Hurricane Sandy Affecting You Yet?

brightonbornOctober 29, 2012

I have been trying to keep an ear tuned to the news to see how this storm is progressing and to be honest the details are sketchy at best I think.

Up here in Boston it is rainy, windy and warm... schools all closed, government bldgs closed etc...... why?

So I thought I would find out from our friends who live along the coast what is going on in your neighborhood... do you have power, is there flooding etc?

Keep safe and keep us posted.


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South Jersey--Oh YES! It was raining just a bit yesterday. Today, raining steadily all morning. A little breezy, but not bad. So far, no water in the pump hole, no trees down yet that I can see from my windows. Everything here--schools, malls, supermarkets--is closed, most are going to be closed tomorrow as well. Did hear of one supermarket about 40 miles away that's going to try to stay open.

We're right in between the more likely paths, so expecting things to get much worse before they get better. But you should be okay, unless things take a really unexpected turn--you'll probably get some rain, but not a full force hurricane.

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I'm in Levittown Pa. It is raining hard and gusting winds. We still have power and I have a roast beef in the crock pot and bluberry muffins are made. So far no flooding here but we do have a lot of large trees around in the neighborhood so that might be a problem later on. The shore points look awful on the news. We love to rent down the shore in Ocean City NJ and it looks like they are having a lot of flooding. I feel so bad for those that live down the shore.

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Lots and lots of rain. The heavy winds haven't hit us yet in Williamsburg, VA

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Yes - eastern Montgomery county (Blue Bell). Been raining, but no wind gusts yet. Schools all closed.
Yesterday, I cooked some meats that we can eat cold as sandwiches, when/if we lose power. Lots of trees around here and we have above ground power wires.

Schools are closed until further notice.

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Anything north of Sandy when it hits land will be hit harder than to the south of it. The right side of hurricanes is always stronger than the left.

Azzalea, I'm surprised they didn't evac you. Please stay safe. Hurricanes aren't anything to mess with and over 50 people in the islands lost their lives. Please keep us up to date as long as you can, Azzalea. You are in my thoughts, for sure.

Georgysmom, I think you will be okay this time. You'll be south of it---and I'm sure happy about that.

Monica, thanks for checking in. I've been wondering about you and the PA KT'ers. You too, ghoghunter. Stay safe.

Brightonborn, been thinking of my niece and her family in Natick. Haven't heard one word about MA on any of the weather reports for some reason.

Gosh, I hate hurricanes.

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It's devastating here only to get worse. My chicken dinner is done for tonight's dinner and I fully expect the power to go any minute. Everything is shut down, schools, state, all businesses. This is a nightmare.

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Try to stay safe everyone!

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Hope everyone stays safe!

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we're haviing the winds from the cold front feeding the hurricaine from the west (detroit)

what shocked me was the POSSIBLE loss of power all the way to wisc? goodness i HOPE not! we have a generator but the gas costs a fortune to run...

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