Can't find short curtains!!!

bigackOctober 18, 2008

Need short curtains for spare bedroom, nothing fancy. About 36" long. I used to have cafe type, but can't find anything in catalogs, online, ebay, etc. Do they still make short ones? I could make some, but would rather buy!

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I'm almost certain you could find them in JC Penneys catalog...they have all different lengths.

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K-mart's has some on line, were you doing a search using the word "curtains"; try window coverings.


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I know what you are talking about Bigack! I like the shorter curtains for my living room, but the only shorter curtains I'm seeing are the thin cotton kitchen ones.

JCPenney had lots of them a few years ago, but very few to choose from now. They do have a pretty good assortment at (the ones I have now are from there). You may find something there that you like.

Here is a link that might be useful: Country Curtains

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Thanks you all, I did find some on JCP, got a navy blue, prob. too thin, but we'll see. The KT always comes through!

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I've ordered from Country Curtains, they are quite good. If you have any questions, call their toll-free number and they'll be happy to help-anything about hardwear needed, dimensions,etc.

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I love Country Curtains! My kitchen curtains (among others) are from their catalog and are 28" long.

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Have you tried Gabs in clarksburg? (guess they are still open).

Don't think I have ever bought curtains, always just made them out of whatever scrap fabric i had at the house. If you decide to make them, I have lot of extra fabric.

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If you find longer curtains that you love, it's easy to shorten them. Just cut them off & use the iron-on tape to hem them -- no sewing!

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FlamingO in AR

And you could probably make 2 curtains out of one drape piece, especially if you get the extra long one.

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Do you have a Marburn Curtain store near you? I know you said you found something in a catalogue, but for future reference, Marburn has loads of short curtains in their stores--in all styles and colors. And they're usually pretty reasonably priced. I generally go there first, before working my way up to more expensive sources for curtains.

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I found shorter curtains at Wally world this summer - nice texture, pretty substantial, they hang nicely and inexpensive. I bought black for my DD room, and they had other colors as well. I think it was a good purchase as kids change their minds often about the look of their room & this will be easy & cheap to change!

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