see another team as well as a regular tractor.

These farmers have something worked out where they sometimes help one another. (one "English" and one Amish)

But apparently the mules are doing the bulk of the work today!

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Very nice picture.


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Toni S

Kinda unusual that the mules have to pull a gas motor to run the little picker which only removes the corn cob. Why not use a corn "head" on a little gas combine which will not only pick the corn but take the corn off the cob too? And the tractor in the back is probably running the (white) blower pipe, putting the Englishmans shelled crop into the silo.
My dh is my farming interpreter! Although I'm glad we're modern farmers, I really enjoy seeing the Amish work together.

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I think I could watch them work all day, love to people watch/

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I love the tranquility of that picture. I'll be going to a dinner at an Amish home tonight.

Is your office in your home?


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What a great office view! I would be so engaged in watching them work. Very interesting.

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This gorgeous photo makes me missing living in Ohio. Kinda. (Don't miss the winters.)

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Interesting and curious both. I enjoy watching shows about the Amish. I find their culture intriguing.

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Where I grew up, there were Mennonite farms nearby. Mennonites believe in sharing. Each farmer owns one piece of farm machinery and they share with others. They do use modern conveniences, autos, electricity,etc., unlike Amish.

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We went to Shipshewanna IN this past weekend. We usually go once a year to stock up on their meat. Got plenty of meat and actually did it under budget. We always enjoy taking a couple of hours and driving around the area to view the homes/homesteads and farms. We did see plenty of farmers in the fields with work horses pulling the equipment to gather the corn and work the fields. The homes are generally so well cared for and clean and there's always laundry out on the lines. Very tranquil.

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havn't been to shipshewanna fo a long time...we drive past on the way to south bend...my sister used to have an amish girl come in and clean for her...when she was engaged she had her choice of a "gas" powered fridge or(?) stove...so they have changed some...

was going to watch that reality show but found out it was rather contrived, so didn't...

dd1's gmother-in-law was mennoite...but the rest of the family for the most part is baptist...her fil was ousted when he joined the army in viet nam, era...at least though they did remian in contact, unlike some who would have shunned him forever...

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