Facials who gets them?

YogaLady1948October 5, 2012

I am thinking I want to get one but am not sure? If you get them tell me why you like them? If you had a bad experience tell me about that also~~how do you pick a place to go to??

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I have never had one, don't plan on it. So I can be of no help.


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I get a collagen facial about twice a year - for many reasons.

It's extremely relaxing, includes not only facial muscles, but shoulder, neck and scalp massage.

It's deep cleansing that is non-abrasive and then restores moisture and oils to the skin. Much deeper cleansing than a wash cloth and body soap.

I get my facials at the Spa where I get my nails done. Of course, the facials and massages are not done by the same people - different talents skills and certifications.

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I was gifted a body massage and a facial once. I was ho-hum about the facial but I am here to tell you that it was the best feeling procedure that I have ever had done! I recommend it highly!

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I have to agree with jae tn. The only thing I don't like about getting a facial is the hard sell of products. Too much pressure for what is supposed to be a relaxing experience.

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HMM I am going to do it probably next week;)I will report back how it goes~~~

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wantoretire, they never even mentioned the products used much less tried to sell anything. I went to a regular spa......

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I have had a facial 3 times, all were gift certificates from family members. I doubt I would ever have done it otherwise, since it is expensive. It is very enjoyable and relaxing IF the person giving the facial knows what they are doing. One girl was too enthusiastic with the cleaning, which afterward made my face feel like it was sunburned. Only once did they pressure me to buy the (overpriced) products.

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