Does any here have Raynauds

enjoyingspringOctober 29, 2012

Now that the colder weather is coming it is starting to bother me, just hate the my fingers and toes always going numb from the cold. Doesn't seem to have to get very cold to have the effects. I use toe and hand warmers all winter.

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I do have it, but probably not as severely as you. I do everything I can to avoid getting cold.

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I have a mild case as well. When the temperature drops below 60, my feet and hands turn to ice. I just keep warm socks on and have gotten used to my hands being cold.

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Yes, I have Raynauds too. It has already affected me several times this fall. I hate the winter/cold weather because of it.

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I had a friend whose daughter had Raynauds. She was in high school and her poor hands would crack and get big sores on them. (This was in Indiana.) Her mom did everything she could to keep that girl's hands warm. So I feel for all of you. I guess it's pretty painful. Keep warm y'all!

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So do I. Complication from the RA. I got my thick socks and gloves out a month ago.

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My daughter has a very bad case of it. I remember her being diagnosed at 5 years of age when her hypothyroidism was diagnosed. I also had a really hard time in the winter trying to keep her hands and feet warm. Jessica was in marching band and her poor fingers would crack and bleed from the wind and cold.


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I have it, though not as badly as I used to.

In addition to other suggestions here, one thing that really helps me to warm my hands is to swing them around (like windmills). It forces blood back into the hands quickly.

And always keep your core warm..

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my fingers crack and bleed, but I don't have raynauds. It sounds horrible, I'm sorry.

Alisande also has it I believe!

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I do. As soon as it gets cold , my fingers and toes turn white and when I put them in hot water they get bluish. I also get itchy sores on my hands in the winter,

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I always keep my hands and feet warm with proper clothing and the hand and toe warmers but sometimes it just hits you for no reason.

Good suggestion about swinging your arms around to get the blood flowing.

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I have a friend who has a severe case of it....she also has arthritis in her hands. This is a woman who loves to knit, crochet, etc. Needless to say, it's very hard on her. Her hands are so gnarled and discolored.

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Do you smoke? If so quit and it will get better. My neighbor has it and it got 95% better when she quit.
Another thing you might want to try is the prolotex gloves or even the Tommie copper. I bought the prolotex for my hurting hands, they go numb too. It has helped.

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I have severe Raynaud's. Feet are no problem, thanks to disposable foot warmers. I go through many boxes during cold weather. Hands are another story. I've been enjoying pretty fingernails this year because last winter was so mild. Usually the nails get damaged between the nail bed and the first joint, before they emerge. Then they grow in all creased and deformed--really ugly. I haven't had nice looking nails in many years.

Of course, that's not the worst of it: The sores are. They're the equivalent of frostbite. The pain is intense, and in the worst years the sores open, inviting gangrene. Nasty!

Although I make a practice of staying away from pharmaceuticals whenever possible, I'm thinking of requesting a low-dose beta blocker (maybe half the lowest normal dose) to see if that helps.

Also, I started seeing an acupuncturist last week. It wa mostly for other issues, but when she felt my feet she said, "This is unacceptable!" I agree. :-)

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My right hand is now covered in tiny sore bumps. Last spring they disappeared in a day when the weather got warm.

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Lily, the symptom you experience with your fingers and toes is almost certainly Raynaud's, but those tiny bumps sound like something else (and I don't know what).

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Those of you who are getting sores on your hands, please check with your drs. My niece has Aggressive Scleraderma and gets sores. This is much worse than "just" Reynauds. It will attack your organs also. Please make sure this isn't what you have. Keep your core warm and layers for your hands and feet as well if possible. Wishing you all a pain free winter.

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I have it too, but not severe enough to have sores. I have it on a few of my fingers and feet. Even in the summer I have to wear a ankle sock on my right foot to bed and in the winter I wear foot duvets to bed. I always carry hand warmers in my coat pocket in the winter. Even preparing vegetables or salad that I have to rinse in cold water affects my fingers. I am always swinging my arms like a windmill to get the blood flowing. My Doctor said to do that instead of running your hands under hot or warm water because you may not feel the temp of the water because of the numbness. My fingers can go from very black looking to white.


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I think it's Raynauds because I got them a month ago when we had a cold spell. When it warmed up they went away. There are only three or four and they don't itch or hurt . When it's really cold, they're larger. I don't get bumps on feet or toes but they turn white and then gradually "pink up" in a warm bath. Daughter has the same thing.

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Tami, you are right. I have been diagnosed with CREST syndrome. This is a limited form of seleroderma.

C Calcinosis
R Raynaud's syndrome
E Esophageal dysmotility
S Selerodactyly
T Telangiectasia

The Raynaud's and swallowing are my two biggest problems/worries.

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