Potty Training in a day!

JoAnn_FlaOctober 27, 2012

I just found this and it seems like something good for young mothers/grandmothers. Its also posted at the KTGP.

Has anyone had success with this?

Here is a link that might be useful: Potty Training in a day!

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I have heard of it, did not go to the link yet as I may not be able to. Is this the one where they run around with no diaper or panties on and you have to set them on the potty a lot? I have heard it works.


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Toni S

I've used alot of her idea's but it make more sense the way she does it. She doesn't claim there won't be any more accidents but for one day they are going to get intense training. No phone calls, no visiting with company, just her and the trainie. And she advising not to wait any longer than the age of 2 1/2 because the kids can get stubburn. I agree 100% with that. I'm sure there are some slow learners but 2 to 2 1/2 is a good age for the training she uses.
Guess I need a grandchild first!

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No wisdom (or even a hint of it) to offer - sorry.

One can see some advantages - even to reduced cost of diapers (including the washing, if one were using cloth ones).

Carpeted areas of the house being off limits, blocked by boxes, etc., of course.

Farmers used to caring for animals would be somewhat less squeamish about the clean-up chores, of course. Honestly, people - it don't hurt! Helps to get the appropriate equipment on hand before the training session.

Could one interest you, to assist in the collection process, in attaching a can with straight sides (no lip, please, to take a commission off of the income on outflow!) on the end of a stick, so that one could follow the little one around? Some churches use such a method of collection for their offerings, don't they?

Like the Boy Scouts (Girl Scouts, too?) say, "Be prepared!".

ole joyfuelled ... who, not having followed a junior kid around in upwards of a half century, could be accused of being underinformed

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I did that with DS who is now 36. At 26 months I had the summer off from work and he was interested in the potty. I saw a paperback book titled "Potty Training in A Day or Less". It took more than a day but it was so easy. I knew I had 2 months to get him potty trained so he could attend the day care on the campus where I worked. I would say it took a week or less to get him trained. A nurse I knew who had raised 6 kids told me that if you put diapers on them at night they will keep wetting so I stopped the night diapers.

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That is what I had planned to try with DD 30 years ago, but as it worked out, it was even easier. My pediatrician was big on waiting until at least 2 to start potty training. Soon after DD turned 2, I bought a potty chair and training pants, but before we could try she came down with chicken pox and then it was about time for my law school finals. A few days after finals were over, when I walked into her room to get her up and grabbed a diaper, she stood up in her crib and announced, "I want to wear big girl pants today." That was it. No accidents and she pretty much skipped the potty chair, electing instead to climb up on the regular potty. She also insisted on moving from the training pants to "Strawberry Shortcake" panties the next week. I really think the reason it was so easy is that she was ready (26 months) and let me know it. I would expect that if the child is ready, the one day method will work great and, if they aren't ready yet, you will probably be able to tell. If it becomes a struggle, just back off enjoy the day with your child and try again in a few weeks.

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little boys are easy to train...toss some cherrios in the toilet and tell him to sink them...doesn't take long and they are so proud they want to keep doing it to show everyone that they are big boys now. ( had a small sturdy step stool on the side of the toilet so they could reach)

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My DSD did it with DGD#1. I took DGS for the day and her DH went someplace, so it was just the two of them and a lot of concentration. And it worked! I couldn't find that post on the blog you posted, but she did it like Sue. No diaper all day. There were other things involved, but I've forgotten what all it entailed.

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My first daughter was almost 3 before she got potty trained. We bought her a small kids potty and set it in the bathroom. Talked with her about it. she was very good about diaper changes-even running to her bedroom to nring me a clean "di-dee" when she was wet. Anyhow, we bought her big-girl panties and the toilet and told her to let me know when she wanted to use them. The summer she was going to turn 3 she told me "I'm a big girl". Put on the fancy pants and she used her toilet. Later in the day, she wet herself. But we put on more undies and she was absolutely perfect after that. My second daughter trained herself even younger.

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DS#1 was potty trained in one day at 2 years of age. He had been asking for a Little Tykes car and I said if you go potty in the toilet and wear big boy panties, you can have the red car. Deal was made and he stuck to it with not one accident.

I was not so fortunate with DS#2 and I will not go into details lol

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All four of my children were potty trained shortly after they were a year old and my Mother said I was too. I guess it depends on your determination to get them trained. The Mother has to keep at it.


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Every kid is different. Every parent or caregiver is different. My grandmother always said she taught me to 'pee in a teacup' when I was barely walking. My guess is that she nagged me to 'perform' every hour, teacup in hand!

Our DS was easily trained to poop in the toilet, and he would pee too -- if reminded! He didn't wet overnight. But...he was over three before he would stop playing when he needed to pee. He'd just wet his pants and carry on, completely unconcerned by the large damp patch in front. Eventually the "Bladder to Brain" message grew stronger than the "Keep Playing" one!

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The only problem I had with my younger daughter was bed-wetting. She was a very deep sleeper, even at naps. The pediatrician said it's not unusual, children six and under have small bladders and their brains aren't fully developed to wake them. At home we'd just change her janmmies and bed, it was embarassing at the babysitters and friends house sleepovers. Pullups were very helpful and she finally outgrew it around age 6.

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My first daughter walked at 8 months & was potty trained at 10 months, I did nothing but put the potty chair in the bathroom & told her what it was for. She only had a few accidents as she love to wear big girl panties. My 2nd daughter was 1 yr when she walked & 18 months when she was potty trained. Both were very easy to train. Guess I was lucky.

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