Real Housewives of New Jersey...?

sooeyOctober 11, 2012

Hi Kids,

I am surprised that I have not seen any conversation here at the KT about this show. Oh My...this season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey has hit the fan in a very big way.

Where to start? It's like watching a train wreck, you know it is going to be bad but you can not look away. Those women must be making a boat load of money, why else would they be a part of such a spectacle? Bravo is milking it for all its worth.

I admit that it use to be my guilty pleasure, now I don't know what it is. How many of you are still watching and how are you feeling about this season and the reunion?


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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I watch all of the housewives shows just because it is train wreck tv and I can watch that and think how lucky I am to live the nice normal life I lead lol

Theresa is one nasty piece of work. She deserves that troll of a husband she is stuck with, if their mouths are moving they are lying.

I heard yesterday the son of the Miami housewife with the long blond hair whose young son was in a terrible accident, well the older son who is a model, took a video of himself punching a sleeping homeless man in the nuts. According to TMZ in that state it is a felony offense and he is looking at jail time. Idiots.

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I only watch New York and New Jersey the others do not keep my interest. I do not watch them as whole episodes I flip back and forth while watching other shows they are on so often that I can finally see it all.

I think Teresa is nuts and her husband is so gross, who comes down Christmas morning to open presents with your girls and wife on national TV with your shirt off and your big fatness hanging all out!

I read in a gossip magazine that they were thinking of not asking her back she is too much trouble, more than they would like. She is mean and never owns up to anything!

I am getting a bit bored with the New York Gals now they are getting too crazy also~~Romona is nuts and Aviva has way to many weird issues that she wants others to feed into.

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Hi Kids,

Phew...I'm glad I am not the only one...

Yes, I agree with both of you that Teresa is a nut-job. Can she really be so delusional that she thinks everything anyone does or says is all about her? It's almost to the point that I feel sorry for her. And to think that she and that yuckie husband of hers have reproduced!

I have lost interest in NY. I watched most of this season, I like the shake up in the cast but Ramona should have been the first to go. I like Carole & the other new one...the writer but Aviva adds nothing to the show for me. Not all that interested.

I think I watched all of Atlanta last year but I don't think I'll watch this new season that is about to start.

The ladies of the OC make me uncomfortable to watch. They look unnatural, fake and they make my feet hurt just watching them walk in those stupid shoes. I gave up on them a few seasons ago.

I never started watching Beverly Hills or Miami. So, NJ is the last one for me and I don't know how much more I will be able to take.

I read that all of the NJ cast has been asked back and they have all accepted. But, since non of the other ladies can stand to be around Teresa, Bravo will add at least two new cast members. That way Teresa will have friends and allies to film with.

The 3rd and final night of the reunion will be this Sunday...not sure I want to know how it all ends...but I'll be watching.


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When we have discussed the Housewives series in the past on the KT we would get some posters with not so nice comments about those of us who watch, maybe that's why no one posts. Dotmom would post about it often, I sure miss her.

I watch them all, sometimes over and over again thanks to Bravo who runs them all day long. Funny how each housewife changes from season to season. I liked Teresa in season one with her wads of cash and frivolous spending, but have grown to dislike her big time. At this point if I had to chose between watching Danielle Staub or Teresa, I'd pick Danielle. And I thought Danielle was as low as it can get. Juicy Joe can go

I hated what Kathy has done to herself. I though she was beautiful before, but now she looks fake. Ritchie is a kick to watch, but I'm sure being married to him is a challenge.

Caroline has always been one of my favorites, but this season not so much. She really looked haggered and beaten down. I wonder if Albie broke up with his GF because of mom. Caroline wasn't very welcoming. I love watching Albie and Chris interact. Lauren seems quite happy with her surgery weight loss and hope her self esteem rises.

I'd like to see an all new cast on NJ. I'm tired of family drama. I really get tired of hearing Joe and Melissa talk about "Tarzan". lol

Out of all the housewives series I have a hard time liking Miami. Mamma Elsa is about the only reason why I tune it. She has such pearls of wisdom :)

I thought NY was a little boring this season. I hope Aviva is not asked back for various reasons, one being her father. She should focus on his vile behaviour instead of Ramona and Sonja's. I like Heather and Carol, but not enough drama with them to focus on. The Countess and "Johnny Depp" was hilarious.

Happy Watching!

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I find it an interesting study of Personality Disorders magnified.

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I watch the OC version - not sure why since the characters each bug me in their own way, and I've seen the Bev Hills version. I watched the first 2 seasons of NJ and 1 each of NY and Atlanta but they can't keep my interest, so I stopped watching. I've never seen Miami. I wish Bravo would film one that was a bit more down to earth with characters you could relate to, but the shows are popular so I must be in the minority with that sentiment. LOL

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I feel so badly for Theresa. Has there ever been a more desperate person? I can't help it, I wish better things for her. The best things that could happen for her is if they removed her from the show and she divorced her slob and enrolled in parenting classes.

Caroline... she was my fav in the 1st season but, yes, I see her as a controlling bully with a mean spirit.

Melissa... I believe she was acting when she wanted her husband and his sister to make amends. The sly looks, smirks and that spoon in her hand gave it away. However, not so sure I can blame her?

Kathy... the only thing I'm disappointed in her for is the behavior she displayed at the reunion. She never should have stooped so low. I guess we all make mistakes when pushed too far, huh?

Jacquelyn... I just don't know anymore. Grow up!

