If you have an ice-crushing machine (or 'shaver') ...

pammyfayOctober 22, 2012

My blender is just not cutting it anymore, and it's starting to leak at the base (despite me taking it apart, cleaning it, changing the rubber thingie and tightening everything up).

I like to crush ice in it --it has an ice-crusher button -- and add either fresh-squeezed lemon or lime juice to make a slurpee-kind of thing (tho not as thick -- more like snow-cone consistency).

I'm seeing the "Hawaiian ice"-type "shavers" on the Amazon site and am wondering about those -- do you have one? Opinions on any of them?

Not sure I want to buy another blender, because I don't do anything with it except the icy drinks.

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Ninja all the way!!!

�Crush ice into snow in seconds
�Blend frozen fruits into creamy smoothies
�Chop fresh ingredients evenly - no more mush
�New more powerful & 2X faster

I am on my second one but the first was used basically every day for the first year. I have the set of three bases each is handy for certain jobs. When it came on sale a few months ago I bought the second set as a gift, but ended up using it actually just last month so the first was almost three years old, I could and still might look into getting it repaired as it was only a small plastic looking piece that held the blade that got worn out.

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I have a couple of blenders but seldom use them. The only ice crusher I have is on my refrigerator/freezer door.


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I have a small one (maybe a rival?)--it's still packed away, from the move. It's electric, just an ice crusher, does nothing else and was very inexpensive. You drop one cube at a time in through the top, the crushed ice comes out the bottom. Have had it for maybe 20 years, it does a great job, and still works fine.

If you only use the blender for crushing ice, maybe you would do better to buy an ice crusher instead. Did do a quick search and didn't see one exactly like mine, but as I said, it's very old. I would think you want an electric one--those hand crank things take a lot of effort.

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I have the small handcrank version which works fine, but you can only use ice frozen in the specific shape and size that it allows so I don't use it very much. I've been using my blender with the ice crusher button, but I can smell the motor burning when I crush ice so I don't know how long it will work. I have a friend who bought a commercial ice shaver on line. The thing is huge, but you can make real shave ice with it. They only set it up for parties.

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That looks great for a summer birthday present for my son or DIL. They live in an un air conditioned apartment and without enough windows to give a good cross ventilation. Something to help them keep cool in Santa Anna hot conditions.

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I use a 17" screen laptop and ThreeJs' Ninja looks like a giant finger! LOL...

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That is funny because I got that picture on line from one of the stores that sold the unit and it was very tiny smaller than a postage stamp. Now I have to go to the kitchen and make a pumpkin pie blizzard. I shouldn't have watched the video below.

Here is a link that might be useful: ninja demo

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