Honey Boo Boo on Dr. Drew

enjoyingspringOctober 24, 2012

She was on the Dr. Drew show last night, she is quite the "brat" she even tried to slap Dr. Drew, kept interupting, mind you she is only a child. I can't see good things coming in this childs future.

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She's a 7 yo without other defences. She's tired of the celebrity and interruptions to her life. It is time to allow her go back to being a child.

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I didn't see it, but have seen the "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" thing a few times. She seems to be a product of her environment, where they appear to encourage her smart alec behavior.

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I've never seen her show but I've certainly seen snippets of her and I was interested to see how Dr. Drew would react to her behavior. I agree 100% with hounds. The constant interrupting really bugged me. I'd love to know what was really going through Dr. Drew's mind - I'm afraid if I were there I'd have a hard time not telling her to knock it off.

Mom sure can make some interesting faces.


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I watched the show about Honey (Alana) and her family once. I thought it was intrusive to film such people for mass consumption. I think it exploits people who top spaghetti with ketchup and butter.

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I've never seen this "Dr Drew" or "honey Boo", except for clips on news shows. I think shows like those are exploitative and disgusting.

With all the attention in forums and chats, I think it only encourages this behavior.

What is entertaining about a fat sloppy kid and the people who use her like a freak show entertainer ?

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Monica, how RUDE of you to call this child fat!!!!!
I too have only seen clips but I would never call her, or anyone else fat! That is just cruel.
Perhaps she is overweight but to actually call her fat is just rude and shows your usual snobbish self!

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Nope, she IS fat.

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Let's call this what it is; the girl is an overindulged child who is never told she can't have or do something. Her parents are the exploiters, since they must agree to the taping of their daughter and the family.

The parents should be disciplined and instructed on how to properly raise a child. They appear as nothing more than money grubbing individuals and are not afraid to use their child for their gain.


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Yes she is an overweight child, but name calling IS rude.
Maybe where you come from or how you were raised it's ok to call someone fat. I think it's cruel.
Name calling in any instance is just wrong in my eyes!

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They are ALL a disgusting hot mess , and it shows the dumbing down of America to follow this band of hillbillies around like they're stars. Mother had four daughters each to a different criminal father,never married any of them, got pregnant at 13. But ,hey, we've moving up. Her daughter waited till she was 16 to have a baby and has nothing to do with it's father either. One of Mom's kids father is a sexual predator. And if Honey Boo Boo is a beauty queen, either of my dogs would win against her.

Wonderful role models and entertainment.

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Why are there not laws protecting the child from TLC/Dr Drew and her parents from letting this all happen to her~~~it is very sad. None of it is her fault she is just a child.

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Calling a child fat can be extremely damaging. I was called fat by a lot of people (children AND adults) when I was young and I still have self-esteem issues from it 20+ years later. Even if it is true, it still hurts.

And no, it's not the best way to get them to lose weight. It's not coddling to abstain from calling a child fat, or encouraging bad behaviors or protecting overly delicate/easily offended types or anything like that. Young children have very little control over what they eat or their environment, and if they aren't taught anything other than bad food, then it's not their fault. It's just as bad as calling a child stupid or worthless. I grew up on processed foods because that's what I was fed, and I didn't know about proper nutrition until I was older. Was that my fault? No. But I can STILL remember every single time someone would comment on my weight when I was a kid and how much it hurt. Not to mention it led to me hating myself and developing eating disorders that I still struggle with today.

Please remember that what you say about a child gets back to them in some way, even if it's not directly. Things posted on the internet will never disappear.

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I've seen bits and pieces of Toddlers and Tiaras (I think that is the show that spawned Honey Boo Boo) but I don't understand why she was chosen to be the STAR, if that is what she is now.

I tried to watch the HBB show, but just can't; it is too gross.

As for HBB herself, I think she is over rated, over indulged, overweight, and under educated. Even Dr. Drew was in "over his head." He didn't know what to do with her.

This is a good example of the dumbing down problem we have among our population now. I feel for this child, and I hope for her sake this show will be OVER soon; although it may be too late for her to have a normal life.


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"And if Honey Boo Boo is a beauty queen, either of my dogs would win against her."

Seriously? She's 7 years old and you're saying your dogs are more attractive than she is? Say what you will about their family but I have never heard them say something that cruel and superficial about anyone else, especially a young child.

People post pictures of their children and grandchildren on this forum all the time. Is it okay to call them fat, sloppy and uglier than a dog if it's true? I'm pretty sure that wouldn't be tolerated so I don't understand why she's fair game for the name-calling just because her parents put her on tv.

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I agree with Monica, but not to the point of calling her fat, overweight, but not fat....I think all of those so called "shows" need to be taken off the air...Little girls that are dressed and made up to look like hookers and now this little brat and her family.....No wonder I don't watch much TV......

