I need to stay in bed today~~~

YogaLady1948October 16, 2012

I have had 4 busy days in a row~~too much for me I am a 'Sloth' even more so since my retirement, it is so wonderful not to have to get up to an alaem clock I can easily sleep till 9-9:30. Since Friday I have been on the go Friday I meet DD2 at the medical center she had to have a nerve test on her wrist~no problem there but now he wants her tested for 3 other things one being Lupus;( Then off to lunch with her, shopping after for me, then dinner with DH and friends. Sat all day with my DS~~Sunday again all day with DD2 at a swim meet she was in. Monday off to San Digo I go every other week to meet with a lady (who practices Ayruveda) I am doing life style changes to go along with my yoga. This a a 200 round trip day~~DH went with me this time, We ate lunch on Coronado Island and poked in shops, then started home stopping at Stone Brewery to eat and have beer ;) Stopped at DS house on the way home to see his new bedroom set and give him GC from the brewery for their 1st year anny! That was a 10 hour day!! WHEW!!

Do you all do days like that or even like to?? I do but only maybe 1 day a month.

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I'm just like you YL. In fact I have even less endurance. I went on a couple hikes last week and hosted a dinner party on Saturday and I've been 'slothing' it ever since. But I start up again tomorrow. I have hikes scheduled for Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Since you have to drive right by my home in OC (I live in Irvine between the 5 and 405) you should drop by for a quick coffee or tea the next time you're heading back home from San Diego.


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It's weird, some days I can just go and go and go, others, I just want to hole up with a good book or the internet.

Today, I've been on the go since early--moved all the furniture (except the hutch and loveseat) out of the living room. Vacuumed, shampooed the rug. Took the shampooer apart to clean it (almost more work than the entire shampooing process). Did a couple of loads of wash, hung them out on the line, scoured the tub, took a shower. Now I'm just waiting for the floor to dry so I can give it a 'fluffing' vacuuming, and move the furniture back. Although, I did cheat and put on a clean pair of white socks at the door so I could come in here to use the computer--LOL!

Tomorrow, I've got a bunch of paperwork to get done before a meeting I have to go to, and I want to make a basket of bacon appetizers for the gals since that recipe is in my next column, then there's the meeting at 5PM, and I have to pop in to see the managing editor for a project he and I are working on, so who knows what time I'll get home for dinner.

And I know Thursday will be hectic--our dentist is an hour away. Our dental plan, for some reason, sends US the check rather than sending it to the dentist's office. So, since I hate to mail an endorsed check, we'll need to run up there and drop it off. So I figure I'll get up early and make them a nice fall spice cake with burnt butter frosting. Then DH and I will probably make a day of it--doing some shopping, going to lunch, visiting a bakery he's been missing since we moved.

So by Friday.... I'll be wanting to stay in bed, too!

Funny, DH has always been out of bed by 5:30-6:00, even on his days off. Now that he's 3 months into retirement, he's been getting up later and later--today it was 8:00!

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Why don't you cash the check and then write one on your account? Save gas that way,

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Whew! You all make me look really lazy~~~I did not go back to bed and read my book. It is DGD's 4th b-day party and we have no gifts but clothes, kids do not really want to get them at a party I just leave them on her bed~~~so I went to Target to get her some pink CowGirl boots, of course they did not have her size. They can look up and see if other stores have them but can not call them, I had too~~of course they are all gone~~~BUT~~~I grabbed the next size up so I can do a sale exchange if I find some after the sale or I am thinking they may fit can I stuff them with socks?? I really want them for when she comes the first weekend in Nov to stay we are going to DS's house and his wife now has her 2 horses there so this will be her first horse ride so she has to have pink CowGirl boots!! YEAH!! I did find a Minnie Mouse pillow pet at K-mart my DD thought they only had them at DisneyLand saves me a trip there this week! So I am set for the party~~

Jodi I live in the IE~~we go to San Digo off the 15fwy but my DD#1 lives in Laguna Niguel~~~so a visit could be in our near future;) Maybe a meet up at the Spectrum? Where do you hike~~do you go to a place just off of Alicia Pkwy?? My DD lives right up the street from a hiking area not sure of the name??

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marygailv--LOL--we could do that--and would if we couldn't make it up to the office. But we generally try to take a 'day off' from working around the house each week, and it's nice to head back to the 'old neighborhood' now and again. And hey--if I cashed it and sent them one, they wouldn't get their cake! Our dentist and his staff are not just medical pro's to us--they're friends. DH went to school with the dentist, and with the receptionist's husband (that's 2 separate people), our hygenist's husband used to be DD's boss for many years... it's like old home week when we visit, whether it's for an appt, or just to drop off the check.

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Most of my weeks are very full. Each day last week was full and this week is full too. If I should sleep in until 7:30 that to me would be something unheard of.
This is what is scheduled for me this week.

Sunday spent the day picking Kentucky Wonder green beans.

Monday had a mammogram and lunch out.

Tuesday spent the day grocery shopping and lunch out.

Wednesday will be spent part of the day baby sitting Alyssa and maybe work on the green beans.

Thursday plan on going to the barn sale and working on green beans.

Friday get a perm and work on green beans.

Saturday cook and bake food for birthday dinner for Amber at Cheryl's house.

Sunday dinner at Cheryl and Kevin's house.

I already have 3 days with things scheduled for the next week.


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YagoLady writes: Jodi I live in the IE~~we go to San Digo off the 15fwy but my DD#1 lives in Laguna Niguel~~~so a visit could be in our near future;) Maybe a meet up at the Spectrum? Where do you hike~~do you go to a place just off of Alicia Pkwy?? My DD lives right up the street from a hiking area not sure of the name??

YogaLady, I do hope you contact me the next time you're heading to Laguna Niguel. I mostly hike the many trails along Santiago Canyon near Irvine Park but also hike Bommer Canyon and San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary in Irvine. I am trying to get down to Aliso Creek to hike but haven't done that yet.

We can meet at my home and then head to The Spectrum or just stay at my place and enjoy some snacks. Just send me an email through my KT profile page.


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