Got My Flu Shot- Have You?

jannieOctober 16, 2013

I went yesterday to my local chain pharmacy and got my flu shot. No pain, but I had to wait because I went around 8 am and the pharmacist was late arriving to the store. No pain, it was over quick, and I had a nice chat with the Pharmacist. My own sister is also a pharmacist, with CVS chain. Anyway, I'm glad I did because the same day my 24 year old daughter came down with classic "flu" symptoms- high fever, body aches, chills, stomach issues. She's staying home from work and her boyfriend is bringing her soup.

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jim_1 Zone 5B Illinois

Haven't missed a year in more than 9 years.


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Had mine at CVS before I left for overseas. I figured six hours on a plane breathing recycled air was asking for trouble.

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Going to get mine at WalMart today. Dr. told me to get one with DPT booster in it. Also getting a shingles shot.

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DH and I both got ours yesterday.

I asked about the shingles shot, but I am too young....

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Nope..we don't do them...
I understand why many do.

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Got the flu shot and my first pneumonia shot two weeks ago, I'm all set.

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Not yet, but plan to. I was by my doctor's office in Toronto last week but she had yet to receive the vaccine. It would appear that it was available earlier in the U.S. - we were in NY in Sept. and all of the pharmacies had it. I have to get the shot from a doctor so I will have to wait a bit. I did ask her last year about the shingles vaccince but at the time it would have cost me about $250 Cdn. - our provincial health care plan does not cover the cost - and neither does the office plan.

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DH and my mother both beat me to it by a week this year, but I got mine yesterday.

I cannot remember the last year we skipped it and did not get the vaccine. I can't remember which year either of us had flu either, except that I know my father in law was still alive and we missed a February birthday dinner for him being sick - and he's been gone 27 years. I have no patience at all for something like flu - we get the shots.

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I've been very lucky all my life. I only had the true Flu once. I was in High School.i had fever, aches, headache, intense tiredness, dry cough. I remember everyone in my family had the flu at the same time. Only one sister was spared. She ended up staying home from school to wait on the sick ones. She got us drinks,etc.

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Got mine several weeks ago by the 1st District Health Nurse. They are really stressing them this year in this state as we had more than normal cases last year.

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I've only gotten the flu once, and that was right after I got my first and only flu shot! Probably a coincidence but I don't care to try again.

I am glad people who need it are able to access it so easily.

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Today at 3:00!

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Next week for DH and me. We're up to date on DPT (or whatever it's called now); have had second pneumonia shots and shingles vaccines.

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Yep. I'm relieved dd3 finally got a Flu Mist--she has a needle phobia--as she gets sick every year. She was afraid it might make her feel unwell since it's a live virus, but she had no problem.

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Yes, hubby and I got ours a few weeks ago....
We get one every year.

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Dh and I got ours last week. Tried to get it at Walgreens Pharmacy, but was told that they were out of the high dose vaccine that is recommended for seniors, and that nobody else would have it if they didn't. We stepped 10 feet away from the pharmacy counter in that store to the area where an independent company has space staffed by a nurse practitioner (again, in the same Walgreens right next to the pharmacy) where we were given the high dose vaccine. And did we in fact get the high dose? How would we know?

I think the general public in being horn-swoggled by all these places that we can now go to in place of our doctors.

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We got the high dose flu immunization last week at our local Von's. It is covered by our health insurance.
I have always gotten the vaccine....I was in the health care industry and we were required to have one every year.
Due to my asthma I am considered high risk.

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You can't get the flu from the flu shot....period...end of that discussion. can have a reaction to the shot. Those of your who won't get the shot "will" get it the year after you have the flu..if you are older and live through it that is. I had a little bit of a reaction this year and so did a friend, but in no way would I ever "not" get this shot. I have a few health problems and a case of that nasty flu would probably kill me and I'm not ready to go yet.

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Had my shot almost a month ago.

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I got the high dosage shot a month ago at Walgreen's. Medicare pays for it. We are required to have the shot if we volunteer at the hospital. Instead of waiting to get them at the hospital, I always go to a pharmacy in Sept. as soon as the vaccine comes out. I took my proof of vaccination to the volunteer office and got a sticker to put on my ID card.

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Flu shot and whooping cough vaccine.

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Yes both my husband and I have gotten our flu shots. I got mine at the end of September and he got his 2 weeks ago.

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Got mine at Costco today - $14.99 and my insurance will reimburse me.

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Yes I got my flu shot yesterday and Medicare will pay for it.

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I got mine a few weeks ago. It takes two weeks to be fully effective.

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I had a kidney transplant a couple years ago. My doctors have urged me to get a flu shot, but only with dead virus not the live nasal mist. They also told me, supplies get sent to the pharmacies first,then to private doctors' offices. So some years, if there's a shortage, your doctors office may not get their supply.

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We got ours this past Friday,....the one for seniors. In the 43+ years we have been getting our yearly flu shots, we have "never" had any reaction, until this year. I think we should have opted for just the regular flu shots. Hubby got a sore throat, then the hoarseness, the cough and runny nose, and extreme fatigue. I just got the extreme fatigue luckily.

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We got ours today and the nurse said they aren't recommending the high dose one, so I guess we got the regular one.

