is there a catagory where I can post this on GW?

ilmbgOctober 21, 2012

Is there a catagory on GW where I can specifically post a 'lost & found' (stolen), type of ad?

Am trying to recover a burglery/theft of 2 guitars in San Antonio for a friend, and am trying to think of all avenues possible. I put it on Craigslist.

Any ideas welcome.

Thank you

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I believe they don't allow ads of any type on this site.

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Post it on the Texas forum and the Hot Topics forums - lots of folks read the posts there.

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I don't see any reason you couldn't also post the information here @ the KT. Maybe I am wrong, but if so, the GW mods will tell you that. Lots of people read & lots of people simply lurk/read the KT.

But do it under a new heading rather than here on this thread, so that it would perhaps catch the attention of people to open a new thread.

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Why not try kijiji and put it on as wanted to buy ..or interested in finding a guitar for my nephew?...I wouldn't let on it was stolen, many people out there are looking to make a buck, and some are not so swift. Many stolen items have been recovered between facebook and kijiji...people talk...some more than others.

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