It's morning - made it through the night

monica_paOctober 30, 2012

Still raining, but wind stopped hours ago.

Emergency vehicles going down the street through the night.

But, we have electricity, heat and no water damage.

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Oh that is wonderful Monica. I just saw the news of all the devastation in NYC and the whole surrounding area. Truly a heartbreaking scene.
So glad the worse is over, now the cleanup can begin,


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I'm thankful that you fared so well, Monica - I will continue to pray for all those who are getting this storm - just horrible!

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Toni S

Glad you are safe this morning. You can breath a big sigh of relief for your area.

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Thank goodness--glad to hear you're okay Monica.

We, too, did fine. Just checked outside, a few tiny little branches off the trees, but no damage, our power stayed on (amazing, since ours goes off at the drop of a hat out in the country here)

But there are so many in this state who have not fared as well. It's going to be a long recouperation for New Jersey--and the other states that have been affected. Hope the others in the path check in.

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When we went to bed last night we were feeling lucky- we still had power but the winds were howling. This morning we woke to find a tree had uprooted and come down on the house - it's laying across the pergola and I think the house itself is OK. A neighbor's pine tree crashed through our fence and is laying across the back yard - but it missed our cedar shed. One of our Yoshino cedars is leaning slightly but since it's next to our neighbor's driveway we might not be able to stake it.

We called our tree guy and he'll be out today to give us a damage estimate.

But I still feel incredibly lucky. It could have been so much worse. We were spared.

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I'm so glad y'all are ok. I too hope more check in.

(Middle Tennessee here, so I'm really only getting gusty winds, not snow or the water of the storm)


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Oh, Mare--I'm so sorry to hear you had even that much damage--but know what you mean about feeling lucky in spite of it. Hope things are quickly taken care of for you. Good luck.

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That's great Monica!
I hope others check in as well. Isn't Jannie in NYC?

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Good Morning! Last night was not nice, but we survived with no damage...and amazingly no loss of power. Our guardian angel did a good job of protecting us. My heart goes out to those who are suffering through this horrible storm.

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That's great news! For both Monica and Maire_Cate. We are still getting hammered with wind and rain in Ohio. Downtown Cleveland on the lake shore there are waves hitting the breakwall at Lakeshore Blvd. over 20' high, very unusual here. As of yesterday at about 12:15 when I put the rain gauge back out, we got 2" of rain, but most likely more with the rain blowing like it is. They are saying over 4" + about 2" more from the system that was moving east and ran into Sandy.

As our sump pump was pumping water up beside the garage last night, (DH thinks the drain to the storm sewer is blocked) DH went to Lowes and got a submersion pump to help keep up with the ground water. He ran a hose out to the driveway, and hooked up the new pump in addition to the sump pump. We are still ahead of the game! Last night when he went out to the shed to get extra hose, the yard was not squishy wet, so that was good. I'm sure it is squishy wet now. The power went out twice this morning since 8 for a few minutes and came back on. We have two generators, and probably 6 full gas cans.

Jasdip, yes Jannie is in NYC, on the west side. I hope she can check in. My prayers are with everyone.


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Maire, sorry for the damage to your place. Glad nothing landed on your head. There were two deaths from trees falling in PA.

Lots of branches and sticks all over the lawn, but I have power. It was out for 3.5 hours yesterday and I was surprised when it came back on.

I've been calling my mom's house and she does not answer. Her power must be out. The portable phones do not ring without power and I think she cannot hear the corded phone. I've been trying her cell but she probably can't hear that either. I'll drive over soon to check on her. I'll try to get her to come back to my house but she probably won't. She is so darn stubborn.

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Happy to hear everyone is safe.

We are being pounded by 40 plus mph wind gusts right now and supposed to get worse during the day. So far no trees down on my street that I can see. All the streets around here are lined with big old trees.

Prayers go out to those that didn't fare to well in this storm.


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My thoughts are with all who are and will be dealing with this storm's rath.

All updates are much appreciated at the Table.

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I'm so happy to hear from all of you and will be checking this post for others to check in when they can. I was thinking of you while I was awake watching the storm on TV during the night. Thank heavens you are safe and also that it was only a Category 1!

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Thanks everyone. We were lucky. Our tree guy just left and there is good news - if there's any damage to the house it's minimal and he told us that the tree would have eventually died since he discovered a girdling root just beneath the soil.

Our neighbor came out when he saw us in the backyard and he told the arborist to give him the bill for his pine tree that came down in our yard. I'm so glad I got to speak with him because I told him that his tree bent our fence and also smashed our 30 foot Edith Brogue Southen Magnolia to the ground. You could barely see any of it.

Our town is fairly old, Europeans settled here in the 1680's and there are beautiful old trees along the streets. The arborist told us that he's already checked homes where trees had toppled onto the roofs.

I am so thankful that our place is secure. The photos of the damage along the coastline is chilling.

Gov. Christie said that last year 1 million people lost power last year in NJ from Hurricane Irene. This storm has left 2.4 million without electricity.

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Good news. I'm glad you are all safe.

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It is good to hear so many of you have done well in this storm. I will be checking back for news of others.....good thoughts and prayers continue.

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So sorry Mare! You weren't hurt, that's a blessing. Everyone else I'll be thinking of you, so glad most have weathered the storm so far. tammi, you got worse then we did I think. Lots of strong wind all night but I seemed to have drifted off to sleep much sooner than I thought I would and slept right through most of it. So far no power outages that I know of. Raining here, but lightly. The ground is so saturated Holmes County surely must have some flooding here and there.

I only lost a big branch of the old lilac bush - as far as I know. Haven't done a walk around outside yet. Paper was delivered so roads must be ok.

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