Halloween pranked!

schoolhouse_gwOctober 26, 2012

Last around 11:30pm I was watching TV and heard a loud "pop" and car go speeding by. I immediately assumed someone had thrown something at the house or maybe just tossed trash out. At the time I didn't want to turn on the porch light and go look, but I did check from inside with the lights off right before bed. No windows broken. I've had eggs tossed and even paint balls hit my windows in the past.

This morning I noticed an ear of corn laying in the front yard between the mailbox and the front window. Ah-ha. By the dent in the mailbox it looks as tho that was the culprit. grrr. Well, at least it didn't hit the window! I would have jumped a mile. But now the mailbox is all tilted off it's base. I know it was probably kids playing Halloween pranks but sheesh.

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I always dread Independence Day and Halloween as those seem to be the prime holidays for destructive mischief.

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They threw the whole ear? Yikes!!

Someone needs to educate them that the traditional prank is to pull the kernels off the ear of decorative corn, and toss those at the front door. We always did that on Mischief Night when we were kids--the only harm was that the person's front porch needed sweeping on Halloween morning. Not to mention, tossing the whole ear means you can only prank one house--using a small handful of kernal--you can get several houses from one ear of corn. Much more economical--LOL

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Yes, and still inside the husk! sounds dangerous too doesn't it? I drove into town awhile ago and on the way I checked mailboxes all along my road. Saw three more with ears of corn laying nearby - not sure if the mailboxes were beat up to begin with but some looked crooked.

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I was saying to my daughter as we walked thru her town on Trick or treat night last night that in the 30 years I've lived in my present house I have had no mischief or vandalism. Not so at the other house where we'd get soaped, corn kernels thrown and sometimes egged. My kids admitted they soaped car windows and threw kernels of corn, but I'm glad it's not happening any more.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I have never heard of this corn kernel thing! Isn't that funny? Soap and eggs are about it.

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Ok, I confess. When I lived in our small town growing up we used to soap windows if the people didn't give us candy or had no porch light on to discourage us from begging. Some kids used paraffin(!)which was terrible to get off the windows. Yes, as far as throwing things I remember one time we had a bag of hickory nuts and threw them on porches. What a racket they made, probably scared the elderly neighbors to death. In the middle of downtown, boys would throw water balloons. Now days I imagine kids would take it all too far and cause real harm. Why is that? or maybe that's not true.

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Schoolhouse--where did you live? Mischief Night is the night before Halloween. Was when I was a kid (I'm in my 60's) and still is--which is why most towns around here have parades or other activities for the kids the night of Oct. 30, to keep down the toilet papering, eggings, window soaping, etc. Halloween was only for collecting and eating treats--we didn't prank people for not giving us candy. We just mischiefed everyone the evening before--LOL!

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This was not a real halloween prank. It was an excuse for some houdlums to do property damage. By the way, messing with a mailbox is a Federal offence.

I have installed an "Iron Box" for my mail box. It looks like and ordinary box, but is made of 1/8 inch thick steel. It is heavy! I put that up to withstand the snow plow. In some winters, the snow load from road plowing will knock off an ordinary box.

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I grew up in Chicago and never heard of doing these things at Halloween We went begging (before Trick or Treat became popular) and our school playground put on a big bonfire andall the kids would march around it and then go in the "warming house" where we played ping pong andget a bag of Goodies. never heard of the corn thing

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Yes, the snow plows throwing snow play havoc with mailboxes along the road. I can count on it getting tossed about at least once during the winter. And of course I buy the cheap white metal ones with the flimsy metal posts. Some day I'll get a more substantial model but I'd have to pay somebody to install it. I have enough trouble fiddling with the nuts and bolts on the others.

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Wax pretty well all comes off of a window using a razor blade.

Haven't tried it on waxed hair, though - don't think I want to!

o j

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You should have reported your mailbox damage to the sheriff's
department as it is against the law to do damage to them. It is true it is a Federal Offense. We have had to do that before. Once in awhile they do catch the ones that do it.


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It is true it is a Federal Offense.

Getting them to do anything about it is another story.

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When my son was a kid, he and his friends blew up a mail box with a firecracker and got caught (thank goodness). They had to do community service at a hospital to pay for their crime. One of the boys grew up to be a doctor!

We used to do all the bad stuff on Mischief Night -- soaping windows and TPing the town, even some egging. Lots of "ding dong ditch". eventually Mischief Night got out of hand and parents keep their kids inside that night. This year if they go out they will be blown away by a hurricane.

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I never heard of the corn thing either. Just plain old pranks; lots of t-ping, egging and must admit to a few times of putting saran wrap across the road and watching cars run into it. No, we had no idea how dangerous that could've been. How young and dumb we were...........

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We did the corn throwing thing, but first we had to steal the corn from the farmers fields. Also soaped windows.
And does anyone here remember wood spool tic-tacks? It involved cutting notches in a wooden spool that you swiped from your Mom's sewing box. Remove the thread and wind string around the notched spool. Then in the dark of night hold it against a window of some poor unsuspecting soul and insert a nail through the hole and pull the string. A great noisemaker to scare the bejeebers out of little old ladies and little old men.

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Growing up we did go trick or treating to one neighbor's and to our Grandma's but we never did any pranks. Living in the country you would have had to walk a long way.


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I was such a goody-goody, I went out on Halloween but never pulled any pranks. About ten years ago kids went up and down our street smashing car windows and side mirrors. The police came too late. Since then we leave our car alarm on Halloween night. Never had problems since.

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Yes-Gazania-My Mom did that!!

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