has anyone used Pioglitazone = generic actos

carol0512October 5, 2012

HI, While still pricey has anyone used piogliazone? Any side effects? I can not tolerate metaforim and Actos is so expensive. thanks, Carol

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If you don't already know, Actos has been in the news quite a bit for causing dangerous side effects. A friend of mine was recently taken off it after he was hospitalized.

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I was wondering about alternatives, Carol. My husband takes Metforman and switched to the extended release formula but even that causes digestive problems, running to the bathroom a lot. Trying to find an alternative.


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I've used actos for several years with no side effects. I questioned my doctor thoroughly on the newest claims of bladder cancer. He assured me that the studies showed a slight increase in bladder cancer among elderly European white males. Since I am none of those, he felt the drug's benefits outweighed the risk.


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