What Are Your Sunday Plans?

jannieOctober 14, 2012

I'll walk to the Farmers Market Sunday morning, get some corn and tomatoes. Then this afternoon I have to attend the wake of an old friend from work. Will make boiled hot dogs and fresh corn for dinner.

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Gonna have a quiet day at home--probably in my quilting studio, working on a quilt. But I need to vacuum the main level first; otherwise, the dust bunnies will be larger than our Yorkie!

Jannie, how is your arm doing?

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I am up 2-3 hours earlier than I ever get up~~getting ready to go with DD2 to a swim meet she is in at UCLA~~it is a master team 18 and up. Her BF could not go so I got tagged in;)

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I've got 5lbs of rice on the burner right now. I'm making 60 breakfast burritos. Then DH just put the brugmansia in the bath tub where it's getting a spritz of "Fabuloso" to kill the white flies(only houseplant that has this problem and it's the first year they showed up). Doing laundry. DH's down sleeping bag has a 6" rip, happened when we washed it yesterday...I need to reapir it...and so on....

I plan on making a BIG pot of green chile for dinner or a pizza. :0)

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Country Sunflower

This will be the first Sunday that I am able to attend church after my surgery on Sept. 5th.... so this is going to be a wonderful event for me... being in the house of the Lord and worshiping with my church family....
I got to watch the service on ustream, but it isn't the same as being there.... and feeling God working on us and our hearts....

Later, I will just play it by ear... no real plans... just a great day .. it is supposed to rain.. and that's good.. rain is nice...


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I did not get to go to church this morning. I went to the garden and found there are a lot of Kentucky Wonder green beans under the frosted vines. I picked some but if the weather cooperates, I want to go back and pick the rest. I am sorting though my jars of canned things fixing a box up to give to a friend. So far that is about all I have done. I will most likely just be at home by myself which I do like at times.


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I was going to spend today doing laundry and nothing at all. But, Duray (our exchange student) and I were playing a marathon game of Monopoly Deal last night and he found another gift from his family. A Turkish teapot and four bags of tea! The whole thing is huge, don't know how he missed it. LOL! Anyway we were talking about food and tea and I asked if he wanted to go to a Mediteranean (sp?) restaurant in Lexington today. No Turkish ones so this is the closest. All but one are closed....Mr. Kabab is open. So, Alex is meeting me, Duray and Lauren there. So, after that I'll do laundry.

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Going to a wedding! Sure hope it doesn't rain, but it's in the forecast :o(

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Halloween festival at local dairy farm. Games for kids, etc.

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Just grocery shopping later. I need a rest, so today's the day. Tuesday my sister will be here overnight on her way to her condo in Ft. Myers for the winter. Tuesday evening we have to pick up Harry's daughter who will be staying with us until next Sunday. I love company! It forces me to clean the house good :-)

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Just got back from the Sunday morning bike ride... and will drive to Tulsa, later, to help Chris celebrate her birthday.

Should be a fun fun day all around.


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I just got home from church. I feel so much better if I go to church and my week also seems better if I start out with going to church. Now I am doing a couple of loads of laundry. I don't think I will be doing much of anything else.

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Was so busy, only just got around to adding my Sunday.

Up early, cleaned the kitchen, scrubbed the floors--kitchen, hallway, laundry room.

DD came mid-morning to visit--lunch was gnocchi, tomato and mozzarella salad, devilled eggs, homeade rolls, pizzelles.

After lunch, we puzzed over to a farm market to pick up some produce. Then we visited the rest of the afternoon. She left right after dinner and I cleaned up the kitchen again...

Since, I've been working on cross-stitching an apron I have with a Christmas design.

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Drove my friend to the airport for her trip to Paris.

Drove my parents to the harbor for their cruise to Mexico.

Bargain shopped my way home.

Baked a nice, fresh chicken.

That's about it.

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My arm is doing very well, thanks for asking. Had three surgeries by vascular surgeon, latest was Sept 10. I went back to surgeon, he removed bandages and three swellings were totally gone, and the last will "resolve" by itself in a few weeks or months. Doesn't look bad at all. Again, thanks for asking.

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