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katlanOctober 31, 2013

Anybody every use them? I got an email from ebates this morning saying the daily double today is restaurant . com if you order anything from them you get 30% cash back from ebates.

I've heard a little about them, but I have no experience with them.

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Sally Brownlee

I have used both successfully and unsuccessfully.
(read fine print carefully before you purchase, minumum purchases, hours, days of the week, etc.)

I often will get some before I go on a vacation and it has always worked out for me.

However a local pub has stopped honoring them and I still had about 4 left. They said they were losing too much money....I said I stood to lose money too. Told me to contact for my money back.
I told them they lost me as a patron...haven't been back in almost a year.
I predict this particular place will be out of business soon for various reasons....

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I leave several of the coupons at my lake house so guests can dine locally and not have to pay. I have no complaints at all. As long as you read the conditions, you'll be fine.

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In my area, participation seems to be a tool of last resort used by unpopular restaurants or those on a downward slide trying to stay in business. Others jack their prices up and then offer discounts and deals (2 for 1), so it's good to know what restaurants participate so they can be avoided.

I don't want to eat at places I don't want to eat at, no matter what the price.

A better approach I've used is to buy "gift cards" that Costco sells at a discount for decent places (maybe $80 for a $100 gift card). Those can be very worthwhile.

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What everyone else (except Snidely) said. Check the restrictions (days you can use it) and how much you have to spend to use the coupon.. I've had them for $5. off $10. or others that were $10. off $30.

I had a issue like Salgal did where a restaurant quit accepting them. A few months later I got an email from and they let me pick a different restaurant coupon for free. I hadn't even contacted them... very happy with the outcome.

I think it's a good way for restaurants to get people to try them. I haven't seen any 'raising of prices' that Snidely suggested is happening.

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Read about them before you spend your money.
Big point....You don't get free meals.
You have to spend XX amount before you can apply
the YY discount. XX is always a lot more than the coupon....
like $200 for a $100 coupon.
Cocktails don't count.
Check the limitations.
You can't combine them.
Make sure the restaurant you buy for is still accepting
them before you go.
I bought a bunch a couple years ago and have never
used them.
Google reviews and read.
Some people love it and a lot think it's a complete rip-off.

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Civet coffee

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I'm pretty sure that if you use the card, you do not get it back like you would a gift card. So if you have a $50 one and you only spend $30 then that's all the savings that you will get and that's all of it for that card. At least I'm pretty sure that's how it works.

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If you have a $50 coupon and spend $30 you can't use the coupon
at all.
You'd have to spend $100 (usual minimum) to get the discount.

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Hmmmm, I didn't realize some of this stuff. Oh well, maybe I'll try one cheap one, one time and see how it goes.


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OH OK Linda, I knew it was something screwy.

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