it's cold outside!!!!

lindalouOctober 13, 2012

woke up this morning to some pretty cold temperatures. only 29 degrees......i am about frozen. what am i going to do when it gets really cold up here? hope you are all keeping warm!! have a great day. :)

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It has warmed up here for today, 45 out and rain moving in for some of the day.

Sue in Central Indiana

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It's Saturday morning, and the temp was 28 degrees this morning at 7 am.

Katlan, in south central Pennsylvania

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It was 36 at 6 am, now it's 41. Brrrrr from Long Island NY.

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Warmer today in the Dakota's as the sun is out and less wind. Still in the 50's with clouds. No rain yet , did have snow flurries a couple of days ago. Expect and need rain this next week for the winter wheat going into the ground.

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Wonderful weather here. After a grueling hot summer, we are being blessed with temps in the low to mid-80's. Mornings are high 50's to low 60's. They say we are going to have a winter like last year. I sure hope so. It was like this except for a week or two of colder temps.

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