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Greg can not stand to watch this show.He said he blames the parents.But Please how in the world did she get to be so famous or what in the world do you call it?Please?Hugs judy in alabama

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In Honey Boo Boo's own words, her family is fat:


Here is a link that might be useful: Honey Boo Boo on her family

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My dogs are very cute. One of them is Mr July on a calender. ..Over the top comment maybe, but this show makes me gag. BooBoo is a very unappealing child in looks and actions. They do nothing all day but eat junk food, and then wonder why Mom weigh over 300 pounds and the girls are on their way. Mom was making her famous dinner the other night. Boiled a big load of spaghetti, melted a tub of butter and ketchup in the microwave and voila..dinner served on their recliners.

There are subtitles on the screen because no one can understand if they're speaking English. Yet this show beat the convention coverages. Sad.

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The last time someone posted about this child I had to do a google to see who she was. haven't watched any of the shows doesn't interest me.

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I wrote up a post, but somehow it disappeared before posting.

I find Alana to be a really sweet child with a lot of endearing qualities. Her 'bratty' behavior shows up when she is put in an uncomfortable position where she is expected to 'perform' as some sort of side show. I would be uncomfortable in that situation also. I've never watched Dr. Drew so I don't know anything about him. If he were a good host, he would have recognized that Alana wasn't interested and would have switched tactics in the interview by possibly allowing Alana her space and talking to June instead. Alana is a 7 yo child and is acting as other 7 yo children would in her position. I can't blame June for using the opportunity to try and make some money for her family to make their lives better. TLC put this family on tv because they wanted a train wreck. Shows like Dr.Drew are happy to make that happen.

Despite the negative and criminal attributes of the parents, the family is still a loving family and the girls are sweet and likeable. They need some education and social skills. Hopefully, the resources of the show will allow them to do that.

I'm not a fan of beauty pageants. IMO, they are usually a symptom of poor self esteem and a poor use of family resources. Having said that, I think that Alana is as capable of being a beauty queen as the other girls competing in the pageants. When she is in full makeup and costume, she is as pretty as the rest of the girls. Most people are not that attractive without artificial help. If Miss America were a true beauty pageant, there wouldn't be much of a competition there either. Alana has a big personality which will take her further than drop dead gorgeous looks. With the right training and education, she could go very far.

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Calling her "fat" on this forum is very different from calling her "fat" to her face. Name-calling is one thing. Discussing her overly-nourished (and indulged) status is another.

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Adellabedella, I agree with everything you wrote.

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This 7 yr old brat is FAT, no way to color that anything other than what it is. She is also nasty, - did anyone miss the one of her with her boogers hanging 4 inches out of her nose? - or - the episode on the woman who was kind enough to come to the home and ATTEMPT to teach them some table manners? The entire family lives like backwoods primates!

Alana is living what she is learning, no doubt, but what I haven't seen mentioned here is; "TLC" is supposedly "The Learning Channel".

What are they teaching us, exactly, by trotting out this band of moronic misfits?

Answer: Another lesson in How to Dumb Down America!

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hounds_x_two I disagree. Name calling is bad no matter where you do it!
Question for Monica, IF she will answer. If your husbands granddaughter turns out to be an overweight child, are you going to call her fat? I would love to be there when/if you say to her Mother or Father, oh she's fat. Bet you wouldn't hurt their feelings by saying that. So why is it ok to do it to another child. Or is it because she can't hear you.
I think Adellabedella has got it all right!!!!

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adellbedella said: "When she is in full makeup and costume, she is as pretty as the rest of the girls. Most people are not that attractive without artificial help."

If any comment on this thread diminishes how far females have come, yours does it. True beauty comes from within, adell, there's nothing "artificial" about it.

"Pretty is as pretty does", and no amount of makeup will ever make anyone from that Boo Boo clan truly "pretty".

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I saw the episode with the boogers out the nose. IMO, TLC was the bad actor on that. Alana sneezed and put her hand over her mouth during the interview. She looked embarrassed and wasn't sure what to do. It was an awkward stare down and Alana looked ready to cry. Any caring person would have gotten her a tissue or excused her to go to the bathroom to take care of it. TLC was rude there and the booger scene was a poor reflection on TLC not Alana.

GrammyMyrna...Nobody has said that true beauty doesn't come from within. I believe I was referring to physical appearance in the part that you quoted. Alana has the spark of inner beauty. She needs some polish for the rough edges.

IMO, the lady's attempts to teach table manners was a setup by the TLC people and not really a serious attempt. I'm not entirely sure that Alana's sister didn't do her little stunts just to mess with the lady a bit.

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I kept thinking during the interview that her mom should have stopped and told Alana to stop interrupting! Kids as young as 2-3 need to be told, "Just a minute. We're talking. When we're through, I'll talk to you." That's just allowing her to be rude and children (even tv "stars") need to learn manners.

