Need some prayers ..anyone dealt with head injury and rehab?

cardamomOctober 26, 2012

My husband fell, collapsed (not sure how it happened) in a store and ended up in a Trauma ICU. He had some bleeding in his brain, which has stopped.

He's had a heart bypass last year and partial lung removed when a spot was found. I'm not always sure he recognizes me and know he doesn't know he's in a hospital.

Won't know til he gets to rehab what or how much damage may have been done. Anyone dealt with this? He had some seizures in the ER...does that mean he won't be allowed to drive for a while?

I haven't really worked since our grandaughter was born almost 9 years ago but suddenly seeing unexpected changes in our life.

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Cardamom, I'm so sorry to hear this. Stay strong, our prayers are with you.

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That must be so scary. I haven't dealt with it, but others may be able to help. I wish you and your family the best. Please keep us posted.

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Sending prayers he recovers quickly. You just never know when your world can get completely turned upside down.

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Yes, I have dealt with head injury and rehab. My husband was badly hurt and in a coma for 4 days, but he is fine now. I also have 4 friends or acquaintances who had traumatic brain injuries.

I'm so sorry you and your husband are going through this. Even when the outcome is good, it's a scary thing to go through. Get him the best rehab you can.

I don't know the answer to your question about driving. I'd assume yes, he won't be able to drive for awhile, but I don't know.

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I know how frightened you must be.I will be praying for you and your husband.Take care.

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I'm so sorry! You just never know with traumatic brain injuries and even full recoveries are sometimes slow. I hope he makes a full recovery. My experience is that in most states you have to be seizure free for a certain amount of time before you can drive, but that is usually with epilepsy...I'm not sure if the same rule applies if the seizure has other causes (like a TBI).

I know Washington State and a Traumatic Brain Injury Resource Center and Helpline and will refer folks to all sort of services, some searching online and see if your state has the same. I've gone to some excellent trainings they've done and they know their stuff.

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looks like you're in Texas? Here you go...I would use these folks as a resource for anything you need.

Here is a link that might be useful: Brain Injury Association of Texas

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I'm so sorry. I don't suppose they know if the fall caused the injury or if he had a seizure that caused him to fall. Lots of different possible problems -- and 'cures'!

Our DIL's mom fell from the top of a tall stair and cracked her skull. She had surgery to relieve pressure on her brain and more surgery to replace the bone. Two years later, after much rehab therapy, you would not realize she had any physical or mental deficits -- although she still has a little trouble retrieving and speaking some words. She drives, cooks, keeps house -- is 98% her 'former self'.

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So sorry. Sending good thoughts and prayers for a quick and complete recovery. Keep us up to date on how he is doing.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

So so sorry this has happened to your husband and also to you.
I do know of people that have dealt with brain injury but each case is different.
If you are in Texas, Houston has one of the best brain trauma hospitals around.

I wish you both the very best and quick healing.

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Wishing you the best, my only advice is ask questions of everyone you deal with. Take notes, and find a medical staff/person that will be avaiable to clarify some of your questions. My son in law is going thru some of this due to his stroke and and bleeding on the brain, which in his case had to have a shunt put in the brain. Real proud of how my DD is handling the situation because she ask lots and lots of questions

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I don't know anything about head injuries, but wow, life can sure throw us curve balls. I can't fathom what you're going through.

Just remember, if things can change from good to bad quickly, they can also change from bad to good quickly (make sense?) :)

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Sending positive thoughts and prayers for a good outcome. Lifes' tests are always a challenge, so stay strong and keep us posted as to the progress you both face.

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My experience is that in most states you have to be seizure free for a certain amount of time before you can drive, but that is usually with epilepsy...I'm not sure if the same rule applies if the seizure has other causes (like a TBI).

People who have seizures due to TBI, like those who have epilepsy, cannot drive until they are seizure free for a certain period of time. Cardamom, I wouldn't worry about that right now if I were you. Many, many people are able to take seizure medication and drive. Right now you don't know if he will continue to have seizures or not. And if he does have seizures, you don't know if they can be effectively prevented by medication. Try not to worry about that part of it right now.

I know very well how frightened you must be. Take care of yourself as best you can. Remember that you will have a lot to do as he recovers, so take care of yourself while he's in the hospital. And remember that whatever happens, you will be fine and you will be able to do what you need to do.

