infotracer - do not ever use this "service"

angelaidOctober 5, 2012

Trying to obtain a copy of divorce decree in Nebraska. Can download a copy for a one time fee of 15.00. No biggie, would cost me 8.00 to send a check and request a copy by mail. Gave them cc info for the 15.00, find the document I'm looking for. Click "download" and another page pops up with a notice that I don't have enough "credits" to download this page, please submit another 29.95! Pissed right now! I should have read the reviews before I did it! I know better than that!

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Not only that, if you order a copy from the court by snail mail you will receive a copy that is stamped as a "certified copy", which often is required when dealing with legal issues

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Have you contacted your credit card issuer to challenge this charge? Because unless there was a lot of small-type print on the page before you clicked on it, this seems somewhere between sneaky and fraudulent. If I were you, I'd start that website process over and read everything that's there, and if there's nothing that points out it's basically a $15 down payment, I'd write to my credit card issuer.

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Yes, contact your CC company and challenge it and DO NOT let them talk you out of it. Be firm!

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I would contact the credit card company just to let them know you want a watch put on your card! That is the type of behavior of those that are just phishing for credit card numbers. Watch that card closely and seriously have that card flagged and watched by the credit card company at the very least.

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If I am buying online, I call the company directly and give my info. over the phone - I never put my info. on the computer. I've had my cc number stolen twice, so won't risk it again.

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I wonder if I can help? What county in Nebraska, I live in the middle and if it is anywhere close I can see if I can get a copy for you.


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I wouldn't want to give my cc information over the phone, how would I know what that person would do with it.
I do lots of online shopping and, knock on wood, have never had any problem making sure I'm on a secure site.

Now, I did have a problem several years ago and HAD NOT used my cc for ages, someone charged over $700 for some vacation spot in Europe. Don't really know how that happened, did they transpose #s or something, anyway the cc company took it off and gave me a new card.

Over 40 years ago I kept getting billed by a credit card company and had never used the card, cut it up and trashed it on receipt and the trash was burned. Wrote and told them but kept getting billed plus interest, went on for several months. I asked them to send me a copy of what was purchased and so I could see the signature, never heard from them again.

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