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She's a rude little brat who has NO manners and is crude just like all the rest of them. I wonder if she'll wait till 16 to get knocked up like sister did.

I read the people in Georgia living near them are so embarrassed by this show.

I wonder if Mom June will ever marry. Four daughters by four different men with criminal records.

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I saw a TV commercial for the Dr. Drew show (didn't watch the show itself, don't watch the Honey Boo Boo show, either), and the first thing I thought was that the girl was probably being hauled around all morning, maybe had to take a flight or train to get there, was probably primped and poked before her camera appearance, and was likely just very tired and needed some space and a nap and aspirin.

I wonder why Dr. Drew didn't just stop the taping and reschedule it for the next day, or even a few hours later. I guess he saw her little bits of cranky behavior and thought "BIG RATINGS!"

Like all the other "child stars" we've seen over the years, I just hope that down the line she looks around, realizes that there are other, better ways of living, and sets her ambitions high. A lot of folks in this world have overcome challenging starts, and I hope she'll be one of them.

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I don't know if this little girl was a brat before or became one after all this hype, but a brat she is. I saw the clip from Dr. Drew where she was faking sleep and also tried to slap him. Disgusting behavior for any child, but who is to blame for this? Supposed adults!

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What are they thinking putting these shows on the air anyway? Ratings and that is all they care about, It is the same everywhere, not much different from when we were kids, EXCEPT most of us were taught morals, manners and respect for EVERYONE. Kids today learn from what they see and I am afraid it won't get better, just worse. If anyone likes home reno shows and had ever watched Love it or List it you can see one very good example. Those people are plain nasty and outright ignorant. Who died and made them royalty? I loved to see just what could be done with some of the homes but I can not even stand to see the start of the show come on anymore..the homeowners don't appreciate what is being done they have to act like ...don't get me started ..it would be embarrassing to even have a next door neighbor like that. I realize it is only a reality show..as are most that are on now because that is what makes the ratings. All the talk about this child, that is fat as stated by some posters is just sad. That child (if they are her parents) didn't or should I say doesn't have a snowballs chance in hell-o of being any different than she is. Hopefully someone will step into her life and steer her in the right direction. But there is a chance of someone in your own families that may come along and be "fat" either from a medical condition or the bad choices that their parents make when raising him or her. What do we do? Reject all these kids and ridicule them, what a boost to their self esteem, because of course we are perfect to begin with? I think not, mirrors show the outsides not what you are inside and we all have faults. To anyone that has never had to deal with a weight problem they will never know what nasty comments and and jeers can do to a person. Then again, start watching all the bullying that has lead to teen suicides all it took was a comment. One that made them feel so bad about themselves that they didn't know how to cope at that young age so the problems kept getting bigger and bigger with the bullies taunting and name calling ...only to escalate to higher degrees of torture. Name calling is just what I did in my post by calling those people nasty and ignorant. In my opinion they were degrading to others but in Honey Boo's case she just doesn't know any better, in social skills nor in her actions and being the youngest in the family probably didn't help matters any.

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The reason probably why the show is popular (never seen it) is that the kid/mom are fat and very rude!! That's the image they want to portray; which is very sad!! I'm sure in the long run they will have to deal with a lot of negative stuff in their life!!

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The child (circumferentially endowed and lacking in appropriate social skills) is making big dollars for someone. She is being exploited. I say shame on the media for promoting this.

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I admit to having a moral lapse and watching the program once...that was enough. When I see that there is a market for this type of stuff, I can't help but think this country is in slow decline. Sadly, there are probably more people who can tell you the names of Honey BooBoo's family members than can name the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

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lily316 - what man would ever marry June with the dried crust ring around her neck?

If you didn't see that episode, you only missed the usual nasty, filthy hygiene of each and every one of that Boo Boo clan! And of course, June thinks it's funny and "sexy". UGH!

Does "Sugarbear" even have teeth? The few times he talks, all you can see is that horrid, undoubtedly smelly tobacco juice he sucks down!

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I think this is the best, certainly one of the most revealing threads, I've read since I've been on here.

This whole disgusting HBB thing seems to me to be a reflection of how disgustingly wretched our society has become. It's not the sickeningly unhealthy family that this show depicts that scares me, many of us see that in one form or another. It's the huge number of viewers that this type of programming commands that is FRIGHTENING!
Exploitation? If people didn't watch that family then that little "fat" girl couldn't be exploited, right? Bustin' on Monica Pa for calling a fat kid "fat" wasn't at all in line.

Escapism is going to be the end of this great experiment.

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Hounds x 2, I love "circumferentially endowed". I've used horizontally challenged as a description before, and I'm going to have to incorporate this in my lingo, lol.

As to HBB, never have and never will see the show. I've seen bits and pieces here and there and will avoid it like the plague.

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