Some may remember me, most I would like to know

OrchidllauragaOctober 31, 2013

A few of you may remember me as Orchidllauraga from several years ago. I see lots of new names that I would like to know. Please if you remember me give me a shout out. A lot has changed in my life so if I offended you in the past I am truly sorry. If you haven't met me please give me a chance.

I am married to the same man for 23.5 years named Tony, we did 20 years in the Submarine Fleet of the Navy. He is working in the private sector now. We have 2 kids, Sam, our son just turned 21 and our daughter Molly is 19. We have just moved back to Alabama in June. I love to watch TV, play on the computer, and read. I hate housework but do it

I'll answer any questions you may have, as long as it doesn't get me a ride on the teacups..hehehehe

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I remember you - and to be honest, just last week I was wondering where and how you were!

However, I remember you most from KTT.

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Well I remember you. I am 50 almost 51 and as they say with age comes wisdom, I hope I have gotten some, it has been years since I posted on a board like this, and I hope I am welcomed back. I promise no dramatics or hysterical Now If I could just change my board name to Orchidlauraal since I live in Alabama again..

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Welcome back Laura. I don't recall you but that does not matter.

Sue in Central Indiana

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Welcome back.... I remember 'Orchid's (did we have more than one?) from way back, so it is good to see you again. No more tea cups... maybe we all have grown up! Hope to see you around! (I know I have grown older, darn!) Nanny

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FlamingO in AR

I remember you! I'm not here as much as I used to be, but still read some. I don't post as much as I used to, but I'm also busier than I used to be.

I would like to think that we have all grown and changed a little, I know that I have. Life has a way of doing that to us, making us stop and think and also be a little less carefree, seems like.

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Hello from Glenda! I remember you!

Welcome to Alabama! I live in B'ham.

I'm 74 now and been with the KT a long time!

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I remember you, probably because we were about the same age with kids about the same age. As I recall, you lived around Savannah/Brunswick, maybe St. Marys? I remember vacationing at Jekyll Island and thinking, "Wouldn't it be funny if Orchid/Laura was here, too."

I hope you're enjoying life in Alabama and your kids are doing well. I graduated from Auburn and I loved living in Alabama.

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Oh. My. Goodness. I was just wondering about you the other day! So happy to see you back! Big hugs!

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I don't remember you, but I'm glad you found your way back to the table! Sounds like you're really happy to be in Alabama. Is that where you're from originally?

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Welcome back! Feel right at home and jump right in. I've been around here for a good while too.
I now live in the North Houston area.

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Happy to see all the Welcome Backs!!! We live in Trussville Glenda. I really want to meet with you!!! How is your DS and DGS??? Are we still using DS,DD, & DH to mean Dear Son, Dear Daughter, & Dear Husband??? I mean for most of the time, way back when it meant dear sometimes it meant a bad word husband....heehehehe

Also if you have changed your niickname will you let me know who you were way back when???Please

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Most definately remember you. I think of Sam every time I watch Dancing With The Stars. I remember the tough time he had because he took dance classes and always wonder what the little heathens think when they see such masculine guys, like the Chermkosky brothers. Nice to see you again. Hope all is well with you and your family.

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HI! Waving to you from Sunny Southern California, I have been off and on here for years as Ladybug1948 and Lunchlady1948, now I am YogaLady1948~~Welcome Back


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I remember you....good to see you again! I have been here since 1999.

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Looking forward at Joel's for a great lunch and sure Linda will join us.. Email soon!

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Are you Orchid from the KT back in about 1999? If so, I remember you, and have thought of you often over the years!


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Lord has it been that long that I have known about the KT? I guess so, Yep I am pretty sure that I was around the KT in 1999.

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Hi! I live in Remlap, not too far from Trussville and I'm over there a lot. Sometimes Glenda and I meet there for lunch because it's about half way between our houses. We will have to do lunch some time.

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If you were riding in teacups, you are way before my time.....on the KT, that is. Otherwise, you're just a kid! Welcome back to the KT. I think I've been here about six years. It's hard to believe it's been that long since I remodeled my kitchen which is how I found the Garden Web.

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Orchid, it's been at least that long! We moved into this house in 1991, and didn't get internet until at least 1997, but I think it was closer to '98-'99. If I remember right, you were on a military base somewhere in the south at that time. When Spike had to go pay, I lost you. I have thought of you so often over the years. I am happy to see you again!


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Yep Tami that was me, We were stationed at Kings Bay Submarine Base in St. Marys, GA in EXTREME SE GA. We have moved back to where I grew up. I now live in Birmingham AL. really it is Trussville, our subdivision hasn't been annexed by Trussville yet, but we are hopeful...

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lindyluwho, and I meet couple times a year.
You will enjoy meeting both of us for lunch.

