prolapsed uterus

clairdo2October 14, 2012

I think I have a prolapsed uterus. I feel something when i go to bathroom ,it feels like something coming out. I coulnt get to see the doctor but his nurse told me if i have no pain and no infections i should just leave it. Does anyone here have that problem and does it ever go away by itself?

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Go to the doctor. It will not go away by itself and will get worse. If the doctor doesn't want to treat it I would get a second opinion. I had it and had surgery and everything is fine. Recovery from surgery was quick.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

start doing lots of Kegel exercises. There are also kegel weights that can be used. And a pessary device can be placed in to help push it back up.
Uterine prolapse

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As a retired RN who worked for a couple of need to be seen.
There are things that could be done.....insertion of a pessary might do the trick and it is not invasive.
Also, you could be at risk for getting an infection.
I know no woman likes to have a pelvic exam but it is necessary. Let the doc decide if something needs to be done, not a nurse who hasn't examined you.

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What does the nurse mean just leave it?? I had it and found it very uncomfortable~~I had a Hysterectomy (sp) My dr tried to fit me with a pessary it just kept falling out once it shot clear out LOL!! For years I suffered with this for no reason, my Dr said alot of women have it no big deal, I got a new GYN that took one look at me and said no way, having surgery was the best thing for me~~~as Carol said you need to see and dr and be informed of your options not just leave it.

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Why are you accepting an over the phone diagnosis and no need for treatment from a nurse?
Is this a GP doctor's office ?

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It could also be your bladder. I'm told some cases resolve spontaneously, but it's highly unlikely.

Here's a good message board devoted to prolapse.

Here is a link that might be useful: Uprise

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