Middle of the night Post Office delivery ?

monica_paOctober 12, 2012

We didn't get any mail yesterday, nor our neighbors. We are in a built up large suburb.

Last night, around 10PM (after the debate), I looked out at the mail box, and no flag was up.

Woke up early this morning, and Voila! US Post Office mail delivery!

Used to get mid morning delivery, now it's been into the afternoon - but, in the middle of the night?

When is your mail delivered?

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Are you sure it wasn't delivered by a neighbor after they realized your mail was in their box? We have that happen every so often.

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No, Kathy - Everyone got their mail in the middle of the night.

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Crazy! I'd ask the post office "what's up?"

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My local P O sometimes makes "extra" deliveries around Christmas. I'll bring in a bunch of mail at ten am and there's another boxful at three. But I never ever got a delivery at night.

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We quite often get our mail between 8 & 9pm. Other times, as early as 8am.

The postal service's service isn't so great. In fact, our carrier quite often skips our street altogether, bringing two or three days' mail all at once. We've talked to our postmaster, but he says "that happens sometimes."

And they wonder why they're going broke...

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Our mail often arrives around 1 p.m. It's just as likely to come after sundown -- or not at all. No midnight deliveries here...yet. I'd say we receive about a third as much mail as we did in years past; less to recycle.

No one here uses the mailbox flag. I never put outgoing mail in our mailbox. (Anti-theft measures.)

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Our mail is getting later every day. Especially on Monday. The other day the mailman came by and we got nothing.About 8PM they came back and did our street again.The Post Office is downsizing.In fact our regualar PO is moving and we will have only one in T'ville.So the Drivers have to double up on the deliveries.

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It has happened to us as well. It usually means the carrier was off and another carrier had to deliver two routes...or they had transportation issues.

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"Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds."

I guess they mean it!

I don't know what time our mail arrives because I'm at work all day. I get home at 430ish and it's there waiting.

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I never know if ours will be delivered in the morning or late afternoon. We had a ditzy carrier for a couple of years, her name was Bambi. She would often deliver the mail after dark using a flashlight and frequently put it in the wrong mail boxes. I used to complain to the carrier supervisor frequently.

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Things have changed for us. For years we had the same mailman, and when he moved on, we knew the next one. Now, they keep shifting the mail carriers. Not sure who is delivering or when it will be delivered.

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If you are having serious troubles, talk to the Postal Inspectors. They do want to know. You will have to go to a larger PO to request one.

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Ours delivered one night this week at 7:30 pm! Its been after 5 pm for a while now.

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