Smoothies - Not this morning!

OnAHollidayOctober 7, 2012

The general routine around here is a couple of cups of coffee and a smoothie in the morning. Smoothies for us are:

Almond milk, Greek yogurt (Chobani our fav), spinach, frozen fruits of almost any type, flax seed (used chia seed for awhile but it had an unpleasant gastro effect lol). It all goes into the blender... DW is in charge of the smoothie production.


Eggs, bacon, grits & toast. I'm in charge of the traditional breakfast. She's still asleep but the coffee, grits and bacon are ready. Can't do the eggs and toast until show time. :)

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She's lucky to have you! I'm not a breakfast person, but it sure sounds good.

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that is my kind of breakfast. i am not a smoothie person. i'll take eggs and the works anytime along with my coffee. ;)

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I love breakfast but these days I fix what I want and DH can fend for himself. He sleeps in and I want to eat since I am an early riser. Homefries, eggs, bacon, sourdough English muffins, juice, hot chocolate (not a coffee drinker) sounds great on a dismal cold Texas morning.

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We each do our own from years of him working nights and sleeping in and me working days and being gone by the time he gets up~~retirement has not changed much there~~a hard boiled egg/or scrambled and a bananna for me some times oatmeal and almond milk Boring eh?

Smoothies are not good for me~~~

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That sounds good about now. I can't stand the thought of food first thing in the morning, but by 10:30 it sounds pretty good. Hope you both enjoy your breakfast and your Sunday.

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I'm finishing up my cup of coffee, from this morning. I enjoy sipping when it's cold and leftover in the afternoon.

One of my favorite breakfasts that I USED to cook was baked eggs wrapped with bacon in a muffin tin, home hash browns, and an very buttery English muffin.

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