Light Tuna.......Blech

jasdipOctober 7, 2012

In the never-ending quest to save money, I bought chunk Light tuna to make my tuna casserole with. $1 cheaper than the white.

I thought "how bad could it be, in a casserole?" Yuck.

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Isn't it awful? Nothing but flaky little bits of tuna. I can't think of anything foodwise it would enhance. If you have any cans left, it may make good cat food.

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How about tuna packed in water? Years ago that was not bad, but it was a name brand. Hubby only will eat albacore that he use to catch all the time. So good

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I dislike canned white tuna in anything because it is so dry and tasteless. I prefer dark chicken and turkey, too, because it is moister and much tastier than white meat. We eat lots of chunk light in water. Good stuff. Or we grill fresh tuna. Yum, but expensive.

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Haven't used lite tuna in years, but I still remember it was awful. Albacore for me.

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I usually only buy Cloverleaf Solid Albacore in water but I don't mind light Unico canned tuna. Usually the Italian brand light tunas are the best. Not sure if I would use it the light tuna for a casserole though. I tend not to stray from Cloverleaf solid white. Other brands tend to resemble cat food and I won't eat it LOL


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Only solid white for me (in water, not oil). Several years ago, I switched to Costco's Kirkland brand (I mention that all the time in posts about Costco here, I know, I know!). I don't even buy Bumble Bee, which used to be my go-to.

But the last several cans aren't as white as they used to be. Just a reminder to me that the seas aren't as clean as they used to be, either ...

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Doesn't anyone use the packages of tuna (or salmon), rather than the cans? It's all fish with no water to drain off, firm and flavorful.

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My DH prefers tuna packed in oil, his favorite is Progresso.

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