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sooeyOctober 11, 2012

Hi Kids,

I have a question for all of you knitters. I just looked on the knit forum where there is very little activity so, as always, I come here for an answer.

I am making a sweater for myself. When picking a size from the size chart do I pick my bra size or do I go with the measurement at the fullest part of the chest? Also, does it matter if the sweater is cardigan or a pullover? Is fullness/fit already figured into the pattern? I knit a lot but mostly socks and children's sweaters, not very often for myself.

I got a great deal on yarn at a local knit shop that is closing. I got Bartlett yarn, 210 yards per skein for $5. each. I got 11 skeins of mountain blue and 7 skeins of medium green. I am thinking of using the blue for the Elizabeth Zimmerman, Hand to Hand cardigan. Looks fun and warm which is what I am looking for. Do any of you have a favorite cardigan pattern you would like to share? Also thinking of the Yankee Knitter, cable cardigan which I have made several times but in a child's size.

Thanks, Kids.


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According to what I saw on the Oprah show only 1 in 10 women are actually wearing the correct size of bra, so I would go with the chest measurement, but what do I know, I am a man and I have only worn a bra once in my life...LOL

Having said that, I also asked Jan because she is constantly knitting sweaters. From what I can glean from Jan, she primarily uses the actual chest measurement, but also keep in mind it also depends upon what size of needles your using and what type and size of yarn your using.

And I know this is not politically correct, but you have to consider the stature of the person your making the sweater for, by example, when making a sweater for me she has to not only consider shoulder & chest size, but she also has to factor in the waistline and love handles...LOL.

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did a search..:)

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I would find a sweater of my own that I like the fit of, measure the chest size on that and match that measurement to the pattern size choices.

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Thanks, Kids.

Lazypup, I appreciate your willingness to enter into the discussion. You have given me a few things to think about including how happy I am that the love handles I have are still smaller than my chest size...for now.

Thanks, susan, I missed that site during my searching. The best piece of info in there was to look for the finished measurement as a guide. That alone is worth the price of admission.

Thanks again, Kids.


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I was taught to measure a garment you like the fit of and use that measurement. Ease is built into a knitted garment patter just as it is a sewing pattern. I have not made any cardigans so I have no suggestions for you there.

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Thanks, Kids,

I am going to check the patterns I have to see how they give their sizes. I will check for 'finished' size and measure that against a favorite sweater I enjoy wearing. That should do the trick.

Thanks for your thoughts and guidance.


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In case you don't usually (I don't - bad me, but then I usually make sock and it's not as important)...don't forget to do your gauge least 4X4, wash and dry it. And if there is a pattern to your sweater, do the swatch in the pattern.

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