"battening down the hatches"

lindalouOctober 29, 2012

well, we got everything in the backyard put away, except for a lot of perennials in pots. will move them into the garage as soon as it gets light out. heavy winds expected to start around 5 pm. can expect gusts of 60 mph or more. i am hoping our basement doesn't flood. going down to make sure everything is up off the floor. hoping everyone in the path of this thing stays safe.

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sending you "the best of luck" wishes, and hoping you get no damage at all!


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Yes, stay safe everyone. Snow (light) has arrived early here in Ohio.

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Winds and rain here in Central Delaware. Suppose to get worse later.

From what I can tell, we'll get hit, but the upper part of the state will really take a big blow. Tain't no fun McGee!

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Wishing everyone stays safe wherever they are. It is chilly and breezy here in central Indiana this morning.


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We took care of all the 'battening down' over the weekend. DH was scheduled for surgery today--we were delighted when the surgical center called yesterday and cancelled today's procedures--it's nothing that can't wait another week or two.

It is supposed to get worse later, of course, but so far, we've had NOTHING as bad as was predicted. We were supposed to have showers and some wind all day yesterday. We got: a few drizzles and a very light breeze. Then it was supposed to intensify last evening around 8--no, nothing. We went to a neighbor's after dinner to sit with her (her husband had died that morning) and it wasn't even raining at all. Then, it was supposed to be really bad this morning (thus the cancellation of the surgery). We've got a light rain, and I'm looking out the window at my Heavenly Bamboo--which isn't even moving. So far, we've had 1.9" of rain in the rain gauge.

And the local coverage is really odd--they're down the shore, on the boardwalk, saying how bad everything is, BUT their hair isn't blowing around, the waves are high, but not huge. They're talking about outtages--BUT the biggest utility in our state, with many millions of customers has only 829 outtages--which made DH laugh. He said, "I did that many in a week!" (he was a cutman before he retired--bill collector for the company).

I do expect at some point, we're going to have some weather that's more severe, since the projected tracks go close to or over our house, but hoping not too bad. And hope others fare well, also.

Remember--DO NOT run your generator INSIDE--not in the house, the garage or shed.

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It's Monday morning here in Long Island. I got up early, drove around to see what's open (not much) stopped for coffee, then hit the computer. Light rain, 60 degrees, a lot of wind. I'll have a lot of raking to do after this passes! But we'll be okay, plenty of food and drinks, pet food, and -so-far-we still have electricity!

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The weatherman on MSNBC had good advice this morning. He said to take a long, hot shower this morning because it may be the last one you get for a while.

Personally, I'd be headed for Ohio or points west. The longest we've been without electricity was 4+ days, but that was sure enough for me. We depended on a well and septic--and we had no water, either. Just what we'd gathered in order to flush and clean up as much as possible. After two years in a row of it, I told myself, "No more!"

Please be safe, KT'ers. And check in with us when and if possible. You'll all be in my prayers.

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It's raining pretty hard here in SE PA and the wind is getting stronger all the time. Most TV coverage is showing the NJ beach communities, so I guess that's where the news is, so far. I am happy to have power and hope it lasts through the day. The neighbors are all cooking the food in their freezers. I don't have that much. I can always light my gas burners and stir fry everything!

I made extra ice overnight and so if I have to out the milk, etc in a cooler, I'll be set.

Good luck to all in the path of a storm.

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South shore long island ny here... is 10am and we have sustained winds between 35-45mph (depending on which news channel you watch) Folks are staying home, battened down. There is flooding along the southern most towns, although it's not unusual that these towns see street flooding during high tide. They are predicting winds up to 75mph.

Many of the south bound roadways to the barrier islands and flood zone areas are closed. It is not uncommon that the local residents will go down to the shore to see the big waves. The concern here is about the predicted storm surge- they say that we will get between 8-15ft of extra water.

I am feeling more nervous about the heavy winds (being that we are 35' above sea level, flooding is not really an issue for us). Our house was built in 1928 and creaks alot in the wind. I have to remind myself that it with stood the 1939 hurricane, so it must be sturdy.

