Good Morning on Sat.

marilyn_sueOctober 27, 2012

Good morning everyone. It is only 34 out this morning and still pretty dark out. I have fed Izzi and the cats and have the dishwasher going. In a bit I am going up and try to sew some more. I am about to finish up a tunic top made of Halloween fabric that I plan to wear to the Fall Festival this evening at church when I take my bushel basket of treats for the little ones. The fabric is black background with Halloween cup cakes on it. I messed around with two of my sewing machines trying to get a better stitch from them but am not really satisfied. Cleaned them changed the needles, new bobbin thread, but I am not happy with them yet. What are the rest of you planning on doing this weekend? How is your weather too. I hope you all have a great weekend.

Sue in Central Indiana

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It's 22ú and dark, with just a tiny bit of daylight on the horizon. DS and DIL are coming later in the day, so that will be nice to see them. I'll be making chicken enchiladas for dinner tonight, I think. Hope your Halloween outfit is a success, Sue!

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Good Morning to all! It's warm here on Long Island Saturday around 9 a m- 60 degrees. I already went out to the store and bought provisions for the next few days, assuming that hurricane Sandy will hit us.Yesterday I got canned pet food, today I got human food. You know I love my pets. They never criticize me.

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Good Morning! It is windy here in Panama City Florida and about 60 degrees. It looks like rain but we are not supposed to get any, but I sure wish we would. Not sure what all I will get into today. I do know David and I need to get out and mow the grass one more time before cooler weather sets in. We have 3 acres to cut so it takes both of us at once mowing. After that, I might sit down and crochet on my doily for a while.
I am not cooking supper today...its my birthday! I just need to decide where I want restaurant I want to go to.


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Good morning and Happy Birthday Debn!!

We have frost on the pumpkins in Amarillo and will have again tonight. However, with our ever changing weather, we should be a sunny 70 degrees on Halloween.

Have no plans to get out today, so will just kick back with my two cats. Have fed my outside Breakfast Club (neighborhood cats).

May watch a movie or two later on and do some cleaning.

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Happy birthday, Deb.

It is cool...almost 53* here but should warm up to the upper 60's. I have taken care of all of my animals and I am getting ready to make a list for today. I work off of a list every day. It keeps me distracted from other things and I get more accomplished.

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Cool but sunny here in Illinois. I don't have much planned for today but our church starts a revival tonight, will be going to that. There is a potluck tomorrow so will have to prepare a dish for it. Don't have a clue on what to fix. Happy Birthday Deb. October is a beautiful month for a birthday.

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Cool and dreary here. I'm wondering how many trick or treaters my aunt will have tonight. I'm suppose to go help her pass out candy.

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Morning all.......It's chilly in the Texas Hill Country but a beautiful morning following a great week. We had much needed rain and a cool spell came through. No trick or treaters in my area...since we moved here we have never had a single child...a little sad really but we live in the country. There are a few kids around but no really close. Hope everyone plans a wonderful new week ...just make it happen.

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I never think of Texas getting frost Granlan!

Cool, raining all day and dreary here.

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Cool here in ND around low 20's But warming up to 40 Had a dusting of snow yesterday, but gone as it is too warm. Entire month has be below average and looks a bit better for Nov. At least don't have to worry about garden, yard, or lawn for few month, except snow removal.

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