Walking Dead - HELP!

katlanOctober 14, 2012

So after Dorothy's reminded that The Walking Dead Season 3 starts tonight, I went to my dvr to set it to record every episode.

AMC is freaking gone!!! Dish isn't carrying it anymore. D@mmit. Now what?

Does anyone know if it can be watched online the next day, like you can with Survivor.

I am so mad, we pay good money to Dish to get all the channels we want and they get rid of AMC. Meanwhile, we have dozens and dozens of the dumb @ss sirius and music channels......

and pardon my French....sorry....

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I think you can watch it online. My daughter wasn't happy about Dish getting rid of it either.

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It looks like you can watch just tonite's episode over on the web site. Go to the link. It's really an anti-Dish effort to get you to switch cable/satellite providers, but at least it can get you the season premiere.

It also looks like it may be available through Amazon streaming.

The only video streaming I see on the AMC site for the show are 5-minute 'Webisodes' -- not the full episodes themselves.

(I've heard a lot of buzz about this series -- so I've just Tivo'd my first episode! Think things will be self-explanatory? Or should I go find a Wikipedia episode guide to see what I've missed in the first 2 season?)

Here is a link that might be useful: amc

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Alot has happened since the first episode pammyfay, you might want to wiki. Characters you didn't expect to "exit" suddenly do. I'm always shocked when that happens.:( It is a comic book, so I suppose you could catch up with the story lines that way; but where those can be found somebody else may be able to tell you.

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You can watch it on amctv.com if you register. I don't know if you have to pay, I didn't look that far.

Here is a link that might be useful: amctv

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