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Today at 4:30, at CVS. The one year I skipped it, a few years ago, DH came down with a horrendous flu and I got it from him. From the start of his to the end of mine it was over six weeks. Terrible. Hope never to go through that again!

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Yes about a month ago when I went to the doctor for my yearly physical. I wasn't planning to get it then but they said it was available so decided to go for it.

By the way, my daughter took her 4 month old baby in for her well baby checkup and her shots. She asked if the baby could get the flu shot yet and they said they'd give it. When she left, they gave her info on every shot they gave her that day and right on their paperwork it says that babies under 6 months should not get the flu shot. It really upset her to think that they are the medical people and they didn't pay attention to that. When she asked the girl about it, she said she forgot to give the flu shot. Gotta wonder if she was lying in case there was some reaction. By the way, there wasn't a reaction. Not sure why they don't recommend babies under 6 months to get the flu shot. Maybe a medical person here could explain it.

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The CDC states that children under 6 months are too young and the best protection for them is to have everyone around them get a flu shot.

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I got mine a week ago.

My neighbor got one two weeks ago, and I just saw her today and she said she's now recovering from the flu, so I guess Sheila's right that it takes 2 weeks to take effect. Within my neighbor's 2-week window, she had an occasion to be around a LOT of people: She worked at the library's big used-book sale, helping staff the cashiers' station, so we figure handling money and being around the books and the people, that little flu pest snuck right in and grabbed her! I told her, "Next year, wear gloves and a mask!"

I usually get one big bronchial-type cough in January or February that lasts a long time (I still try self-medicating before I give up and go to the doctor), so I absolutely don't want to get the flu, too.

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Along the lines of what scissors posted, a long time ago I got the shot at a clinic...she gave me the shot then said "you're not allergic to eggs are you?"...I thought "Now you ask?"...fortunately I'm not.

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I got mine yesterday. 'Twas at the Doctor for a followup and blood draw and they tagged me for my flu shot at the same time. There are two strength levels this year. It is recommended that oldsters get the stronger shot. It appears we seniors need to be kicked harder for the shot to be effective. They found out that last year, those who had the mild version was not well protected. But of course, you can catch a different strain that may show up in the last half of the flu season, usually sometime after February.

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Got mine at work last week.

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Oh, Scissors, that would upset me so much to have baby get a shot too soon. I think your daughter should pursue this a bit more.

I haven't gotten it yet. I will. It's important for grandparents to protect the grandkids and themselves.

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Always get a flu shot had mine three days ago and no problem. The nurse at the flu clinic advised me to get pertussis and a tetanus shot at another clinic. I had not had one for quite a few years. I guess I should be more aware of these things and no other nurse had not mentioned it before. Live and Learn!

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Got a flu shot, yesterday. Also got shingles, dpt booster, and pneumonia shot. I should be all set.

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No. I never get a flu shot. I predict I won't even get a cold this winter. I never get those either.

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I asked at the doctors office today and was told to get an appointment in two weeks which I did before I left the office.

It takes a month to take effect and then its good for four months.

So, those that rushed out and got them in august, september, october, will need to get two shots then to be protected fully as it only lasts four months.

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We got ours yesterday. Had planned to wait a bit longer--as we are aware of the fact that after 4 months, the protection falls off. But we were at the dr's for our regular check-ups and he had the vaccine, so we just got it then. This is only my 2nd flu shot. Last year I didn't even notice it.

DH is fine today. Last evening, I started feeling cold. Couldn't get warm, ended up piling up blankets on the bed like it was a cold snap in the middle of January. Today, I definitely feel like I've got a mild case of the flu--body aches, stuffy head, headache, I'm cold, sore throat. When I was telling my dd this morning, she was saying a lot of her friends who work with children have to get it--and all are saying they'll never get it again after the reactions they've had this year. Apparently, my reaction isn't too unusual for this year's blend.

Shingles? Interestingly, my dr was really pushing it a when it came back (a couple of years ago?). I read up on it, and wasn't sold, given the low effectiveness (only about 50% for people my age), the fact that not enough is known about it to know if a booster will be needed, and a number of other concerns. So I put off getting it. Asked him about it yesterday? And he's no longer so gung ho about it. He seemed to feel it wasn't effective enough to bother getting, now

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I got my flu shot at the dialysis clinic where I go about a month ago. I got to thinking about which flu shot I received and asked the nurse there and she didn't know. Now I will have to ask the doctor who is in charge of the clinic. My husband got his at the pharmacy at Krogers and he said his was the stronger flu shot.

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Health experts and authorities in most countries recommend the shingles vaccine be taken by anyone over 60, I'm not sure what's on your doctor's mind.

Having known several people who have really suffered with shingles, I would personally pursue any treatment that might have as little as a 10 percent chance of success. 50% - that's a no-brainer.

It can be expensive if not covered by insurance, like $250.

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was going to last week but my knee went out and couldn't walk...hoping for Friday...

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DH and I got our vaccines yesterday. Our MD recommended the three-strain variety, not the four-strain.

We can easily get every bug our grandkids get. Our DIL is another fine 'source', teaching middle school. DH is at our HS twice a week and at university once a week for a lecture series -- mix of college kids and the mostly Seniors attending.

The RN who 'shot' us said she's banning her parents from visiting her family (young kids) in winter. They got so sick last Christmas they ended up in the hospital with pneumonia.

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