Sipping my one cup of coffee, now. How's yours?

glenda_alOctober 6, 2012

Love love my small Mr Coffee maker, and enjoying a big cup of hazelnut flavored coffee with the same flavor creamer.

One a day for me, that's it.

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Cute graphic. I rarely drink coffee and if I do, it will be after dinner at a restaurant. My only coffee maker stays in the garage except when my parents are visiting, then it moves onto the kitchen counter.

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Heath better without my coffee, chocolate and some nuts. But I do miss them. Lots of selections from decaf teas.

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Have my coffee maker set for Sunday morning, so I can have my cup before church.

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Glenda I love Hazelnut also~~~I only allow myself coffee once a week twice if I feel lucky:)

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I'm also sipping my one cup of coffee of the day, as I type.
Fresh ground Mocha Java beans brewed in my Cusinart Grind 'n Brew coffee maker.
With Amaretto creamer, whipped cream and topped with fresh ground cinnamon.

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Love my morning coffee!
I like it strong and brewed with freshly ground fancy flavors, please.
Usually black, but sometimes with a little cream (not the powdered kind) or almond milk.
No sweetener

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After trying all the flavored coffees, I decided it's the smell, not the taste of coffee I love. I do allow myself 2 cups a day. I go to a local diner most mornings and have coffee there. I take my coffee with 3 spoons of real sugar and lots of half and half,or light cream if I have it on hand.

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Getting ready to fix my freshly ground espresso beans into a non-fat latte. I love my espresso maker.
When DS was in high school and drank McD's coffee before school, DH and I told him that at home with our freshly ground gourmet beans he did not need to add sugar or milk. DS was surprised at how good our coffee tasted black.

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I bought Kona coffee yesterday and gave it a try just now. Smooth and delicious.

I drank it black, but will try another cup with creamer later.

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I haven't had one fact, in my whole life I've never drunk a cup of coffee.

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Linda-in-Iowa - LOL! I have always thought McD's had one of the better cups of coffee around. Nothing like freshly ground - but a consistently good cup of coffee no matter where you are.

I do not like their "McCafe" drinks at all though. I am a plain black coffee drinker. No flavored coffee for me.

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I love my morning cup of coffee! I recently bought a Keurig single serve coffee maker and we really love it. It is programmable, but that really is not necessary to use because it is lightening fast. The K-cups comes in a ton of different strengths and flavors, but we like our coffee just plain and black in a medium roast. It can also be used with regular coffee grounds.


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I've always envied people who can drink their coffee black. I have to have a sweetener and creamer, but I won't use the dry stuff or the shelf-stable little packets of half and half. I don't trust a dairy product that can sit out for 6 months, lol.

I am not a huge fan of flavors, especially hazelnut. I do like the fall flavors though. I get a pumpkin spice latte weekly during the fall.

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I LOVE my coffee in the morning. I usually drink about 2 mugs full and I use sugar free hazelnut creamer. I don't drink any the rest of the day. I have a plain old Mr Coffee maker but I use Starbucks Breakfast blend.

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I'm having a cup of coffee right now, and it's 6:41pm. A little late for me to be drinking caffeine but I was so hungry for it. Was gone all day to a festival and a parade - FROZE. So glad to get home.

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I love my coffee, first two cups in the morning have a little non fat half and half. The rest of the day is black. I do switch to decaf after five. I just had heart tests done, thy were amazed at how much coffee I drink a day with seemingly no problems. About 8-10 cups a day. Big cups too!

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My percolator makes great coffee. I enjoy a cup or two each morning. I wished I was borned in the US and would have known about coffee percolator a long ago. What a difference a cup of coffee from a percolator makes. It's smooth and flavourable.

Another tip is to add a sprinkle (1 cup) or a dash (5 cups)of salt into the coffee ground. It will take the bitterness away from the coffee and you won't taste the salt. Unless, the coffee is processed for the bitter taste.

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Late as hell on this thread.... I'm a few hours away from this mornings brew. :)

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I usually drink 2-3 cups on the days that I make coffee, but I mix the grounds and use about 1/4 caffinated and 3/4 decaf grounds when making my coffee. Can't handle all that caffeine.

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