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Hi Kids,

Yes, I agree with everything you all have said. It is crazy from the get-go

I was not happy with the way Kathy lost it at the reunion. Teresa must have really, really pushed her buttons. I also do not like her new look. I liked her old nose and why would she mess with her lips? I thought she was a very nice looking women, this new look will take some time to get use to.

Yes Amy...personality disorders indeed! It is amazing to watch it from the safety of my own living room.

And moonie I agree that Jacquelyn needs to grow up but I liked her a little better this year. She is dealing with a lot.

Caroline was crabby, you could tell she was not having a good time this season. I liked her Kids a little more this season which surprised me. Up until now I found them annoying. He daughter was a real PIA this season but seems to have turned a corner and is on her way up. I hope it all works for her.

I like Melissa, her talent is marginal but she makes up for it with her bling and glitz. I think she is a good Mom and her kids seem happy and well adjusted.

Teresa's kids seem happy but they also seem a little aggressive and wild, quick to flash a fist. Cute but crazy.

OMG...I watch waaaay to much of this stuff. Help...I need a 12 step program to get me off of this dumb show. The season is ending just in time...


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I'll admit to watching the HW's shows, I fly often and having those shows on my laptop makes the time pass by quickly. I watched the Beverley Hills HWs 2 seasons all in one swoop, the decors and clothes were entertaining on their own. The only HW's I cannot follow are the Miami. I tried but found myself fast forwarding half the time.

I still like the NY housewives, I love the New York vibe.

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No one I know personally watches these shows and all make fun of me for watching. As others have said, it's an irresistble train wreck! I have avoided Miami, and I will not pick up again on Atlanta. I am appalled and fascinated by their manners, behavior, plastic surgery and horrible clothes. I do like most of the clothes the 3 new NY women wear, but all those tight, shiny things most of them wear, jeersh!

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I do and I'm a Tre hugger. I hate how all season the other ladies have bashed everything she has said and done, behind her back, of course. She finds out about it, sees it, hears it, whatever. The way she is treating them now is how they have treated her all along.
Caroline-mean, overbearing, bully
Jac-follower, crybaby,
Melissa-I didn't know a full grown adult could be so dumb-really
Kathy-Nothing interesting has came out of her mouth yet. Her husband is the nastiest thing ever.
Manzo Kids--I would be so embarrassed if my kids ever acted like they do. They are so immature and just plain mean.
Joey Gorga--just plain gross.
Joe Guidice-not a fan.
I have officially stopped watching the New Jersey housewives. It has just gotten to terrible to watch. The way Rosie went crazy was really unsettling. I honestly think they are all crazy and none of my friends have ever and I mean ever treated each other like these ladies have. What a big mess it has turned into.

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There is certainly a great deal of jealousy towards Tre by the other housewives due to the success of her cookbooks. That said, I think her ego is waaaay over the top now. I'd like to see all their 15 minutes of fame over and done with. Oh wait, then I won't have anything to watch!!!!

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Beverly Hills is my favorite, but Jersey is the most explosive. I pity Teresa and her life. She is obviously a desperate woman whose marriage is imploding and is losing her friends and family. I still don't understand how someone can live that lifestyle, in that home, after filing an $11 million bankruptcy? And those comments about the jewelry Juicy bought her after calling her the "c" word? How does that happen? I hope he "goes away" for a long time.

It seems none of these people have educations, either. I just love Teresa's mispronunciations--ingredientses, Heckle and Jyde, lol. She makes me cringe.

And those Manzo kids make me cringe, too. They need to be weaned and shoved out of the nest. They are just creepy.

Oh, and Teresa needs anger management. I think Andy Cohen is afraid of her.

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I used to watch New York when it first came in and it was more about their lifestyles and not all about their bickering with each other. I also watched OC for the same reason, although I never could stand Vicky.

It has even gotten beyond bickering and into mayhem and insanity. I've tried to watch it recently but just find it unbearable. I can't turn it off fast enough.

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Last night (Part 3) was certainly explosive. The only one I can give props to is Jacqueline's husband Chris. A voice of reason, but to deaf ears.

As I said in my previous post, NJ needs a different cast.

Dedtired, I feel the same way about Vicky, never liked her. I do like her daughter Brianna.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I just gotta say I am waiting to see who ends up sleeping with the fishes after that last reunion show with husbands included!! I seriously thought fists were going to fly. Poor Andy! he had to try to man handle Theresa again this year and got her glitter all over his suit LOL. I think he is afraid of her too and after she flung him like he was a twig last year I understand why. That woman has some serious issues and anger management is way up there on top. Those kids oh my goodness I just pity those children in that household.

I thought Chris was great. He and Jacq are going through some very serious real life stuff and he hit it right on the head this other stuff is just silly bs in comparison!

They are all healthy, they need to get over themselves and enjoy the life they have with their family. Life is way too short!

No doubt in my mind Joe (juicy ewewwwwww) is cheating on his wife no doubt. She knows about it no doubt at all. She is still staying with the creep and acting for the cameras absolutely. Will they get theirs I do believe they will LOL especially if the judge watches these shows! and reads their blogs.

Train wreck all the way! However when it gets to the point of violence and possibility of real injury that has gone too far. We already had one husband commit suicide on these shows we don't want any more of that kind of thing happening over a stupid tv show.

IT just makes me soooo appreciate my life, my family and my friends!!

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Joe G. keeps digging a deeper hole for himself. What an idiot! At least Teresa had the smarts to keep saying they are not allowed to discuss legal matters. I have a feeling he will be "going away" for a very long time.

"StripperGate" has finally been solved and we now know it was Teresa's dear brother Joe and his elepant thong! GROSS!

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