Is This Microwave 'Dead'?

chisueOctober 27, 2012

I posted in the Appliances forum, but someone here may have an answer for me.

The guest at our vacation rental tells me the GE OTR Microwave has power; turntable turns; light goes on; but there is too little power for actually *cooking* anything. The unit is 12 years old.

Time to replace? (About $400 all in, since this is on Maui, where *everything* costs more than it does on the mainland.)

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Its possible it could be the fuse in it, but be very careful its dangerous if you don't know what your doing.
Otherwise.........can you ship a microwave from here at a much lower price? You can get them for about $50 for a simple one, it can't be more then $50 to send it.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

the over the range ones are all expensive they don't come cheap and then you have to have the exact size to fit your space etc.

I might call in an electrician to check the plug that it plugs into see if possibly something has come undone or needs fixing he can certainly tell you if it is a power issue and may well be able to test the microwave for you.
IF it is something minor it might be able to be fixed but if it is the actual magnetron or the printed circuit boards then you want to get a new one.

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Since it has only one plug, if part of the equipment works, there's almost certainly nothing wrong with the wall socket.

Probably either the unit that does the heating, or the circuit board that feeds it, is non-operational ... in which case, it'll likely cost almost the price of a replacement to fix it, should such be possible.

Do they have yard sales (do they have garages?) on Maui?

o j

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If the microwave is 12 years old, I would replace it. Could you buy one here and ship it?

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When our DD lived on Oahu, she needed a n appliance but couldn't afford one. (I can't remember which one.)
We went to Circuit City (this was a long time ago) and picked out what we thought would work, paid for it and she was able to pick it up at the CC there.
Maybe you could check and see if it would be an option for you? Sears or Costco or ?

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just had to replace my over the range mircowave... the cost to fix it was to be around $200.00 the price to replace at Home Depot was $250.00

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If this is a rental and due to age of the microwave, I would just replace it. You might look into buying one here and having it delivered there--and then who would install it unless it just sits on a counter. Try places like Sears, Amazon, KMart, Target, or what appliance stores do you have in that area.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I'd say that 12 years is a good return from your original investment. I'd not hesitate for one second to replace it no matter what the cost.

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Check the fuses (inside the appliance).

However, since the turn table rotates, you do have some power and likely the fuses are good. I suggested checking the fuses on the outside chance that you have more than one set of fuses. Most microwave ovens have fuses only in the main power line.

It appears that the circit board may be out or the klystron or whatever is used to radiate power no longer works. If a major piece of the electronics has failed, replace the entire unit. you metioned it was 12 years old. Apply the repair cost toward a new unit. This is reasonable life for power electronics.

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I don't think the OTR ones are as expensive as they used to be. Many are well under $200. I bought a closeout Samsung at Lowes for $109 in May. Does Amazon ship to Maui? They often have the best price. I have had two different ones and they both fit the same space. If the wiring is already there, it really didn't seem difficult to install...but then, again, DH did it, not me!

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big Thank You to all. I probably would not hesitate to replace it but have the underlying feeling that the product made 12 years ago is probably higher quality than the replacement will be! That's been our experience with through-the-wall A/C units -- were made in Korea; now made in China. (We're getting our just desserts for wanting 'cheaper' everything.)

The shipping is WHY things cost more on Maui. I would not be ahead to buy from, say, Abt, and ship. The costs are high because there's the item itself ($275), plus delivery, plus installation, plus disposal of the old one. We won't be out there until January, and we have guests booked for most of the time until then.

OJ, Yes there are garages on Maui. More than a few people live in them! (Real estate is so high-priced! Our little condo sells for about $800/sq. ft.)

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