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great seeing you here Laura!! I'm not here as much as I'd like to goes on!!

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I am so very glad you came back to us! I have thought of you every few months since you left us. Yes, that often. Now I don't need to wonder and worry about you anymore!


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Hi Orchid, I am still here every now and then too....Thank goodness I think we have outgrown the drama...Queens that we were...Glad to see you back and I have thought of you too....

We are retired too and back in TX...

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Again thank you all for the WELCOME BACKS especially from RuthieG...Been a long time since I have been back to the KT yet it feels like coming home...This is the first board I ever posted at, so in a way this is my home...

Is Spike still running the board??

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Hi, Orchid,

I have been a member here since Day One of the Kitchen Table, after first joining GardenWeb, when I got my first computer. I first found the Garden Party, where I read that Spike had just set up the Kitchen Table. I believe that was about twenty years ago.

I'm sorry to have to say that I don't remember you, but on the other hand, I don't remember a whole lot of any thing anymore.

Currently, I have not posted much lately, though I read everyday; KT is my home base. I'm going through some bad health problems. Your post brought me out, and I welcome you back.

No, sorry, but Spike is no longer here. He finally sold to iVillage. (Don't get me started on that!)

Age? I believe I am the next to oldest one here, in actual years, not just on KT. Keep posting and she will show up and you will be inspired by her.


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Spike set up the table in 1997 Sue...I to found it from HG's Garden Party (those people were vicious!) when it was one day one He's sold it Laura and has long moved on...hence there are no more rides on the tea cups!! This board does keep it clean and while many have moved on some of us old timers still come here...If Spike had any sense, he's retired and living the life of luxury now!!

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I remember you too! I was also sent to Disney by Spike once. Had a devil of a time getting back but finally convinced him.

Welcome back and pull up a chair. Did you bring cheesecake with you?

your resident DJ

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Hi Laura-Of course I remember you. I always think of you when we pass St Marys when we head north on vacation. Do you kids still live with you?

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Thanks for the time/date. I know that has come up several times in the past. This time I actually am going to write it down!


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Hi laura I also remember you.I joined this board in 1999,and I had found it because someone at the quilting forum told me about it.

I'm not here as much as I used to be either,but still pop in everynow and again to see how and what everyone is up to.

So welcome back,pull up a chair and sit a spell.

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Molly is back living with us, she is going to start back to college in January. Sam is in GA at Job Corps in Brunswick studying to be a heating & ac tech. He should graduate in January then he will move back in. I am not really excited about having them both back, Molly is paying rent and when Sam moves back in he will pay rent also. We are going to save their rent & when they get ready to move into their first apt or house we will give it back to them for things like deposits on utilities or to buy them a bed or a sofa. We are giving Sam 6 months to get a job & on his feet then he has to move out unless he goes back to school at night then he can stay longer.

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Hi Orchid! Long time girl friend...when we talked on the phone..remember?

Glad you're back at the table.

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Hi Laura,

Can't say that I remember you, and I've been here for quite a few years ... but I'm getting old and forgetful.

Don't know where I stand in the line up of the aged, here ... but I'm 84 ... and really thankful to be enjoying quite good health, enough to have done a half-assed job of operating about a mile of garden, this summer.

I remember having been sent to Disney a few times ... and wondering what the heck was going on, until it was explained to me. I don't remember having had to cajole Spike in order to be allowed to return, though.

I live in southwestern Ontario, Canada ... within almost spitting distance of four of the Great Lakes.

Glad you're back among this fine crowd.

ole joyful

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Every time I see your title, I have to laugh. I think, am in the minority, those she would not like to know? since it says "most".

Welcome back! I'm Robin (female), from Nashville. I have a son who is 14, but I am mid-40s. I'm more like a doting grandparent than a parent to him since I had him after many pregnancy difficulties, and a bit later in life. I've been married three times, because I am fine at dating and flirting, but living with, I must not be so great? Nah, I'm just kidding. Who knows, I must just pour my heart into it all, even if it's wrong (for him or for me?). I've been flooded, bankrupted, foreclosed on, all within the past five years, but I am climbing out of the financial hole and back to my life of living debt free. I might even get a new car some day. If I'm really lucky. I love to cook and to garden. I'm fairly good at both, but phenomenal at neither. I've been in Nashville since the late 70s, but grew up military, which means both coasts and the south Pacific. We only came back here because my family (both mother's and father's kinfolks) has been here since Nashville has been here. Well, not on the Robertson boat, but not that much longer after. We bought our land from Andrew Jackson and even owned a portion that our state capital building sits on. Back when it was the red light district. I have been in two different professions in my life, neither of which are associated with the red light district! I love girly things and just hanging out here catching pictures of whatever people are showing me, their website of the day, craft of the day, trivia fun, or whatever else is on tap.

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