Debug file ? help

JoAnn_FlaOctober 8, 2012

I just found it on my desktop today. It won't let me delete it or put in recycle bin. I looked it up but the plan they have doesn't work.

Anyone else have this problem?

This is what it said:

To solve the issue First close your browser. Then Go to Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs. Find Google Talk Plugin in this list of programs. Right click on it and click on Repair. It will start the repair process. After the process is over restart your computer.

*I don't see any google talk plugin in my computer

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Maybe update your virus and malware programs, then have them scan your computer for something off?

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

try looking in your browser it may be a browser plug in?
I am not familiar with it. Do you have google talk did you install it or did it come with your pc?
What exactly is is on your desktop is it just a short cut? Right click on it and view properties.

this is what google says to do which it looks like what you have done
Uninstalling the voice and video chat plug-in

try this in your browser
type the following in your url address bar


all plugins will be listed find google talk

disable google talk.

and this site suggests another method
An easy way to disable the Google talk plugin in Firefox

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I don't see any google talk at all.

I tried the about:plugins and it didnt take me anywhere.
I dont know what to do

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I got rid of it, I changed the name of it and deleted it. Or... its gone because of disabling one of google's items.
Just as long as its gone!

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