4 year old DGD who thinks she is 16~~

YogaLady1948October 11, 2012

My soon to be DGD who turns 4 next month~~~tries to smuggle contraband into her pre school class~~the latest attempt was sticking a makeup brush in her sandal;) One time she was wearing her bathing suit top under her shirt calling it her bra and stuffed a lip gloss and eye shadow in it. My DD discoveres these items when she is putting her in her car seat. DGD can not wear hair clips or bows in her hair to school or side pony tails because she fiddles so much with them. Also had to be told she can not wear her Disney Princess heels to school either;) She would live in these if she could and used to always sleep with shoes on.

She has a 21 year old sister and her mom that are way into makeup and being foofoo so she comes by it all honestly. She is a lot of work but OHHH so much fun!

If she is like this at 4 what will she be like at 16~~~she will give her parents who had her in their 40's a run for their money!

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Should be interesting!

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When my niece was young (maybe 4) she got in the habit of watching Oprah on TV. She once grabbed her Mom's nail polish and gave herself a mani-pedi. Her Mom yelled at her and niece answered back "It's my body and I can do what I want with it."

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LOL!! Jannie that is too funny!

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She may have out growed it by then.....ha ha
Kids are getting old too fast!

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She might decide to become a tomboy and give it all up?? I doubt it, but you never know. :) She sounds like she is a lot of fun!

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Oh it will be interesting to see what she does when she's older. My neice is similar. She loves makeup and hair. She also comes by it naturally because her mom is a hair dresser. She is in 2nd grade right now but last year on the first day of school she had a meltdown because her hair was too curly and she wanted her mom to straighten it and put it in a nice braid. She is definitely the stylish kid. The only good thing is that she is getting very good at styling her own hair and putting her own nail polish on. I can hardly wait until she wants her first tattoo. That will be funny.

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My grandaughter does like to be all foofoo, she comes over her in a Disney princess dress, and her big ole pointy princess hat and will want to play in the mud~~~my DH wants her to change but I just let her go. Her mommy does 5K runs and Baby Girl does the kiddie runs in her girly flats and jeggins~~~finally my DD got her in a running skirt with a bra type top and running shoes she loves it!

Sissors I can see her being just like your neice

She is a very fun girl!

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