You will get a lot of advice from different people, and you will have to sift through it and find what works for you and your family. My advice would be different from marie-ndcal's. I did ask a lot of questions about things pertaining to rehab, etc. But I didn't ask a lot of questions from everyone I dealt with. For me, I found it was best to narrow my information pipeline. I got so much conflicting information from people, including health care professionals, that after awhile it was more practical to streamline the information flow. And also (and this is different for each individual), there were certain details about his injuries that I just couldn't handle. I could only cope with so much at a time. I never asked about his Glasgow Scale score at all, and I thank God I didn't know or find out until way later down the road. I would have crumpled to the floor like a little baby. Fortunately, my husband's parents are very intelligent and capable health care professionals and looked over his meds, statistics, etc. I noticed that they didn't ask a lot of questions, either, about his medications, etc. That's probably because they knew what should be done and knew he was getting the right care for the situation.

If, like marie-ndcal's daughter, you want to or need to ask a lot of questions, don't hesitate to do it.

I will say that from the time my husband entered neuro intensive care onward, the doctors, nurses, therapists and social workers were very good about keeping me informed about everything I needed to know. If you feel that you aren't being given enough information, don't hesitate to ask. You will need to be your husband's best advocate, so be as informed as you need to be.

Although I didn't ask a lot of questions about my husband's meds, etc., I was very proactive with anything to do with rehab, including making sure he got all of his testing lined up as quick as was reasonable, so that he could be transferred to a rehab hospital as soon as possible. I tried to observe as much as I could there and ask a lot of questions. We were able to support him and help him much better once he came home because of that.

Ravencajun is right, every brain case is different. The doctors and nurses will tell you that. You will find what works best for your husband's situation.

Take care of yourself and make sure you eat something every day. Whatever you do, remember that you will be fine, and that you will be able to do everything you need to do. My thoughts and prayers will be with you.

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I should have added that I am so sorry, marie-ndcal, that your son-in-law and daughter are going through this. And you, too. I know how devastated my own mother was about my husband's injuries. The situation was awful for her, too. I hope the outcome is good for your son-in-law.

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Here's a positive story:

A man I know had a bad head injury from a skateboarding accident. Unconscious for days followed by cognitive and coordination difficulties for some time after.

Now he drives, has a morning job as a classroom assistant and attends college in the afternoon, where he is doing well.

I'm sending out prayers for your husband's speedy recovery.

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I am currently going through this with my 90 year old FIL. He fell 5 weeks ago, hit his head, broke his hip and spent 3 weeks in ICU on a ventilator. He had bleeding in his brain. The area affected was the frontal lobe. We too were told that it would take a few weeks to months to see how much brain damage occurred. FIL has mid range age related dementia and so far that seems to have stayed about the same. He is having trouble trying to get words out, he needs a miniute or two, but is usually correct. He gets frustrated very easily, but that is certainly understandable due to what he's been through. WIth that said, Jueille 1962 is correct, each day can change from good to bad and vice versa very quickly.

My thoughts and prayers are with your DH for a speedy recovery. Hang in there, I know how hard it is for loved ones going through this.

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Sending special thoughts your way!

Keep us updated.

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Country Sunflower

Praying for a quick and complete recovery.. Please do keep us updated....


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Toni S

Other than I agree, each head injury has its own timing and outcome, I don't have any info for you.
Hopefully your dh will be healing quickly and coming to his senses very soon. Sending positive thoughts for your husbands recovery.
I actually slipped and hit the back of my head on some ice out at the ski sloops this past New Years and really rang my bell. Truely, It was like hearing bells after I felt my brain rattle in my skull. Luckly I didn't have to go to the health clinic but I did tell my dh to take notice if I started to act strange,,well stranger than normal..ha.
My kids might have some say in this, but I'm not asking them. :0) At the time it was very concerning but today I feel much better.

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a cousin, but it was from being hit by a car...he was sitting at light on his motorcycle, so was closed head trauma...

as everyone has said every case is different...

it might be he was in the "right" place and taken to a trauma center asap...i'm sure early intervention and care is helpful...prayers are on the way for a speedy recovery...

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