Kidney Stone

RuthieG__TXOctober 29, 2012

Need I say more...My poor Beloved is suffering with this massive (haha according to him) huge stone in his urinary tract...He has been to the doctor etc etc and is taking meds but the thing won't pass......

Any ideas for getting this thing to pass...

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Is it small enough to pass? you really don't want it to even try if it's too big--that's when you have problems. The meds only help on stones of a certain make-up--does he know what the composition of it is? (and actually, I've pretty much been told they don't really work, anyway--AND Urocit-K can really make you sick after a while.) If he's certain it is small enough to pass, is he doing the 'upside down' thing? After my lithotripsies, they tell me to drink 16 ounces of water, wait 30 minutes, and then lay inverted on an incline (head down, feet up) for a half hour. Supposed to help flush out the bits and pieces--don't know if it would help with an actual stone. And he should probably ask his urologist before attempting anything anyone here suggests.

Best bet--and I've been there, is medical intervention. Depending upon where it is and what kind of stone it is--lithotripsy to break it up might be an option, if not, he might need surgery--my last one was done using a robotic type of surgery. They went in, blasted it to smithereens, and scooped out the debris. While the procedure was more involved, the recouperation was SO much easier.

Believe me, I know what he's going through--and wish him a quick and as painless as possible resolution. Kidney stones are no fun.

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Oh, Ruthie, I am so glad, it isn't you. There, I said, what my first thought was, when I read your post.

That aside, I hope he can pass it soon. Make him drink LOTS!



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Although I have been fortunate enough to have never had this problem, I have seen grown men get down and writhe in pain from it. I'm sure it does feel massive to him, lol. Hopefully, he can pass it soon without much problem.

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I've heard that the pain is equivalent to labor pains. My husband has had problems with them. They put him in a tank of water, and I think broke it up with sonagrams. Could be wrong about how they broke it up...something in a tank of water. It was a long, long time ago, and I can't remember. Hope he feels better soon.

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My Son had a kidney stone, and when he was passing it, he was in such pain they took him to the hospital emergency. When he got to emergency, he passed out and landed on the floor. They gave him a shot for the pain. He finally passed it and is OK now.

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Poor Beloved. I can't imagine how excruciating the pain is. BIL has had them several times. Usually ends up hospitalized for a couple of days. I think they use some kind of laser surgery to break them up and wait for them to pass.

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Labor pains? Oh, NO--I had my daughter naturally, NO pain killers or any anesthia at all--kidney stones are 10 times worse. There is absolutely nothing like the pain of a kidney stone.

And Marilyn--that's lithotripsy. But these days, they don't use the tub of water, they just put a little water pillow up against your side, by your kidney, and shoot the sound waves through that. Very simple and painless. But it can't be done if the stone is of uric acid, because those don't show up on X-rays, so they can't aim the machine at them. Also, it's considered elective surgery (????) so some insurances don't cover it, unfortunately.

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Oooh, my sympathy to your DH. Awful, constant pain. I had a stone for three days while on vacation. The darn thing finally passed on a hastily-arranged flight home. The pilot wanted to put me off during a stop, but a public health nurse came on board and gave me a shot. Hope I've had my last one of those!

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MY GS,GF suffers with those,she has had 5 or 6 lithotrispysy.She's in severe pain everyday.She doesn't have the normal kind that most people have,and i can't remember what kimd she told me they are.

My heart goes out to your DH,hope it passes soom

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I've been getting them since I was 16. I've had four so far. I was trying to figure out my trigger and realized it's the intermittent calcium supplementation I do. I usually don't supplement but every few years I decide I should, and I end up with a kidney stone a few weeks later. I stopped supplementing once I saw the correlation and haven't had one since.

I have not given birth but I can't imagine anything more painful. With my first one, my mom wouldn't take me to the hospital for 3 days, and unfortunately it scarred me so future ones got stuck and wouldn't pass. I had to have surgery to clear out the scar tissue. Now that I have my own insurance I go immediately as I know it doesn't improve and I can't pass it until I get pain meds.

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I usually lurk here in the evenings and rarely post but kidney stones hurt and some of you may benefit from this. My sister had kidney stones for years. It got to the point she was in the hospital about once a month and in constant pain. Every time they would remove one another would show up. While researching on the computer I came across an article about kidney stones and over active parathyroid gland. Printed it out gave it to my sister who gave it to her doctor who sent her to an endocrinologist she had surgery, after a few tests, and has never had another kidney stone. The endocrinologist said this could run in families so we all had a blood test. I was negative but her son was positive so he knows what to tell a doctor if he starts having kidney stones. Hope this can help someone there is lots of information out there if you look under parathyroid and kidney stones â¦see link

Here is a link that might be useful: Parathyroid Gland and Kidney Stones

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My daughter had kidney stones last year. The clinic blasted the stones with focused, high intensive ultrasound. One of her stones was 1 inch long. That one would have never passed.

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