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I am praying for everyone in the path. It's windy and rainy here in N. Central Ohio. It's 42� and wind is NNE @ 30 mph. So it's not going to be great here either, but not nearly as bad as most will get it. As one who has family memebers in the First Responders, please, if you are told to evacuate, even if it's only volluntary, please do so. Please keep us posted on how you are faring as long as you can.


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I'm in Ohio too and this morning filled 3 one gal. jugs with water and a 5gl. I'll fill the tea kettle to make sure I can make coffee or tea all day on my gas stove. Brought in the last table and chairs from the garden and also the few Halloween decorations I had out. So far just a little wind and spitting rain like at Tami's. My Mom and the neighbors across the way have standby generators so if I need more water or necessities I can count on them.

Take care everyone.

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Thinking about everyone in harms way.

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Stay safe everyone.

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The power will go any minute now here, winds are gusting to 50-70 mph and drenching rain. I am cooking tonight's chicken dinner in the oven early. I'm very scared with our enormous trees circling my house...100 year old ones. My koi will likely all die.

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Another Long Island-er here.

The island will be hard-hit because we're on the right side of the hurricane...not as much rain, but more wind.

It's 12:30pm on Monday now. All's well; even 'tho I have underground electric, I do expect to lose power.

Things will get goin' around 8pm tonight.

Thank you KT for all your thoughts and prayers for all of us on the east coast. This is one gigantic storm.

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Praying for everyone's safety!!

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Wishing everyone in the path or the storm safety.

We have had strong winds since last night in the Windsor-Detroit area and they are expected to get worse in the next few days as Hurricane Sandy and the winter storm meet clash.

Our utility company has been trimming trees in the area away from power lines in the last few weeks and mine were done a few days ago so I am confident our power will stay on, well at least I hope so.

I am happy the weather report just reported we won't be getting the heavy rains that they were expecting so that makes me happy because my basement floods when we get heavy rains.


Here is a link that might be useful: Weather

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All the furniture on the decks and in the yard were stowed away yesterday.
Trash cans put in garage.
Freezer is full of ice in anticipation of losing power.
Food is cooked.
Downloaded a couple of books into Kindle, and it's fully charged.
Notebook is charged up.
Laptop is charged.'
Smart phone is charged.

Both cars fully gassed up, so that we can use the cigarette lighter ports for charging electronics.

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Hope you all stay safe. It's rainy here and freezing cold. Went to work this morning, only to get a message from Lauren that she was home vomiting and having diarrhea...so had to come home and take her to the doctor. Been running around trying to get her some Gaterade and fix my compromised debit card.

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about 3:30--Update

rain and wind have picked up seriously in S. Jersey. Guess in one sense, we're lucky--the Derecho (over 100 mph winds) that hit June 30 took down most of the weak, damaged and diseased trees in our area--so hoping those left will withstand these lighter winds.

We have municipal power--and it's not uncommon for it to go out. So far so good. Although DD who lives an hour away and has undergrown lines has experienced a few blinks this afternoon.

Stay safe, warm and dry.

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Azzalea, you're so good to keep us updated on the conditions up there. Thank you!

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Thinking about all of you.
Even if you dont get a direct hit it can be pretty bad I remember in the 60's Hurricane Donna came thru the Florida keys and nearly wiped some of the islands out. We felt it extremely strong up in Miami only sbout 90 miles away.I'm sure you are all prepared. The wind will howl hope you dont lose your radio access!!

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Thank you Monica for reminding me to charge my Kindle and Kobo


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All is well here in central DE. A lot of high wind and rain, but so far no loss of power.

However, I'm getting sick of the constant news interruptions to bring us the latest on the storm. Duh, like we can't tell what's happening?

Still under high wind warning until 9 a.m. tomorrow. Not a fun time all the way around.

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In Wisconsin, the Genrac company has been rushing to fill orders for generators. They are scrambling and depleting their parts supplies. They've got 2 problems: 1) making enough generators to meet demand, and 2) transporting the product to customers. After this week, their sales is expected to drop and will cause cuting workers.

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we're fine, here in western new york. we have had a lot of rain and wind, but no loss of power, so far. according to the news, the worse has passed. i hope everyone else, in the path of this storm is safe.

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